How to Clean Gold Jewellery?

How to Clean Gold Jewellery? 

Gold jewellery is what everyone admires. That is because of its shine, profitability, and above all, it is the symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity. However, it loses its original shine over time. So, this article caters to every chrysophilist who want to clean their jewellery from their home using the simplest and the fastest way. In addition, you will not need to buy gold jewellery for your next occasion. Here is all you need to know. Know More: How to Clean Gold Jewellery?

What Tarnishes Gold Jewellery?

Following factors contribute to the damage of your gold jewellery:

  • First, regular use plays a pivotal role.
  • Dust, cosmetics, and everyday chemicals in perfumes and moisturisers you apply to your body.
  • The chemical composition of your gold jewellery, the 24k gold, or the purest form of gold, is extremely soft.
  • Jewellers mix other metals, like silver, zinc, etc., with gold to make it robust.
  • Gold is a dormant metal and does not ruin on its own, but still, it darkens or discolours when the other mixed metals react when exposed to oxygen and moisture that air contains.

Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery at Home


The best way to clean your gold bracelets, necklaces, and other jewellery pieces at home instantly is with a simple soap and water solution. Here is how you can clean your plain gold jewellery and yellow, white, and rose gold:

  • Take a bowl filled with warm water
  • Dilute it with mild soap, mild detergents or a few drops of dishwashing liquid to form a solution
  • Put your gold jewellery into this solution and allow it to soak for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with cold water and put a soft, clean, dry cloth or towel over it until it air dry completely
  • Once it dries, then use a soft-bristled brush gently to remove dirt or oil from the nooks and crannies
  • Lastly, store it in a jewellery box or any other box where you think your jewellery will be safe and stored properly

how to clean gold jewellery at home

ALERT: Don’t use boiling, cold or tap water instead of sodium-free seltzer water, club soda, or jewellery cleaning solution easily available from a jeweller near you as they loosen up the dirt, dust, or oil accumulated in your jewellery.

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Cleaning Gemstone-Studded Gold Jewellery

Gemstone-studded gold jewellery is a pure charm to own and wear and can be cleaned using the same solution as discussed above. Still, unlike gold jewellery, you cannot soak it in water as it can trap water in the setting as it will lead to rust or discolouration over time. Instead:

  • Check your jewellery and ensure that stones are tightly fitted
  • Rinse it with normal to cold water as some gemstones like opals are fragile
  • Then, use a very soft toothbrush, such as a baby toothbrush, for cleaning purposes
  • After cleaning, let the jewellery air dry completely before storing

Is Machine Cleaning Advisable?

If home remedies don’t provide you with any productive result, then clean your jewellery with a machine like an ultrasonic cleaner, a steam cleaner, or anionic one available with jewellers to clean your jewellery. Such machines can clean jewellery of all sizes and types, including diamonds such as diamond studs or diamond earrings online. Additionally, here they are, the right people to guide you with such methods. So allow them to clean your jewellery for you.

Points to Remember for Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery

  • Be extra careful when cleaning or buy gold jewellery and more if it is gemstone-studded jewellery. Refrain from using bleach-based cleaner, whether solid or liquid, as it can permanently discolour your jewellery.
  • While cleaning, always use a bowl and a light stream of water to minimise the chances of losing your jewellery. Avoid washing directly under the tap water in the sink or washbasin to prevent them from going to the drainage or else cover the drainage.
  • Clean your jewellery gently to retain its natural sheen, or when in doubt, visit a trusted jeweller like- Dishis Designer Jewellery.

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