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How to avoid problems when transferring EML to Outlook

Today we will show you How to avoid problems when transferring EML to Outlook, Internet users have a wide selection of email clients. Some focus on formal writing, while others offer more fun ways to exchange information, using emotions, gestures, and similar options. Switching between different applications may be difficult due to the specific formats each uses.

Outlook can only manage files with the PST extension. Thunderbird, for example, only stores your data as EML. To open .eml files in view, it is best to use special software tools. With such tools, both export and import are easy and hassle-free. Here are the basics you need to know before moving on.

Why Migrate at All?

What makes Outlook so popular with corporate users is its wide range of time management and communication tools. Employees may use calendar options, tasks, and more. Free customers like Thunderbird often do not have the necessary official tools for employees

As an email storage format, EML is now also used by WLM, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, and the old Outlook Express. Users who want to save money may try to transfer their mail manually between customers despite the potential risks. Here are some possible ways.

Through Microsoft Outlook

If you have saved EML files on your device but don’t have the right client to open them, run Outlook and follow these steps:

  • Participate with these files.
  • Select a file and drag and drop it into Outlook.
  • Now it is possible to open and view the EML.

However, this method is difficult to use for a significant number of files. The bigger it is, the harder and more time-consuming it is. In this case, it is best to use a special tool. It is also important to check that the email clients of Microsoft are properly organized.

Through WLM (Windows Live Mail)

  1. Back up data and unlock two customers on one device.
  2. In WLM, click File – Export – Email Messages.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange as the export option and click Next.
  4. You should now see a pop-up window notifying you of the email export. Click OK or select a separate folder to move.
  5. When the full export wizard appears, click at the end.
  6. Please note that for this method to be successful, it is necessary that both applications be installed on the same device.

Through Outlook Express

This is the least possible way. However, although the program no longer supports it, it is still installed on some computers. If you are one of the remaining users, open the application and drag the files into it. To perform the exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Run an email client on your device.
  2. Follow the configuration: File – Open and Export-Import / Export.
  3. Then, select Import Internet Mail and Address – Outlook Express – Next – Finish. The files have now been moved to the desired location.

Please note that this approach only applies to Microsoft email subscribers: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

The main concerns

Guide methods offer ways to transfer files for free, but they have significant drawbacks. Here are some common sources of problems during manual effort.

Potential loss of data

You can never be sure that this process will save your files. After a manual transfer, valuable information may be lost or completely lost, depending on how it is done.

Missing SMTP headers

Placing email files changes their SMTP header. In addition, some changes will occur in their meta properties. While maintaining the integrity of each file is essential, manual effort alone is not debatable.

A waste of time and energy

The manual effort may result in a waste of time. This process can still be tedious, even when done correctly. This is especially true for large numbers of .eml files. So why take the risk? The logical conclusion is to avoid any dubious guidance and leave the work to the specialists.

Why are special tools always the best?

The main obstacle in manual effort is the inevitable collision of molds. If a transfer is attempted, it must mean that the transferred data is valuable. When there are safe ways to easily import, why risk damage?

First, it is very fast and reliable. Software such as Outlook Transfer Tool requires a few clicks to complete the process.

Data loss does not result in good results and the tool created for EML transfer guarantees secure transfer.

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