How to fix lag and ping problem in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most popular games in its Battle Royale category thanks to its style of play and great quality, but it generates a great demand for resources on your mobile. That is why we bring you effective solutions to eliminate that annoying lag and tedious high ping.

What kinds of problems do you experience?

  • Lag by FPS: affects the speed of the game, giving it an appearance of “Slow motion” and is due to the fact that the mobile processes the frames slowly. It could be caused by mobile resource limitations or software problems.
  • Network delay: itis caused by the Internet connection or by the game servers, you will notice it, since the game will take time to respond making it impossible to continue the game.

How to fix lag and high ping?

There are several functions that you probably have activated on your mobile which slow down performance and hinder your experience in PUBG Mobile, so we bring you the best solutions that you probably did not know. And Do you know How to fix the ping problem in PUBG Mobile? Follow the instruction which is given in below.

Disable battery saver

Some devices can incorporate this function that slows down the CPU with the intention of saving the battery of the mobile, causing delays in the applications. If you have this option enabled, we recommend that when you start PUBG Mobile you deactivate it, here we show you how:

  • Open the mobile settings.
  • Go into Battery.
  • Turn off power-saving mode.

Close background apps

This feature allows you to play without fluctuations or lag. Close background applications to consume fewer resources and thus have a smoother gameplay. Try using SuperFreezz to close all those apps that work in the background if the serial system doesn’t work for you. Sometimes you feel a lag problem after landing. But do you know how to fix lag on android PUBG Mobile?

Lower the screen resolution

If you find it mission impossible to play PUBG Mobile, try lowering the screen resolution. Check the graphics settings in the game and set the Low graphics option, then under Frame rate also choose low.How to fix lag and ping problems in PUBG Mobile

Turn off automatic sync

Auto-sync consumes a lot of battery as well as data. Having it activated will cause a lot of background activity as well as slower optimization of the game.

  • Open the mobile settings.
  • Select Accounts and sync.
  • Uncheck the Auto-sync option.

Check the speed of your Internet connection

You do not need a super-fast connection, it is only required that it is not less than 3 Mbps of download and upload speed. If your connection continues to be intermittent, try a VPN, this often improves ping issues (in some regions). You can use tools like or Google Speed ​​Test to measure your browsing speed. You can also check your speed with these apps.

Repair PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has its own option to repair, clicking on the sign that appears on the screen before logging in to reset all settings.How to fix lag and ping problem in PUBG Mobile

Advantages of having low ping in PUBG Mobile

  • You can see the enemy faster.
  • You can move and shoot fast.
  • Your mobile will heat up less.

We hope that our recommendations have been very useful to improve your experience and gameplay. You can also complement them with these other solutions that we have for you.

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