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How to Choose Professional SEO Technician for my Web Project?

The good positioning of your web page in Google and other search engines depends, to a great extent, on the wise choice of the professional SEO technician, choose wisely!

Any company that seeks to enter the digital world and have a good online presence, must have attractive elements for its target audience, and one of the most used ways today is search engine optimization.

This optimization seems to be the magic formula to achieve success in the web project and achieve that your web page is located in the best positions within Google and other search engines. But doing it overnight may not be so easy and that is where a professional SEO technician, or an SEO consultant depending on the required profile, can be very useful.

It is not about choosing randomly, because the idea is that you can get the services of an SEO technician capable of improving your site. That is why below we will explain a little more about the functions of this professional, so you can take them into account when making your choice.

What is technical and professional SEO advice?

The analysis of the SEO technician is considered as a service that is highly requested by those brands or companies in which a large part of the business is via online, mainly with a web page and which is accessed when it does not generate the potential initially planned.

The main companies in charge of marketing are aware that a good SEO positioning can become the best hidden secret of a brand.

A good SEO professional analysis involves many technical factors that can improve the performance of your page, since it includes research that allows you to determine which are the best SEO marketing strategies for you, the ideal SEO keywords for your site and thus influences your site to be part of an organic search.

Whatever the type of company you have, if you want to achieve the planned objectives on the Internet with your website, you should know that with the help of a good SEO technician you can transform your site and help you with 3 of the most important characteristics of SEO, What are they:

  • Research and select the ideal keywords and strategies to capture the attention of your real target audience.
  • Creation of web content that is of real value for your audience, always related to the main topic of your business and always keeping the focus keyword.
  • Promote content already optimized in SEO so that more and more people can view it and attract conversions.

What is an SEO technician or SEO professional?

An SEO technician is a person who has the necessary knowledge to perform as a digital marketing professional, specialized in search engine optimization strategies, and who usually works independently.

A professional SEO technician is the digital marketing expert with full knowledge of all search engine optimization strategies.

Its function is to help different brands and companies, improving the visibility of their web pages with respect to search engines.

SEO expert uses techniques that allow you to improve your page in different aspects, adding elements that enrich it, such as: links, content marketing, keywords and all the elements that are needed to increase traffic of your web project.

One of the most attractive things about using this type of strategy is that through the SEO technician you do not need an advertising budget, since SEO works through the content, being a very good option for companies that are just starting out and that they have a limited budget.

What does an SEO technician or SEO professional do?

A web page is made up of several elements and therefore, there are several ways in which an SEO professional can intervene, which we could group into three:

SEO On-page

Within the web page, an SEO technician has the ability to find those ideal keywords that your website should focus on as a priority. In addition, it will help you improve each of your current web content so that they have the appropriate SEO optimization, as well as other details that also affect web positioning.

In addition to helping you find the focus keyword, it also has the ability to include on your web page those keywords that are directly related to the main one and that are capable of further optimizing the web.

On the other hand, it offers you the possibility of interrelating your contents within the web page, so that your clients can go from one information to another more easily. To do this, ensuring the presence of links that promote other menus and content sites on your website are part of the job of SEO.

Technical SEO

On the other hand, an SEO technician also has technical knowledge that allows you to cover the basic requirements at the level of SEO web design and website programming. That is why it must guarantee the adequate optimization of the web so that Google can crawl your website correctly, maintain a good URL structure, improve the loading speed of the web page , image optimization and general configuration of all those aspects that do make your website light and flexible.

Taking all these characteristics into account, your traffic can improve significantly and more and more people can access your information quickly and easily.

SEO Off-page

On the other hand, the SEO professional can also help you create SEO strategies outside of your website. Just as you read it! It is possible to work on improving the positioning of your website from outside it and also obtain results. At this stage, a good SEO technician can influence the links that link to your website or improve your website on social networks.

Through a good profile on your social networks, you can attract more customers and take them to your home page so that they know more about your brand.

Finally, the professional must show an analysis of the objectives achieved, so that you can identify if their work has really benefited your web project and in what proportion.

Key skills of an SEO technician or professional

At this point, you should already have a clearer idea of ​​what are the tasks that an SEO technician must fulfill. Now, it is important that you take into account what are the most important aspects or skills that a professional of this type has to fulfill, so you can choose the best one for your project on the Internet:

  • Years of experience in SEO: While it is important that he is a professional, you must also make sure that he is a person who has held that position in other SEO campaigns for other brands and has done so effectively.
  • Understanding of the three main aspects of SEO: Make sure that the SEO technician is aware of the three ways to approach the page, from the site, outside of it and the corresponding technical terms: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and SEO Off-Page.
  • Ability to communicate: the idea is that you can work hand in hand with someone who can explain the improvements your website needs and how you should apply them.

Why do you need an SEO technician or professional?

Increasing sales through your website can take much longer than you think if you do not have someone trained. Although there are many ways you have to increase your sales, sometimes campaigns, promotions or tests are not enough to achieve your goals.

If that is your case and you consider that your website is not having the reach you expect, it may be because it does not have a good position in Google, so few of your potential clients are aware that it exists.

Among the main problems that may be occurring on your site, are, for example, the low quality of the links to your website, that your potential customers leave the site quickly (high bounce rate), that the page takes too long loading, that your content is not relevant or that it has bad grammar and spelling and much more.

This is where your site begins to show that you definitely need a professional SEO technician on your team.

Benefits of having a professional SEO technician

You will improve your web positioning

The SEO professional has the ability to boost the traffic of your website, using the best tactics at the digital level so that your content is located in the first places of the most used search engines, such as Google.

That is why the changes that this technician can make your website rank faster in web search engines.

You will get a better cost-benefit ratio than other options

It is no secret to anyone that hiring this type of full-time professionals can represent a salary that not all companies can cover, in addition to getting a complete department just for SEO positioning will take a lot of time and money. The good news is that a freelance SEO technician offers one-off services and their teams are usually small.

That is why, while with a complete department, salaries can cost you several thousand euros per month, with an independent SEO professional, you can get quality services for less than 500 dollars per month.

You will enjoy the full attention and dedication of the expert

When it comes to getting the services of an SEO technician, you should know that when working individually, the number of clients is probably much smaller than an SEO agency . This means that you can establish direct contact with him and work together to ensure that no details are being missed.

Unlike agencies, an SEO professional can dedicate full time to your website and constantly monitor how visits vary, the possible errors that are being generated and in this way implement the best strategies to correct errors on the fly.

In addition, you can have a more detailed report on the evolution of your website and direct suggestions so that your page can generate more and more income.

You will have help to create your SEO infrastructure

If you are looking for someone to help you make settings and make the way of building your website easier, then without a doubt an SEO technician is the best way to achieve it. These have the ability to make your SEO effective and help you manage important tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz and many others, so that you can later do it on your own.

In general terms, they have the ability to configure the infrastructure of your website in relation to search engines, so that you can manage it later.

As the SEO professional implements changes to your website, you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about the subject and also soak up every detail related to the traffic of your potential clients through your website.

You may be thinking: “Doing all that work on my own will be exhausting and perhaps unsuccessful.” In that case, surely you are interested in contacting an Los Angeles SEO company like us that already have monthly SEO plans to achieve all kinds of objectives on the Internet.

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