How to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most trending and hottest topic worldwide, and there’s an obvious reason. Everyone is wondering, how can a cryptocurrency rise so high with the COVID-19 pandemic flexing its muscles and throttling the biggest economies of the world? That incessant curiosity is driving everyone in 2022 to explore the dimensions of cryptocurrency. However, buying bitcoin at the correct juncture is important. Thus, one must know how to buy bitcoin. 

At first, it may seem a complicated process given the massive volumes these days. The fluctuations are high. But the fundamentals of investment and buying remain more or less the same. With the increasing demand, people want to experience how to trade bitcoin. 

What is Bitcoin? 

It is a type of cryptocurrency, which works on blockchain technology. The entire formation of the currency is virtual, and it gets channelised by computer systems placed in different corners of the globe. The virtual currency is not minted but mined by miners through computer programming. 

What to do before buying bitcoin? 

Before you go on an escapade of trading bitcoin, learn about cryptocurrencies and the factors impacting them. There’s a pattern, and an investor must know about it. See the market and observe fluctuations closely. After getting engaged in the concept, make up your mind to invest in the market. 

Now, start devoting some time to trading. Get a secured internet connection, subscribe to news channels and experts who can deliver the best advice to you. 

Now, it is time for you to get hold of your savings and money in the bank.

  •  Get your know your customer (KYC) documents, 
  • Personal identification papers 
  • Banking details 

Keeping them near you will save your time and energy. Now, start searching for a broker that meets your requirements. 

Ensure security while buying bitcoin 

Going by the threat of hacking and online money stealing, you should install an anti-virus that supports anti-malware and anti-spy. These are helpful because the way bitcoin pricing are ramping up, there’s no way one can escape hackers’ plans. 

Here are a few steps to buy bitcoin 

Choose a broker:  

A broker helps you trade, buy and sell bitcoin at your preferred price. However, it is a taxing task to find one that can live up to your expectations. Today, several fraud brokerage firms are posing risks to potential investors. If you are a newbie trader, then it is pivotal that you look around the following matters:

  • Is the broker licensed by a reputed firm or not? If yes, then what is the license number, and when did the broker claim it. 
  • Does the broker has any registration or not? If yes, then what it is. Verify it on a legitimate website. Confirmation is essential because there are several charlatans. 
  • Check which regulatory authority is keeping an eye on the activities of the broker. That is important to create a safe environment for investors who want to trade in the marketplace. 
  • Check whether the broker has instruments like CFDs that enhance trading probability in foreign markets. 
  • See the additional charges and commission fee.
  • Look at the tools, indicators, and education hub a broker offers. These are essential elements that exalt the trading experience. 
  • See trading accounts and platforms that support bitcoin trading immensely. 

Connectivity to payment option: 

After getting satisfied with the broker and registering successfully, now it is time to connect the broke with the banking facility. It will help you to deposit and withdraw the money easily. For trading, you’ll have to give account details. But take precautions while you initiate that because there are traps by hackers. So, ensure, that everything you do is within the purview of safety. 

You may require the following things:-

  • Social security number
  • Source of fund and employer identification
  • Driving license photo

However, information may vary on the country you hail from or live in. Before you initiate depositing money, ensure the amount of charges a debit, credit or bank levies. It will also help you in choosing the right broker and payment option. 

Look at the market and place the order

Before investing in bitcoin, you should check which way the market is moving. If it is moving downwards, you must predict how low it can go and when it surges, you must know where can it go. 

However, the ability to predict the market comes with experience. Hence, seek the advice of experts in that case. Thus, you have plenty of order types. You can buy bitcoin, trade them in futures, leverage, subject to options, and predict the market. 

Storage of bitcoin is important

Once you buy bitcoin, do not keep them in the wallet for a long time. They can be hacked or stolen, given the rise in such cases. You should get your personal wallet, which ensures optimum safety for them. The best option that you can opt for storing bitcoin is a hot wallet and a cold wallet. 

What are cold wallets? 

Cold wallets are wallets that work without any internet connection. Thus, the risk of bitcoin getting stolen is far lesser. So, these are also known as hardware wallets. A user’s private information and data are stored on a private key with no connection to the internet.  

You can use paper wallets for extra safety. A trader can generate it through certain websites and produces public and private keys. You can get a printout of them. 

There’s also a hardware wallet like a USB drive. You can store your bitcoin data in a physical form. Whenever you feel like selling, connect it to the internet. 

So, this is the safest way of storing your bitcoins. 

What are hot wallets? 

These are the wallets that require an internet connection to store your bitcoin. The devices include desktop, laptops, smartphones, etc. These wallets are more secure than those available with brokers. However, due to the internet, the vulnerability quotient is quite high.

But you have to be safe while using it. First, learn to operate it, and do not store the entire unit here. 


Bitcoin buying is not a complex task, but a buyer needs to be cautious and abide by all safety measures. If you get your brokers right, like InvestFW, then you win half the battle. Get yourself on the pedestal of acknowledging the best ways of storing and trading bitcoins. Resolve connectivity issues for payment and choose the comfortable option for receiving and depositing funds. For bidding, take your time and develop the ability to predict the market for better profits. 

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