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How to build a digital marketing portfolio

Portfolio is maybe the most important thing for everyone who wants to go through a career. Because without a portfolio it’s like you work hard without evidence. You need to create the path of your career from the beginning, due to who knows where and why it will help you. But there are some professions where you can’t or even if you can it will be so hard to create a portfolio. One of the most important portfolios is digital marketing․

Today we will talk about the portfolio of marketers. Let’s get started.

Digital Marketing

Busy digital marketers who work for the same company don’t have time for themselves. When is it possible to write a review of achievements with screenshots, if the schedule is crammed several months in advance? If you want to become a remote worker or move to a more prestigious digital marketing agency, which provides digital marketing services, the problem will arise – there is nothing to show to a potential employer.

If the customer does not allow his creation on display, then cover up personal data, name, and costs. Tell us about the cost per lead, conversion, and approach.

Another problem may arise. You are afraid that competitors may steal your ideas and methods. Solution: publish to your health. Marketing is a fast-moving medium. What was new 3-6 months ago is turning into mediocrity today. And so, you will have a chance to become the author of a new approach.

How to create a portfolio

Your portfolio consists of case studies. This is a description of the results, tools with screenshots. Create a case in Google Docs, and then upload it wherever you want. You will always have a copy with you, and you will not lose it if the social network turns off.

A simple list, which you will keep in front of your eyes, will always help to tell you about your work correctly:

  • Reducing the cost of a lead (application) and increasing their number.
  • Testing the hypothesis in the style: “We thought it was so, but it turned out to be that”.
  • Increase in conversion – the ratio between visitors who become customers and those who just stopped by, as a percentage. We managed to get 608 conversions with an ROI of 733.8% – sounds more convincing.
  • What cool services did you use to promote.
  • What works in a specific niche. The chances that the owner of the cafe will hire you is higher if you have already promoted similar establishments.
  • New methods. It is not always completely clear how to recognize the source of the conversion. You can think of 3 ways to track where customers are coming from.
  • What criteria was used for targeting: gender, location, age, etc. Insert screenshots from the advertising office with schedules of impressions, reach.

This information is enough to attract customers, arouse the envy and respect of colleagues.

In conclusion, it will take time to build a portfolio, but you will be able to earn above average. It’s a good idea to think about how it will reach the potential client. Use all the methods of posting that I wrote about before, and they will definitely find out about you.






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