How Pay Per Click Advertising Can Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to marketing online, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA) are two of the most commonly used but lesser-known methods. What exactly is Pay Per Click? Pay Per Click is simply a way of paid online marketing where the advertiser only pays the search engine based on the number of clicks on their ad from a visitor. Cost Per Action (CPA) on the other hand is measured by how many times a visitor is directed to the advertiser’s website, typically by clicking on an advertisement. So, how does one use Pay Per Click or CPA wisely?

Direct Impact on your Bottom Line

Both PPC and CPA can have a direct impact on your bottom line by increasing or decreasing your conversion rate. PPC ads are typically focused on keywords that are relevant to your product and/or services. For example, if you are selling products associated with baby shower gifts, PPC ads using “baby” as the keyword can help you draw more visitors to your website. PPC keywords and their variations, on the other hand, should be focused on the products and services associated with your target audience.

Right Keywords

When using PPC or CPA ads, make sure you choose the right keywords to help you draw traffic. One way to do this is to research your target audience to identify key phrases which may be commonly searched. Keywords can also be found within your web pages or ads. A digital marketing agency in Pakistan can help you with creating effective PPC and CPA campaigns that are not only effective but cost-effective as well.

Focus on your Landing Page

You should also focus on your landing page when using PPC or CPA campaigns. Landing pages, as defined in the Google AdWords definition, are the pages that a user will first see when they search. The landing page will determine whether or not the user will click on your ad. Therefore, you must create a page that will get high click-through rates.

Sources of Traffic

Keep in mind that PPC and CPA ads are not the only sources of traffic that will be attracted to your site. If you want to ensure that you have success with PPC and CPA ads, you must create unique content which would entice readers to click on your ads. Instead of relying on secondary or third-party websites which may be unable to attract unique traffic, you should create unique articles that would provide readers with information that is relevant to your landing page.

Paying Per Click 

PPC and CPA ads allow advertisers the option of paying per click or impression. For an advertiser to determine which method is the most effective and efficient for them, it is important to compare the costs associated with PPC and CPA ads to determine which one allows for the highest return on investment. If you are just starting with an advertising campaign, then you must focus on building a small database of advertisers who can provide you with the best ROI. For this reason, you must create non-pricing ads for your PPC and CPA campaigns.

Importance on Relevancy

Google and other search engines place the highest importance on relevancy when it comes to placing ads. This means that the keywords you choose for your PPC and CPA ads must be relevant to the products and services you are advertising. However, if you do not choose relevant keywords, your PPC and CPA ads may not be displayed to potential customers. Therefore, you must spend time testing different keyword combinations. Google provides tools for testing and you may test different keyword combinations and see which ones are effective in generating traffic. As well, the cost per click can be reduced by choosing relevant keywords for your PPC and CPA ads.


It is important that you carefully follow Google AdWords policy change rules. Google will make changes to its ad policy at any time, so you need to stay on top of the latest changes. If you choose to bid on keywords that are currently not available through Google’s AdWords program, you may lose your account. Google will also make changes to their algorithms as well, and you need to stay on top of Google’s changes to determine which keywords will be affected by the changes to their PPC advertising program. Google Adwords is a powerful PPC advertising tool and you should make every effort to understand how the PPC advertising system works.

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