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How to Print EML Files

In this content, we are going to talk about how to print EML files & convert EML files into PDF files. Given below content is going to solve your problem regarding the EML files and PDF files.

How to Print EML files, First of all, we should have discussed “What Eml files, E-mails, & PDF files”:-

What EML files are:-

EML files are generally Email file format. It is also known as RFC-822. An EML file is a file extension of saved mail messages of email applications, such as Outlook Express, live mail, thunderbird. EML is formatted as a text file and contains ASCII text format, which can be seen in ASCII text file editors like, Notepad. There are plenty of file formats related to different email applications, email applications are the man of action of an institution, as all the data, communication is handled or carried by email applications. EML file format is the most common file format for an email client. You can easily view EML files in Thunderbird mail client, Microsoft Outlook email client. However, sometimes you need to save files and print EML files for that you need either Microsoft Outlook or convert them as a PDF file through software.

What is E-mail?

Electronic mail, which means transfer or sends mail or messages with electronic devices. An email address like, so, in this given example, abcd123 is a user name and after @ (symbol) is a domain name. An email has a message header, which contains the original detail of the mail. If we see a normal mail message it has only sender and receivers information but if we print the EML file into PDF, it will give you all information regarding normal mail view ( path, from, to, cc, bcc, subject, attachment), Hex (binary and text language), Properties (additional info, date, internet header info, message flag, etc.), Message header (mime, message-ID, to, from, return-path, etc.), HTML.

What PDF files are-

PDF is also a file extension, known as Portable Document format. It is a file format that captures page layout and is used in daily bases documents like legal documents, bank statements, etc. PDF files can be print and view from any device. PDF is the most usable file extension. In a PDF file, you can have all information in the mail.

Why do we need to convert EML files into PDF:-

  1. Easy to share with any device and in terms of size it’s not highly weighted.
  2. PDF provides file security so you can protect it with a password.
  3. If the file contains a large size of documents you can compress it.
  4. PDF is important to file format for legal purposes, as the report of the evidence (Digital Forensic).
  5. Easy to use & open on any device like mobile, mac book, laptop, etc.

Method 1: Print EML Files in Microsoft Outlook

This is the easiest way to print EML file formate follow given below steps:-

  1. You must have a Microsoft Outlook application in your system or pc.
  2. Open the application on your pc >> select mail/mails
  3. Then Right-click and select the Quick print option.

Method 2:- Print EML Files in Software

You have to install software that converts EML files into PDF and I would recommend you to install the SysTool EML Converter.

Let’s Talk about SysTools EML Converter Software:

This software is dependable and provides you smart solutions for saving EML files and convert them into PDF files. Software is easy to use and also gave you guidance regarding how to use it on the SysTools website. You can smoothly print EML files by converting them into PDF with attachments, images, information about the email header without losing data. The software has understandable functions and features.

Let’s Move on to How to Use this Software as Given Below:-


  1. Click on the given link to download software
  2. Install it on your system, & open it.
  3. Now, go to the right side corner of the screen on your pc and select the folder  in which your Eml files are,    files will appear on your screen
  4. Select those files then click Export (upper right side on the corner)
  5. Choose PDF– Export as .pdf file
  6. Go to Advance Settings (below) for page setup >> save,
  7. Click on Browse for where you want to export files >> select & Export. (Make new folder)
  8. Files are exported,
  9. Now the software will show you the export report, give the export report a location & save it.
  10. Go to your saved file location and open your PDF files >> right-click >> Print.


In the above write-up we talked about how to print EML file format, in which, first, we should have known about what EML files, Email & PDF files are. Then we discussed the different methods, manually & with Software. After that, I suggest you SysTools EML converter software, made by professionals. If the manual method somehow didn’t work, you can use Software made by professionals.

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