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How To Advertise On Social Networks?

Social networks go beyond hours of entertainment and interaction with other people. These platforms have become great advertising options for brands to have greater visibility, presence, and reach.

This means that your brand must gain their attention in these digital environments. Let’s start by exploring the possibilities of social media advertising.

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What is social media advertising?

Advertising on social networks is the investment made to show paid ads in each social network’s different formats, spaces and modes to reach more people.

All social networks have an option for you to do paid advertising or ads so you can identify them; for example, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. Paid ads must be part of a campaign. Each campaign must align with the marketing strategies to promote a brand and attract a target audience.

Importance of social media advertising

Advertising on social networks allows you to be visible in those digital spaces where most people interact, so you gain presence and brand recognition.

You have to understand the logic of social networks: first, they are a business, and as such, they have to generate income, so they will show more to brands that invest in advertising than those that do not; And, number two, there are more and more users in a social network, so the algorithm will not be able to show all the posts with the same hierarchy when you only have an organic presence.

This type of advertising is important because it is focused, segmented, and strategic, with which you can meet objectives such as attraction, reach, interaction, and conversion.

In addition, advertising on social networks is very profitable as long as you have control of what you want to invest and you can do a timely follow-up. In addition, there is a great capacity to measure how much each ad works for you, so you can optimize your campaigns.

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Most common types of social media advertising

Types of social media advertising by format

Image ads

In all social networks, you can make ads with images; Usually, this is for you to use a still image, but it could just as well be moving with a GIF format.

Still, image ads are the most common and most used. This is because it was the appropriate format for advertising from the origin of the first social networks.

In these, you can use a photograph of your products or services, a stock photo, a vector, or make a particular design accompanied by a text related to your image and what you want to promote; Also, add a CTA or call to action to invite users to do something: “click,” “Subscribe,” “visit,” “purchase,” etc.

Video ads

Video has become popular in many digital environments, and social networks are no exception. It is a format that attracts attention and generates greater engagement with the audience.

In recent years it has been a trend in social networks, and it will continue to have a great impact because nowadays, you can make a video very easily, from your cell phone, with good quality and upload it without difficulties.

Types of advertising per presentation

Set ads

This type of ad involves a group of images or videos. They are a great option because showing 5 or 10 good photos will attract more attention.

It is about creating a message with a common thread for each image you show. This causes a person to spend more time with your ad; Generally, social media algorithms appreciate that a user spends more time on a material, so they will continue to show it to more people.

Examples of this type of ad are image sequences on Facebook or carousels on Instagram.

Dynamic ads

Although images or videos are used for these ads, we call them dynamic because they promote interaction with people beyond their message, format and the way they are displayed.

These can be as short as a few seconds, but their impact is very powerful. Whether with a short video of 60 seconds or filters, a dynamic is generated with users. An example is the “stories,” which practically all social networks already have, such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and even Twitter.

Also, in this part are the famous and successful Instagram Reels, Snapchat filters and others.

Direct message ads

Another possibility of advertising on social networks is sponsored messages delivered by chat or direct messaging that uses a social network. En özel ve reel kızlar Şişli Escort Bayan Nurhayat | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. These ads must be cautiously implemented and develop a valuable message to avoid being intrusive.

This type of advertising is on Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn InMail.

Ads on special channels

In this category, we refer to those channels that a particular social network has to show ads. Although most ads and formats are possible on all networks, each has its peculiarities.

For example, there’s Instagram’s IGTV platform, Twitter’s Promote, and LinkedIn text ads appear in the feed’s top right. In addition, on YouTube, some ads play before a video and its ads in “related videos,” which are spaces that other networks do not have due to the characteristics of this platform.

How to advertise on social networks

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Define the objectives for your advertising.
  3. Do a well-thought-out segmentation.
  4. Create campaigns.
  5. Set balanced budgets.
  6. Determine formats and types of ads.
  7. Test ads.
  8. Develop your advertising with quality and creativity.
  9. Analyze metrics and optimize campaigns.
  10. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is essential. Being clear about your buyer personas is key to any effort to communicate your brand with people. If you know who you’re talking to, your ads will be more specific, focused and in a tone that connects.

Start by defining those ideal clients with these characteristics in mind:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Needs or problems to solve
  • The tone in which they like to be addressed and other preferences

Define the objectives for your advertising

You need to set clear goals for your social media advertising services. This way, you will know what you need, what is the best format, etc., because these objectives will be the ones that guide each effort.

Ask yourself: what are you looking for when advertising? And what do you want for your brand? For example, if you want to generate traffic to your website, promote a dynamic and, therefore, community participation; grow your community; increase range; promote a specific product, etc. Then, depending on your goals, you can configure your campaigns.

Do a well-thought-out segmentation.

An important aspect of advertising on social networks is the power of segmentation, that is, creating specific groups that share certain characteristics and belong to the target audience you want to reach.

Segmenting helps you focus your efforts, so your investment will have a greater impact. They can be due to demographic and socioeconomic data, geographical location or consumption habits.

For example, suppose your business has influence only in certain cities. In that case, you can make a segmentation so that people only see your ads in those cities, or you can make your ads show only at certain times when you know that your community is interacting more.

Create campaigns

Once you have defined your objectives and segmentation, you can create different campaigns, which must be very clear, and each campaign will have its ads. A campaign implies the marketing actions that you carry out in your strategies to attract the audience.

Set balanced budgets

Investing in social media advertising is flexible in that you can make a low investment or a very high investment. Any company (small, medium or large) can invest in ads.

Today, advertising has been democratized, an achievement of digital environments since it is expensive to invest in traditional media. However, you must take care of your investment; therefore, consider balanced budgets, identify how many campaigns you have and how many ads are in them, and make a balanced distribution. You can start with a lower budget and reinforce the ads where you see more effectiveness by spending a little more.

You must determine which social networks will be in which you will advertise on. Maybe you use several for your brand in organic content, but maybe you use only one for advertising. Or you could advertise on all of them, as long as you ensure each one will have a benefit and a return on investment. For this reason, even if you delegate the management of your brand’s social networks to an agency or a team, you must be familiar with each platform.

Determine formats and types of ads

If you have already decided on the social networks you will use, now you must think about the formats (image, video, GIF) and the type of ads you will make. It is recommended that you test all the spaces of the social network that you are using to measure behaviors and verify which type of ad is best for you.

Each brand and each audience behaves differently on one social network or another. Still, it is recommended that you have a set of fixed image ads as a base and use videos to generate engagement.

In keeping with social media trends, you can do sequence ads, carousels and, of course, stories and reels.

Test ads

When you diversify ads, you can do A/B testing with your ads; noticing what works the most is a positive practice. However, do not limit yourself in your tests.

Develop your advertising with quality and creativity

This is a key factor: materialize everything you have seen in the previous steps into quality ads. A bad ad because of its design, poor quality of images or videos, or because of ambiguous message will be waste of money because it will surely not have the impact you expect.

You must take care of every detail in all the advertising you develop. Plus, tap into your creativity to make memorable ads that grab attention, spark conversation around your message, or move action.

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Analyze metrics and optimize campaigns

Finally, social networks and social media managers give you highly detailed metrics and analytics on what your ads are producing, whether it’s clicks, engagements, views, comments, and more.

All the data you analyze will help you improve your campaigns. Do not despair. Advertising on social networks is a step by step until you have the optimized ads that generate the best result.

It is time for us to see some examples of advertising on social networks, which can serve as inspiration.

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