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How to Build Customers Trust in Beauty Industry

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” says the popular quote. “Beauty is what you define for yourself,” is the current day quote. Gone are the days when beauty was about some basic care that was done using home tricks. But now, beauty is something that everyone is particular about. This has led to a boom in the beauty industry resulting in a lot of brands popping up offering different ranges of beauty products. In such demand and competition, how would you sustain??? The answer is to build salon customer loyalty?

In the beauty care industry, it is not just about the products you offer but the customer experience that you deliver. Also, from the customers’ perspective, they choose products based on trust. This is because customers by choosing any product are actually taking a chance on their skin and hair. For example usage of a low-quality product may cause side effects. With so many brands out there, customers find it difficult to choose. Also, a lot of customers, despite being open to buying new products, are very choosy and particular. 
Therefore, it becomes imperative that you build trust among customers to win their loyalty and thereby overcome competition. So here we bring you some simple ways that will help you build customers’ trust.

Tips to build customers trust:


  • Build your brand image

 There are many players out there in the beauty industry. So what makes you different? The first step to building customers’ trust is to give a clear picture of what you are as a brand. What do you offer, what makes you different from others and finally why should customers choose you over others. Be very open about your products, their effects, side effects and more. 

  • Create a connection: 

Statistics show that most women pick certain brands of beauty products out of an emotional connection. In other words, looking good is an emotional urge, therefore, to ensure that you reach out to the right audience, you need to build an emotional connection. This connection should be made based on what exactly your products offer and then make them relatable to the customer. One way to achieve this is to have a unique brand story that sells and connects. 

  • Create your community:

Humans are social animals and love to belong to a tribe that reflects their persona. That’s where the aspect of community building comes into existence. Create interesting communities with relatable names. By doing so, when clients buy your products they just don’t consider simple shopping but feel as an element of signature. 

  • Build trust:

 In an industry dealing in beauty products, customers seek validation. In other words, to build customer loyalty you need to create social proof in the form of testimonials, happy customer videos or feedback. Another successful way of building social proof is to introduce a loyalty program. Recognize and reward your existing clients for giving referrals with Reward points. Find interesting and engaging ways to celebrate your customers. Make them know that you value them and are proud to have them as your customers. 

  • Communicate with your customers:

The current digital wave has blurred the lines between businesses and clients. Use every means of the digital space to communicate with your customers. Responding to comments, reviews and feedback on social media is a great way to make your customers feel that you are listening and trying to know them better. 

  • Reward and Recognize:

 Customers love to know that the brand they love and trust so much, feels the same about them. Give them rewards and discounts on the services or products. Thus, recognize your customers by sharing the growing numbers of customers. This not only builds your image as a brand with an increasing number of customers but also makes them feel happy that you are happy. Try embracing small gestures like sending gift hampers to your customers on special occasions, give shout-outs to your loyal customers and more. 

  • Be open to complaints:

 All brands dread customer complaints. But if customer complaints are dealt with well, they can prove to be a great way to build customer trust. In other words, as much as you reward happy clients, act responsibly towards unhappy customers. Be prompt to customer complaints, make all the attempts to convert the bitter experience into a positive emotion. Remember that a happy customer brings more and a bitter customer would lead to denting brand image. 

  • Be open to feedback: 

Feedbacks are a great source of brand building and improvement. In other words, ask your customers to openly give feedback. Good, bad, or unhappy, take this feedback as building blocks to enhance your brand, serve your customers better. From the customer’s point of view, feedback is a great way to make themselves feel heard

  • Have a realistic position:

 Most of the brands fail not because their product is bad, but because they hype themselves a lot and oversell. Too much selling also makes the customers wonder whether you are trustworthy. So, follow a decent and realistic brand positioning. Be honest about yourself and promise exactly what you deliver. This will build customer loyalty faster. 

  • Freebies work:

 One effective way that has been existing for ages is freebies. We all love freebies, don’t we? So, one way to attract new customers and also make them explore for themselves how good you are is to give free samples. Create small free samples and make them easily accessible to clients to pick and try. 


The above points are some of the common points that almost every beauty product brand can embrace. However, every brand is unique in its way. Therefore, the journey of building customer trust begins from understanding your brand in detail. Some points to remember are:

  1. How would you define your brand and wish your customers to perceive it?
  2. Check if there is any gap between these two aspects
  3. Find ways to bridge the gap.

Create a brand strategy blending the above-mentioned points and the tips to customer loyalty assure to dive through the competition and create your space. 


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