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How to Find Best Student Accommodation in Queensland

According to a recent study the generation Z are constantly seeking out new cultures for their
personal and professional growth. Queensland in Australia offers you this and much more. The
sunshine state is known for its leading institutions, sunny beaches and a free work environment.
If you are considering Queensland for your study abroad journey, you must check out Griffith
University and the equally reputed James Cook University. Both these universities are globally
ranked with a range of diverse courses on offer. Since they attract a large pool of talent every
year, there is huge demand for off campus accommodations for both these unis. This article will
discuss student accommodation Gold Coast and student accommodation Cairns, where these
colleges have their campuses.

Why Study at Griffith University?

With a rigorous academic calendar and more than 120 on campus clubs, Griffith University is
famous for being a students favourite. With around 50,000 students joining each year, this
university is renowned for its programs in law, education, architecture, humanities, music and
engineering. Griffith University has an affordable tuition fee and you can also avail scholarships
and grants. Choose from over 20 majors with niche specializations to help uplift your career

Student accommodation Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a water lover’s paradise, known for its spectacular beaches, hidden waterways
and canals. Located in the south of Brisbane, Gold Coast is home to the Griffith University Gold
Coast campus. If you already are the lucky student here, you must begin your hunt for the right
student accommodation Gold Coast.

Gold Coast

Most student accommodations of the area are located strategically near all the major
universities. If you are studying at Southern Cross University or Bond University, student
accommodation Gold Coast is the perfect choice. Overall, Gold Coast has an extensive network
of public transport from buses, to rail and even ferries. Student accommodation Gold Coast
connects you to all the nearby transit points so you can travel hassle free. Universities can be
reached on foot, saving your time and resources on commuting.

Student accommodation Gold Coast has an array of rooms for you to choose from. From shared
apartments to individual studios, the options are endless. The rooms come with fully furnished
bedding, equipped kitchen and bathroom. Avail amenities like gym, on-site laundries, games
room, communal lounges – all included within your rent. Student accommodation Gold Coast
also connects you to nearby restaurants, bars and entertainment areas.

With a consistent rank in the World’s Top 300 Universities list, the James Cook University
welcomes talented students from all over the world. Let’s have a look at some of the things the
university has to offer and its corresponding student accommodations.

Why Study at James Cook University?

James Cook University ranks first for its Marine and Freshwater Biology programs.
Simultaneously, the university is also known for its courses in health and pharmacy, planning
and development and education and teaching. With excellent research facilities, this University
is a sureshot way to take your career forward. At the James Cook University Cairns, you are
encouraged to express and innovate without any restrictions whatsoever.
Student Accommodation Cairns

James Cook University

Whether you are at the James Cook University or the CQ University & the right student
accommodation Cairns is of absolute importance. Cairns is the gateway of the famous Great
Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. Naturally, there is an influx of students each year,
searching for an appropriate accommodation. The city is extremely well connected with its vast
network of buses, rail, ferries and rail services. Student accommodation Cairns gives you easy
access to all these transit points.

Student accommodation Cairns comes with a range of fully furnished rooms – from shared
rooms to single rooms, you can take your pick depending on the budget and lifestyle. All the
rooms are fully furnished, with equipped kitchen and bathrooms. Student accommodation
Cairns provides amenities such as on-site laundry, common lounges and private study rooms &
even BBQ areas where you can host intimate gatherings. All these facilities along with a
security system are included in your rent itself.

Being the 5th most populated city of Queensland, it is no surprise that Cairns will have an
exciting nightlife and entertainment scene. From adventure sports by the water to trendy cafes
and fresh produce markets, your weekends will never be dull at Cairns. Student accommodation
Cairns is often located near city centers, giving you easy access to such areas.

Whether it is Gold Coast or Cairns or choosing the right student accommodation will provide you
with a comfortable life abroad. With your mundane needs taken care of, you can focus on
academics and extracurriculars. Student accommodation in Queensland has a lot of options for
you to explore. However before finalizing on your accommodation you should do double check your
amenities and their availability for a smooth onboarding process.

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