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How to Cut Your Hair at Home Using the Ponytail Method

When you’re trying to avoid social situations and spend as much time as possible at home, learning how to cut your hair may appear to be a viable option. Well, that’s what the current situation necessitates. The key is to begin care with a few snips. Now is not the time to take the plunge and get a big chop, such as hair bangs. And look at the better side of it, you can save a load of money cutting your hair at home. The ponytail or unicorn cut method is one of the easiest ways you can consider giving yourself a little makeover. 

Meet The Ponytail Method  

Meet The Ponytail Method  
Meet The Ponytail Method

This popular DIY haircut method involves people tying their hair into a sky-high ponytail that resembles a unicorn horn and giving themselves a new haircut with small snips. Note that the ponytail haircut method is best suited for creating layered hair. Some adoptees also use measuring tape to ensure proper length. Then, cut along the hair tie with a pair of hair cutting shears for a straight, clean cut. It should have a heavily layered haircut once the hair ties are removed.  

Should You Experiment With The Ponytail Cut? 

Should You Experiment With The Ponytail Cut
Should You Experiment With The Ponytail Cut

If you want to try the ponytail haircut method, keep in mind that the results will vary depending on your hair texture and length. Because of the dramatically layered effects, the technique is best used on the long or curly mane. However, If you make a mistake with your haircut, you can always go to an expert for a quick fix, and trust us when we say there are a million and one ways to fix a bad haircut. 

We have rounded up the best instructions to help you cut your hair at home using the ponytail method. But first off, here are some pointers before getting started: 

  • Bin the kitchen scissors and invest in a pair of styling shears. 
  • Always keep your ponytail in the center and a high ponytail. Always!
  • Ensure all your hair is flat against your skull and that there are no bumps. 
  • Cut less than you think is good.
  • Your hair texture is an essential factor to consider 

#1. Brush Your Hair Tangles-Free

Brush Your Hair Tangles-Free
Brush Your Hair Tangles-Free

To begin, use a detangling brush to remove any knots from your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to treat your curl gently. Make sure the hair is dry before cutting so it doesn’t shrink up after the cut. We recommend doing this on clean hair because the natural oils produced by our scalp can weigh our strands down a little more, causing the length of your hair to shrink up a little after the wash.  

#2. Create A Bump-free Sky-High Ponytail 

Create A Bump-free Sky-High Ponytail 
Create A Bump-free Sky-High Ponytail

Flip your tangle-free tresses inverted and gather your hair into a high ponytail just above the center of your forehead. Before securing your ponytail with an elastic, flip your head right side up and check in the mirror that your ponytail is placed in the center. To avert bumps, smooth the hair down around the scalp with your detangling brush.   

#3. Determine Your Desired Length  

Decide on how much length you want to lose. If you’re unsure, start small, with 1/2″ or 1″. The ultimate rule is to measure nine times and cut once. If you don’t cut off longer the first time, you can snip it once at a time to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

#4. Start With Small Snips  

Start With Small Snips  
Start With Small Snips

Remember to cut your hair straight across. Sharp shears are essential, especially for a cut like this that works through such thick strands of hair. A dull and blunt blade, such as a kitchen knife, will struggle to cut through the bulk of your strands, making them susceptible to fraying. We recommend keeping your shortest layer no higher than your chin. If you want to incorporate a set of hair bangs, we recommend leaving those pieces out and blending them into your layers seamlessly after the rest of your hair has been cut. This will also help to frame your face effortlessly.  

#5. Finishing Touches 

After finishing the haircut, one that is cut according to the above directives, you should do a few more things to get it right. If you’re getting bangs hairstyle, cutting new bangs can put you to regret, but trimming existing ones is far safer. Point-cutting your ends is an easy fix if you think your layers are too blunt for your hair type. Toss your hair back into the unicorn ponytail — and use your shears to cut straight up, into your ends, with a tight grip around those ends. Point cutting will give your hair tips a softer, lighter finish.    

Make Your Fresh Cut Look Great. 

After getting a fresh cut, there are a few things you should do. Here are a few hair care and maintenance tips that will help you keep your hair looking fabulous. 

#1. Avoid Using Fingers to Set It

After styling your hair, don’t run over it with your fingers to adjust it. The dryer and comb have already set your hair; now, running your finger down hair will only ruin its appearance. If you notice that your hair is unmanageable, use a comb to adjust it.

#2. Conditioning Treatment 

Conditioning your tresses is a must and should come after the haircut because your hair tends to twist a little during the process. Giving it the conditioning effect after a hair wash can help to keep it smooth and manageable. To do so, we recommend using Indique Hair Care Essentials.  

#3. Treat Your Gently 

After rinsing your hair, avoid rubbing it with a towel. When you handle damp hair in a rough phase, your hair is more prone to breakage. Allow your tresses to air dry, or you can use a microfiber if that takes time. 

#4. Apply A Peanut Size Of Hair Serum 

Hair serum helps to set your hair, and it is also necessary to use a serum to make your hair smooth, manageable, and lustrous. After rinsing, apply a small amount of hair serum to damp hair to make it more manageable and breeze to style. Consider Indique Essential Argan Oil to nourish your hair and get the ultimate luster. 

Bottom Line

Whatever you do, keep your cuts minimal. Otherwise, you may end up with an awful haircut that is much shorter than you expected. Whether you choose to incorporate a set of hair bangs or layered hair, make sure to get into a good hair care routine to enjoy flawless hair for the rest of your life. 

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