How many ways are there to use custom printed CBD boxes?

The CBD oil business is booming. But with so many companies selling the same product, how can you stand out from your competitors? With solid branding, of course!  Make a special edition box for a particular season or holiday. Promote upcoming events and dates of releases that customers need to know about. Sell different flavors of CBD by placing them in separate custom printed CBD boxes. Run a coupon campaign where people use their packaging as coupons. Go digital with QR codes on your boxes telling stories or providing tips using augmented reality apps. You get the point.

CBD packaging is also great for giveaways at conventions and conferences, something we specialize in here at blink sale.

What are some ways you have used packaging to attract new customers?

Have fun creating your CBD boxes! If you want to learn how to make your custom printed CBD boxes, check out our blog post on using our design tool for custom printed boxes. We offer the best quality products with superior service at competitive prices.

Five best ways to use CBD boxes

Trick-or-Treat Packaging

Halloween makes kids wear scary costumes and receive candy. But what happens when you have finished the treats and still kids come with the hope for sweets? Here’s the perfect solution… Just use your custom CBD boxes as an alternative! This design uses Halloween imagery, such as pumpkins and ghosts, to scare everyone into giving you more free candy. Two birds with one stone! .It also promotes two great things CBD and Trick-or-Treating!

More info on each design is here. Feel free to download the hi-res images here.

Anniversary Boxes

What are some other events that people like to celebrate? Weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day… the list goes on and on. Use this design as inspiration for your customized box!

Walking Dead Giveaway Boxes

The Walking Dead is a widespread TV show adaption of the Zombie Apocalypse storyline that’s been around forever. With new seasons coming out almost every year, people are always looking to promote the show. This custom printed box is a great way to get more viewers and fans!

Red Boxes for Valentine’s Day

How can we tell someone our loving ones handing them a box full of red hearts? On sale February 14th! Download this design here. 

See also

Easter Basket vs. CBD Box

Another great holiday that you can use as inspiration for your custom printed boxes is Easter! Instead of using a basket to hold candy, why not make it unique and make an Easter-themed CBD box? And if you’re looking for ideas on what to put inside your custom printed box.

Benefits of CBD BOXES FOR CUSTOMER and seller

There are many benefits of CBD boxes. They contain a list of the most active cannabinoids in each box. It is very easy to know what you’re getting.

If you have a new pre-roll, this is an excellent opportunity to get your inventory on the shelves and sell some products. Pre-rolls also help with consumer education about the product.


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