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How to Find the Best Type of Bike Rack for Your Car

You have a bike and now you and your bike are ready to go and take a road trip. Welcome to the club! You’re almost done with all these great bike-related buying decisions – almost. Now is the time to buy a bike rack. We’ve developed this guide to help you find the right bag holder for you, your bike and your lifestyle.

Why listen to us In 1976 we developed the first luggage rack and have been helping cyclists buy luggage racks ever since. Our office is full of cyclists who focus entirely on making products for cyclists. If we do not use our products, we will not market them. Period. With this in mind, we wanted to share with you our four decades of knowledge so that you and your favorite bike, whatever it is called, can make the most of every ride.

Let’s get started!

If you are like most people, you will probably start your research online. The challenge in this step is to be aware of what to look for. We suggest you do a few different searches as the terms used for bicycle carriers may vary. The most commonly used search terms are: “Transport frames”, “Car carrier”, “Bicycle carrier” or “Car carrier”.

What do you want to bring with you? 

This is one of the most important issues when buying a car. If you only want to carry bicycles – and only bikes – we recommend that you carry the bikes in the back of your car, in the luggage compartment or on a tow bar.

Bicycle-specific luggage racks are usually more economical and have less easy-to-lose parts compared to a complete system with other sports equipment. Of course, bike racks do not offer a way to store your ski, surfboards, kayaks, etc. If you want to carry more than just bikes, a roof rack may be the right choice for you. Thule and Yakima offer roof racks to meet your transportation needs.

What type of bike do you want to carry?

 Factors such as bike weight, wheel size, and frame material can determine what type of bike rack best suits your needs. E-bike enthusiasts need a bike rack that supports the weight of an electric bike (most of which weighs over 50 lbs), while large bike owners are looking for wheel discs that can keep the tread of the bike. And if you have a collection of women’s bikes, be aware that some luggage racks will require accessories, such as: The bike bar so your bike can sit properly on the stand. Similarly, if you have a bicycle family, i.e. A large bike for adults and a bike for very small children, consider the versatility of the luggage rack. In short: reflect on your bike collection and consider the impact your fleet has on the use of your luggage rack.

What’s on your must-see list? 

Let’s take a minute for introspection. If you are wondering how to handle the luggage rack, how you want to use the bike rack, and how you are going about your overall lifestyle, this question can be answered. Some examples of features to consider include ease of installation, rack weight, portability, security and storage space.

For example, if you live in an apartment without an elevator on the 5th floor, a light shelf can override the built-in locking functions. Likewise, a family of four may have to carry bikes of different sizes – so the flexibility can be greater than a rack that does not touch the frame. Or if you run out of storage space, one flat folding shelf may be more important than another.

Buyer Tip: Like pros and cons, list your needs in one column and less important features in another. Who knows, you might find a booth that goes with everything on your list.

Do you want to increase your miles per gallon? 

Believe it or not, if you choose to transport your bikes, you save a lot of gas. That means fewer stops on the road and more cycling.

Did you know that loaded roof racks with (or without) rims add a lot of resistance to bicycles and drastically reduce the efficiency of your car? For example: As noted by Stuff Works, a 27.3% drop in MPG on your test car is equipped with a roof rack and bike. Good to know!

What about intangible assets? 

When I thought I was out of your important tool holder for your car, it’s time to review the intangible things. These can be invaluable, such as warranty period, customer service, rejected business passions – lobbying or maintenance of rejected paths – process and manufacturing. We encourage you to browse the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the company, their mission, and how they treat their customers. Bonus points for being the most eye-catching medium. Why not all-in-one cabin style and functionality?


 It’s no secret where expensive bikes come from. Add the price tags, from the bike to the trunk. Take the plunge Once you are, I want to make sure Hut Bike and Car Rack do not go everywhere with you. See the safety precautions for attaching not only the bikes to the bike carrier but also to the bike carrier on the vehicle.

trunk vs. Roof lift: 

It’s quite a bit. When it comes to buying a trunk, there are three basic types to choose from: trunk, towbar and roof. Each room has its own list of services, which we will discuss to declare:

Luggage compartment supports

Because large racks are not *, they are incredibly versatile. They fit a wide range of cars, are often smaller and lighter and can even fit and sing when stored in a trunk if not dropped. For example, our trunk in the trunk fits most vehicles to facilitate the passage between friends or cars. In addition, luggage racks are often cheaper. Plus, carrying bikes in the back of a car means easier access to your bikes, and poverty means your destination is valued (i.e. no uphill or unnecessary effort to get off the bikes).

towbar bracket

Towing hitch style is becoming more and more popular and it is no wonder why. Did you know that the brackets built around this were not built so I could not access the rear of the car with the towbar installed? Now most towbar racks are integrated with a tilt function that gives you access to the rear of a vehicle without having to remove the bikes. Coupling brackets do not touch the vehicle, configured to eliminate bike-to-car conflict and protect the color of your car. And for those of you who are concerned about the paintwork of your bike, the new top-rated bike racks models keep bikes tight instead of the wheels and never touch your precious frames. Plus, installing a hook bracket is a breeze, and accessories like Locking Hitch Tite ensure the holder is securely locked to your vehicle.

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Historically, most of the protection a bike carries on the roof is not visible from the bike on the bike, the zinc is on the road. The roof of other cars can pose the danger of trunk systems, allowing multi-sport enthusiasts to transport more than just bicycles. A common disadvantage, however, is that the driver must be careful when entering a garage, driveway or other low-ceiling area. If you smile now, maybe because it’s DG or someone you know, and poverty. Take it off? It is imperative for roof bend owners to know when the height of the vehicle is fully loaded and pay attention to these free panels. For a better COMPARISON of roof rack systems, check out this article from Rack Attack.

None of your choices of rack rollers, you should find the manufacturer’s manual that fits your new rack to ensure that it works with your vehicle. And if you already know that you are looking for a flexible luggage carrier, then you know that the towbar fits almost any car. 

What is the result?

After you have considered all the variables, here are the key points to consider for these three types of bike parking spaces.


  • Light and easy to store.
  • Very suitable for bicycles with direct connections.
  • Keep the bike in the back of the car, it saves fuel.
  • In contrast to the coupling and roofing systems, no additional partial assembly is required.
  • Lots of cars fit out of the box.


  • The frame is easy to install.
  • It provides access to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Do not touch your car.
  • Do not touch the frame of your bike.
  • It can be locked on the car.
  • Keep the bike in the back of the car, it saves fuel.

Roof beams:

  • Able to pull more than a bike.
  • Keep bikes out of traffic.
  • It provides access to the rear of the vehicle.
  • The license plate is still visible.

After you have completed this phase of research, we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your goal. And now? How do you do the jump? We encourage you to write car racks around town, go to your local bike shop to handle and label the racks, and ask your friends what bike racks they use and like.


If you have enjoyed this article. You can read more at this site.

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