How to Measure a Belt Size for Men

Is your belt the right size?

Buying a belt can be a difficult task, that too online! Every man deserves to look chic and smart, and the belt plays a significant role in accessories and brings the whole outfit together. Whether a casual day or a formal dinner, a well-fitted belt adds a touch to your personality and dressing sense.

Thus, men need to choose the correct belt size. And for that, they need to know how to measure a belt’s size. Many tips and tricks can help them decide which size to go for. And now, even ladies can gift their man belt without worrying about the size if they measure it the right way before placing the order.

In this blog post, you will be able to learn different ways to measure a belt’s size.

The few common mistakes men make while measuring their belt size for online purchases are, assuming that their belt size is the same as their pant size or using their old belt to measure. STOP RIGHT THERE!

This is not the case because the pants and belts are very different, which is why the sizes vary.  Everything worn tears eventually down and loses its shape with time and usage.


  • The general rule is that men’s pant size + 2 inches = belt size that you’re looking for. If your pant size is 37, buy a belt size 39.
  • The measuring tape is your best friend. It can act as a belt and wrap it around your waist to get the size.
  • Another logical way is, Measure from the inner edge of the buckle to where the belt buckle and pin meet to the middle hole (there are usually five holes).
  • Carefully study the size chart. Consult the seller before ordering. The size chart consists of how loose to how tight the belt is. Choose your size accordingly.
  • Remember, leather belts tend to stretch over time, so make sure to measure accordingly and go for a more snug fit, so it is also comfortable for you in the long run.
  • Lastly, the more accurate you are with your measurements, the better fit it will be for you.


  • When picking a belt, taking into account both the belt’s size and the clasp’s size is fundamental. You ought to gauge the size of the belt so it fits easily around your midriff without being excessively close or excessively free. The clasp ought to likewise be relative to the belt size; a little belt clasp watches awkwardly on a huge belt, as well as the other way around.
  • Most men’s belts are measured in inches, and the size is normally stepped on the rear of the belt. A few belts likewise have a size range, for example, 32-36. To decide your belt size, measure your midriff or hip periphery, and afterward find the related size on the belt size diagram.
  • The most well-known decision is that men’s gasp size + 2 inches = belt size that you’re searching for. In the event that your gasp size is 33, purchase a belt size 35.
  • Another simple way is to gauge the midriff outline and find the comparing belt size. One more method for estimating is by taking the length of the belt and adding 5-6 inches. This number would then be your belt size.
  • Belt sizes can shift contingent upon the brand, so it’s generally really smart to check the size diagram prior to buying a belt. You may likewise have to change your belt size contingent upon what you wear it with. For instance, on the off chance that you are wearing a weighty coat or vest, you might require a bigger belt size than expected.


  • They can be utilized for different purposes, for example, to hold up your jeans or hold your shirt back from tumbling off your shoulders. Belts are an incredible method for adding a hint of character to an outfit and can likewise be utilized to change the attack of the dress.
  • Furthermore, belts can assist with making an hourglass figure by securing in the midriff.
  • Belts are not only for holding up pants longer. You can likewise involve them as a design extra and come in different tones, styles, and materials.
  • Belts can be an extraordinary design embellishment for men, and they come in a wide range of styles and varieties. A well-fitting belt can assist with making a clean look. They are likewise a superb method for adding a dash of character to an outfit and can likewise be utilized to change the attack of the dress. In addition, belts can assist with making an hourglass figure by clamping in the midriff.

Nevertheless, not all belts are made equivalent. Furthermore, not all belts are the right size for each man. This will guarantee that you purchase a belt that is the right size for yourself and that the belt looks great on you.

It is clear that men’s belts come in different sizes, and estimating your midsection prior to buying a belt is significant. By following these straightforward tips, you will for sure track down the ideal belt!


Since now you men know how to measure a belt size, you’ll be able to buy the right one that will bring your outfit together in a more stylish way. Because remember, every detail matters. From choosing the right type of belt to fit your outfit to the right size for your waist. It not only shows your dressing sense but also brings out your personality. And who wouldn’t want that?

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