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How To Backup Outlook Data To External Hard Drive?

The article provides a summary of the many methods for transferring or backing up Outlook data to an external hard disc. However, the Xen Outlook PST Converter can be used to effectively do the task in just a few clicks if you’re looking for a quick and painless technique to back up Outlook data to the external hard drive.

You will learn two methods in this article for transferring or backing up Outlook data to an external drive. Try the methods that work best for you to make the backup or transfer go quickly and painlessly.

It only takes a few clicks to copy Outlook files to an external hard drive or transfer Outlook emails to the hard drive. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to save Outlook emails to an external drive.

“My PC has been having issues with Outlook for the past few days,” said the user. The specialist said that even if the other programs were functioning normally, it might have been caused by malware or a virus assault, and he urged me to save the Outlook data.

The expert informed me that although the other programs were functioning OK, the issue might have been caused by malware or a virus assault. He urged me to save the Outlook data on an external disc as a precaution. Is there any easy method to export Outlook emails to a hard drive? 

Methods to Backup Outlook data to External Hard Drive

The widely used email system Microsoft Outlook stores the data in PST and OST files. The user can keep mailbox data (emails, contacts, calendars, etc.) in offline mode using an offline storage table (OST) file. PST is a personal folder file, in contrast. Users of Outlook frequently desire to backup their crucial Outlook data. Additionally, creating a backup of your vital data is a fantastic strategy to prevent data loss. Consider a user inquiry about a backup of an OST file.

Let’s take a look at the scenario mentioned above, where the user wants to back up his or her Outlook data to the hard drive in order to prevent data loss caused by malware attacks that could affect those files in the future. Considering the safety of data files, having a backup is a wise way to prevent losing Outlook data files.

Use Xen Outlook PST Converter to automatically backup Outlook data files in a safe and secure manner. You can set the time and date for backups using the tool’s automated backup mechanism. As a result, you can avoid the manual backup procedure, which has been shown to be lengthy and time-consuming.

You may restore Outlook files in addition to backing up or copying data using Xen Outlook PST Converter Tool. It has been specifically designed to easily backup, restore, or migrate Outlook data, including emails, contacts, notes, and calendars, to any external hard drive, flash drive, or computer. Get it now!

You must first comprehend where Outlook data files are kept before you proceed to backup Outlook data to an external hard disc.

Where are Outlook’s data files kept?

PST (Personal storage tables) files and OST (Offline storage table) files are the two types of data files used by Outlook. The default PST file is generated when you create an Outlook account.

PST files keep a local copy of all the mailbox data, including emails, contacts, notes, and calendars, on your computer.

Transfer Data from Outlook to an External Hard Drive

PST files make it simple to save Outlook data to any disc, such as a flash drive or hard drive, or even to move Outlook data to a new computer. You can even relocate Outlook data from one drive to another if you desire.

There are three ways to backup Outlook files to an external hard drive, as previously indicated. They are:

How can I use Outlook’s Import/Export capability to store data on a hard drive?

Using the Xen PST Converter tool, export Outlook files automatically.

Do you manually copy or save the PST files to an external drive?

Use Outlook’s built-in Import/Export feature to move or backup Outlook files to an external drive.

1: Launch the Outlook program and select the File tab.

2: On the left, select the Open & Export option.

3: After clicking “Open & Export,” choose “Import/Export” from the menu.

4: After that, choose Export to a File. and select Next.

5: Next, click Next after selecting the Outlook Data File (.pst) option to migrate data along with the.pst file.

6: Next, choose the properties you want to export and click Next.

7: Choose the Browse option, choose the location where the file will be saved, give the file whatever name you like, and then click Finish.

8: Following that, the.pst file will be located at the location where you can copy it to an external disc.

The aforementioned instructions make it simple to export Outlook data, but if you’d rather not copy data frequently, there’s an automatic option to preserve Outlook data files.

Move Outlook PST Files to Hard Drive using Xen PST Converter Tool

A secure and simple tool is Outlook PST Converter. It provides rapid, limitless data backup, restoration, and migration assistance. It enables you to quickly and easily backup, recover, and move data without any restrictions.

With the aid of this program, you may quickly import PST to Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365,, Zoho Mail, and many more. It also export Outlook emails or data to an external device and circumvents the cumbersome Outlook Import/Export procedure.


You can transfer Outlook emails to an external hard drive using the three ways mentioned above. If you’re having problems with manual techniques, choose the Xen PST Converter tool to make data transfer simple. Manual methods need time and effort and can be tiresome.

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