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How To Embed Instagram stories On Websites

In August 2016, Instagram launched Instagram Stories, permitting users to take photographs, add impacts and layers, and eventually add them to their Instagram stories. Content uploaded to a story lapses within 24 hours. And as Instagram stories take the top posting on the feed, it is less likely that people will miss any updates.

Since the launch, the feature has enjoyed its fair share of popularity. It was talk of the town then and still is the talk of the town. Because it attracts more attention from the viewers and as it provides various filters that make it more engaging and entertaining.

It is a great and useful feature for users, especially for businesses as it helps businesses to make their Instagram profile more happening, lively and entertaining.

Businesses can opt-in the to promote their upcoming events or products with Instagram Stories. Also, the brand can even market their limited-time sales. And with the swipe-up feature, brands can even divert their Instagram traffic to their other social media platforms. 

Users can also add any URL to the stories that help divert their traffic to their desired website. Brands use this feature for marketing their website and increasing their website traffic.

And to extract more benefits from the platform, businesses are now actively opting to embed Instagram stories on the website.

This strategy has various advantages and is a productive strategy. There are various methods to add Instagram stories to the website. In this blog, you will find some of the major benefits of embedding Instagram Stories on website and why should you use this marketing strategy along with the steps to embed stories on website. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the core of the topic.

Benefits of embedding Instagram stories on website

There are various benefits of embedding Instagram stories on website. And keeping in mind the importance of having a pleasing website, we have filtered some of the major benefits of this strategy. These pointers might convince you to adapt to this strategy or clarify your doubt on whether or not to adopt this strategy.

1. Improves the visual appeal of the website

In this internet age, where most brands focus on having an established internet presence, it is important to stand out from the crowd. And having a visually appealing website can help in this cause. 

As Instagram allows you to upload images or videos on the stories, you can upload those and embed the story on the website. It makes the website more appealing and helps create a good impression on visitors.

An appealing website can do wonders for the business, it helps to get a better brand reputation and eventually helps in building better brand recognition. A website works like a brand representative in this age of the internet, and who wouldn’t like an impressive and attractive representative, right? There are numerous, stats and studies that show that people prefer visiting an appealing website. And it can help you in gathering more consumers and more audience. 

2. Brings liveliness to the website

Images, videos, GIFs, and visual-based content can be very helpful in making the website more lively—after all, who wouldn’t like vibrant images, entertaining videos, and more on their websites. As one can upload stories on Instagram, you can bring that vibe and liveliness to your website by embedding Instagram stories widget.

Instagram allows you to upload images, videos, audios and more using the story feature. That means you have various types content to post, such variation gives you a free hand on the creativity. That means you can showcase your artistic side and use the feature at to a great benefit.

By showcasing the same on the website you can bring same vibe of liveliness, variation and creativity on your website. 

No one can deny that consumers usually prefer a website that is lively. So we are safe to say, that a lively website helps to improve website traffic.

3. Helps you to promote your limited-time sales

Sales and discounts can be great factors to determine sales for a product. Sometimes you can have limited-time sales that might last for a day. By uploading its advertisements on stories, you can create awareness about it with your Instagram followers. 

And by showcasing them on your website, you can promote the same to your website visitors.

Also, it helps to provide a sneak into your Instagram presence. And as visitors have the chance to follow your handle there, it helps you strengthen your Instagram presence.

A strong Instagram presence can help your business in the long run. People now determine the quality and reputation based on their social media strength. So, this helps to establish your social media presence.

Steps to Embed Instagram Stories on Website

Instagram Stories on website

There are various ways to add Instagram stories on the website, but we have filtered the simplest way to do so for your ease. Here we will be using Tagembed. Tagembed is one of the most well renowned social media aggregator tools that allows users to collect, curate, customize and display social media feeds on a website. Moreover, it provides the simplest embedding process, and you can add Instagram stories to the website by following these steps:

1: Log in to your Tagembed account or sign up for a free account.

2: Create your first widget and provide it with the desired name.

3: Select Instagram from the provided options.

4: Generate the embedding code. You can even make desired personalizations to the widget before generating the code or exploring other features.

5: Copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

Summing it up

Undoubtedly, adding Instagram stories on the website can be a productive and helpful marketing strategy based on personal preferences. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily embed Instagram stories on the website and extract maximum benefit from the platform. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try it now and enjoy the amazing benefits of embedding Instagram Stories and take the strategy to the next level.

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