How to buy sneakers that are good for your feet?

Investing in a pair of comfortable sneakers/shoes is essential to our feet’ health. Generally, we buy shoes based on their design and use, just ensuring it fits us well. This shouldn’t be the only prerequisite while buying a pair of shoes- it should tick all the right boxes whenever you buy from any best online sneaker store or offline store.

9 Things to look for when buying shoes

#1 Shape

The sneakers you choose should match the shape of your feet. It should be long and wide enough to fit well. Besides this, there should be half an inch’s space around the toes for comfort while walking or running.

#2 Fitting

Many people buy shoes only considering their utility, style, or brand. They do not realize their health is at stake when buying ill-fitting shoes. Not only do you have the risk of a shoe bite, you also risk getting various infections and health issues if you wear too-tight shoes. You should strike a fine balance when it comes to style and comfort- choose shoes that are comfortable and which would go with your clothes.

#3 Don’t fall for sweet talk

It doesn’t matter if you buy sneakers under retail price or with a deal; what matters is the shoes should match your requirements. There will be many brands trying various tricks to get you to buy their shoes, do not fall for them, buy what you think suits your requirements.

#4 Take your time

Do not rush with your purchase. Choose a time where you can carefully inspect the shoes and buy a pair that suits you. Check the shoes from every angle- make sure it has been sewn and shaped properly. Also, ensure there are no bulges or ridges inside or outside the shoes.

#5 Wear flat shoes as much as possible

Women, are you listening? Heels may give you a sexy look, but continued use of this footwear can be extremely unhealthy. It can lead to physical deformations and infections that can cost you dear. Use your heels as sparingly as possible.

#6 Try on both shoes

Both the foot sizes are usually not the same. So much so, many people buy a bigger shoe size to ensure their bigger foot is unharmed. For the best solution, you should always try on both shoes and walk in them. Does it feel comfortable enough? Does it fit well? Compare it with a few photos of your clothes and see if they go together.

#7 Go for a flexible shoe sole

Once you are sure of the comfort and fitting of your shoes, ensure your shoe sole is flexible enough. This will make sure it is long-lasting. Test the shoe by bending it as much as possible. If there is a noticeable ‘v’ shape, the shoe is worth its weight in salt.

#8 Ensure the shoes are genuine

Especially if you are buying shoes online, always double-check the website’s credentials before making the payment. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy Nike shoes online or any other branded shoes online, what matters is the shoes shouldn’t be knockoffs that may disintegrate after some time.

#9 Check the shoe’s inner materials

When walking or playing, we sweat through our feet too. The shoes’ inner material should be able to absorb this sweat. If it doesn’t do so, you’ll end up with smelly feet. As a rule of thumb, your shoes should have a real leather lining or microfiber lining that absorbs sweat. In fact, some shoes’ inner materials even make it possible for you to wear them without socks.

Summing It Up

You buy sneakers with the intention that it lasts you at least a year or two. You have many options, you can either buy Adidas shoes online from a reputed website or shop for sneakers at a nearby shoe shop. Do not make haste when buying your shoes, choose a pair that is comfortable, long-lasting, and which can go with any of your clothes.

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