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How to Get More Product Reviews that Boost Your Sales?

Feedback from delighted clients may persuade even the most doubtful buyer that your items are worthwhile. Ninety percent of customers said that User-Generated Content (UGC), such as product evaluations, has a more significant influence than email marketing and search engine results.

It might be intimidating to give customers the ability to criticize their experiences. There’s always the risk that one dissatisfied customer may grasp the chance to provide nasty comments. However, the potential benefits are undeniable: individuals are 300 percent more likely to buy a product with reviews than one that does not.

Positive comments can even be used to justify why your pricing is more significant than your competitors. According to the researcher, 75 percent of buyers are willing to spend up to 25% extra for the same goods if they feel they will have a better experience.

Testimonials and product reviews may be powerful sales tools. More than 75% of consumers say they read product reviews before making a purchase, and almost 68% say they are more likely to buy from a site that includes product ratings and reviews.

By ensuring consumers are happy with their purchase, social proof may comfort cautious shoppers, give more context, and prevent returns.

Are you ready to inspire trust in your company, provide meaningful social proof, and increase brand love? Here are some pointers by logo design services to help you go above and beyond regarding product reviews and client testimonials.

9 Tips to Get More Product Reviews

1- Have a nice product and offer excellent service.

Obtaining reviews will be impossible if your product or service is poor. You can’t afford either in today’s tough environment. Excellent customer service necessitates a particular set of talents. Sharpen them. Learn to control them. Teach these to your workers.

Make every effort to make a lasting pleasant impression on your consumers. They’ll repay the favor with several positive ratings, free word of mouth, and loyalty. That’s all there is to it.

2- Hold a contest

In our recent piece on social promotions that might affect your bottom line, we discussed several social contest ideas, but keeping things simple is always a smart idea. Request that customers use a hashtag on Instagram or leave a quick note on your Facebook page.

Lensbaby holds Facebook contests on a regular basis, encouraging fans to submit photographs, such as the heartbroken image at the top of this piece, that demonstrates what their unique lenses can achieve. With some support from your present clients, this is an efficient approach to selling your firm.

3- Request Feedback

According to marketing experts, 80% of consumers are willing to submit a review — all you have to do is ask. However, timing is essential if you want to get those coveted five-star ratings.

When a consumer acts in a way that shows they’re pleased with their experience, you should ask for a review whenever possible. If you have one-on-one interaction with a client, you may wait until they say something favorable about their purchase or your organization in general.

On the other hand, individual client monitoring may be impractical for busy online business operators. If you don’t directly touch with your audience, you may always incorporate review requests into your email automation procedures.

First, you should create criteria that indicate the consumer is satisfied with their experience. This might include repurchasing an item or making several purchases in a short period. When a shopper completes these tasks, your mailing program can contact them and seek a review.

4- Sign up for all of the major consumer review websites.

When award-winning consultant Canvas8 questioned customers in the United States and the United Kingdom who they trusted to offer accurate information, third-party consumer review sites rated highly. Trip Advisor and Yelp were only second to personal referrals from friends and family.

If you haven’t already, we strongly advise you to register your company with all the main consumer review networks, such as Facebook and Google My Business by a branding agency.

Because consumer review websites have so much clout, it’s a good idea to emphasize all of the sites where your firm is listed. Trip Advisor offers a variety of widgets for embedding reviews, ratings, and visitor photographs straight on your website. This might be an excellent approach to promoting your favorable Trip Advisor reviews while encouraging visitors to visit this third-party page. Waiting for the payment details from you. Also, you can use widgets to embed Google reviews on your website.

If you have many reviews on your Google My Business page, you may use the Google My Business Application Programming Interface to engage with this feedback (API). Alternatively, you may use a plugin like Widget for Google Reviews to incorporate your Google reviews in your site’s sidebar.

5- Incentives can be used to increase customer reviews.

Coupons, discounts, and other incentives are excellent methods to get your consumers to post reviews. Incentives also have the added benefit of driving repeat purchases.

Loyalty programs are an excellent method for tracking and distributing incentives. You may include points for reviewing and posting reviews on social media if you have a loyalty program in place.

Contest entries are another excellent incentive you may provide in return for a review. Not to add that social mentions may be really fantastic incentives as well. Just remember to tag the consumer.

6- Don’t forget about your other items.

Not only are your biggest sellers, but all of your items require reviews. Having a plethora of reviews on certain items but none on others can harm you rather than assist you.

If your consumer buys one pricey product and another with few reviews, ask them to evaluate the one with no reviews.

It is also critical to obtain general site evaluations in addition to product reviews. Site reviews increase confidence in new visitors who are contemplating whether or not to purchase from you.

7- Pay Attention to Negative Reviews

You may believe that ignoring unfavorable evaluations is the greatest thing you can do, but this is not the case. Here’s a solid procedure to follow when dealing with unfavorable feedback:

  • Inform the irate consumer how to reach you.
  • Describe how you intend to set things right.

If everything has been resolved and everyone is satisfied, request that the consumer submit a fresh review. If you handled things properly and compassionately, you might have acquired a lifelong customer from a previously negative review.

When you post the testimonial, include the customer’s name and photo. This is a good approach to thank your consumers while also adding validity to their reviews. Consider including the review’s source, such as Yelp, to encourage other consumers to provide input.

8- Collect photos to make evaluations appear more genuine.

Professional product images on your product pages may not be as efficient in generating new sales as photos taken by your customers.

Where is the evidence? According to Photoslurp, user-generated photographs are five times more likely than non-user-generated material to convert clients.

Your clients’ product photographs are often taken using a smartphone camera and are not post-processed. This increases their credibility and allows buyers to see how the product appears in real life.

As an added plus, you can utilize the photographs and reviews to make movies for Instagram Stories that feature your satisfied customers or include them in your Facebook marketing campaign.

9- Increase Conversion.

It’s critical to lower conversion barriers as people continue to shop online for more high-consideration items. Assume you’re seeking to make a life-changing purchase, such as a mattress, on the internet. However, you don’t have the option to feel the mattress in person, and the mattress type you desire isn’t available in local stores.

The dilemma then becomes whether the mattress is too soft, too firm, or just right. Product reviews help your clients overcome obstacles to purchase by giving them the information they need to make an informed decision. You spend nearly a third of your time in bed, so we doubt you’d buy a new mattress based just on marketing, reviews, or recommendations.


The more customer reviews a product or company has, the more reliable it is. As a result, prospective clients who find your brand online may trust that you’ll have what they need, resulting in increased retail sales.

To generate more client evaluations, the simplest thing you can do is just ask in a timely manner. Customers will be more loyal to you if they leave positive evaluations of your products and services.

When you’re attempting to compete with online shops that rely heavily on customer ratings and reviews, this matters a lot.

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