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How to apply chemical treatment on treated hair.

Metallic hair

At the point when Semi-super durable color collects in human hair with successive coloring such kind of color makes your hair metallic. Chemical treatment on this hair can show up worst.

Henna treated hair

Henna is commonly utilized in powdered structure blended in with water, it is then applied to your hair. At the point when we apply henna to our hair a coat or a layer of henna is spread all around the hair. Henna stains would keep going for an extensive stretch of time that is the reason we can’t add any compound impact since hair strands are loaded up with henna stains

Covered hair

At the point when we use a variety of shampoos or oils all over hair, it makes a layer on hair such sort of hair is called covered hair. Variety cleansers can shape a firmly sticking covering on the hair surface and that is the reason we can’t matter a compound treatment to cover hair.

Why compound medicines shouldn’t matter straightforwardly to metallic, henna-treated, or covered hair?
Our hair is comprised of fingernail skin and fingernail skin is the hair’s defensive layer, made out of covering cells like fish scales. Also, when we treat our hair with henna, metallic or covered hair it leaves stains on the fingernail skin.
Substance treatment responds to the internal part which is known as the cortex. The cortex of the hair is situated between the hair’s fingernail skin and when the fingernail skin is covered with layers of metallic or henna-treated hair so it can’t meaningfully affect the cortex that is the reason substance treatment isn’t impacted by that kind of hair.

Techniques to eliminate layers from fingernail skin

Bleach wash and blanch are the best techniques to eliminate metallic, henna, and covered hair layers.

1) Bleach

• Use dye powder with the designer (10,20,30) as per your hair request 1:2 (1 spoon dye with 2 spoon engineer) and apply it to your hair

Secondary effects

• The strategy is cruel on hair
• It incorporates alkali and hydrogen which disposes of moisturization and obligations of the hair.

Step-by-step instructions to kill or limit the incidental effect

1. Add plex drops in blanch to limit the harm.
• Use Eazicolor plex or keratin dye. Both these detergents have elements of keratin and plex
2. Utilize 10, 20 engineers, it can less harm your hair as it has less measure of hydrogen peroxide. The less measure of hydrogen peroxide has the less damage to your hair

The proportion of Hydrogen peroxide in the designer
  • Volume 10 – 3%
  • Volume 20 – 6%
  • Volume 30 – 9%
  • Volume40 – 12%

2) Bleach wash

A detergent wash utilizes a sanitizer combination mixed with a cleanser and applied to wet hair. It mixes through wet hair rapidly and is more straightforward to apply than normal dye medicines
Dye wash is likewise the strategy for blanching or eliminating the covered layers of hairs. In this strategy with just the right amount of valuation, we can limit the opportunity for harm.

Recipe of Eazicolor

Take 10 ml of water add 1 spoon of fade, 2 spoons of 20 volume, and 10 ml of cleanser. Make a blend and put it on your hair, and covered hair will turn out to be precise.
Presently your hair is prepared for any substance medicines.

Synthetic hair medicines

Rebonding hair treatment

Rebonding includes artificially changing the construction of the hair. Hair Rebonding is a synthetic cycle that changes your normal hair and makes a perfect, smooth, and straight style. It’s otherwise called substance fixing. Hair Rebonding is typically accomplished with the guidance of an approved beautician at your close by boutique
Hair Rebonding endures up to 5 to a half years when it is finished by beylikdüzü escort specialists.
Note: – Avoid washing your hair following Rebonding


Rebonding might prompt hair breakage, harm, and dryness.
Loosening up hair treatment
Unwinding fixing includes a brief change in the surface or state of the hair. A hair fixing treatment depends on a substance cycle that mellows close cells and separates harmed hair strands.
Loosening up medicines are wonderful and reasonable for somebody who needs to discard their wavy or wavy hair out and out and have long haul really straight hair


The distinction between unwinding and bouncing back

• The primary distinction is that loosening up treatment doesn’t make your hair completely straight. While bouncing back makes your hair completely straight.
• Loosening up treatment mellow close twists while Rebounding treatment breaks hair bonds.


Keratin is a protein treatment a sinewy protein shaping the really primary constituent of hair feathers feet, hooks, horns, and so forth. It works by smoothing down the cells that cross over to shape your hair strands. The layer of cells is called hair fingernail skin. Fingernail skin assimilates the keratin and makes your hair look full and shiny.
In the event that you have wavy or wavy hair, keratin medicines can likewise make your hair straighter.


Plex treatment

Plex is a protein treatment that works in the cortex of the hair to make and fix the obligations of the hair. It reproduces and improves underlying miniature connections, interfacing strands inside each hair. Subsequently, it further develops hair quality and increments opposition against future harm.

  • Queasiness
  • Migraine
  • Back torment

There are four kinds of plex treatment

1. Ola plex

Ola plex is a three-step process that means reconstructing the strength, design, and uprightness of your hair. It can’t harm your hair regardless of how frequently you use it.

2. Omega plex

Omega plex revamps the bonds in your hair and fortifies your hair strands and makes them less permeable.

3. Fiber plex

Fiber plex is a hair treatment that is utilized to safeguard your hair against the harm brought about by easing up, lifting, and shading.

4. Ph. plex

Ph plex is a fluid that blends in with hair tone, blanch, and perms to safeguard the hair fiber from harm.

K-18 hair treatment

K-18 is a hair treatment cover for a wide range of hair that reconnects the wrecked keratin chains. It reestablishes hair flexibility, fixes split closes, and forestalls hair breakage. K-18 fortifies hair’s center construction and helps reestablishes harmed twist design.
K-18 is superior to ola plex in light of the fact that it requires less utilization of items for results.

Incidental effects
  • Hair can be frizzy
  • Hair becomes dry
  • Fragile hair

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