How to remove crazy glue from wood

So you’ve got some crazy glue on your wood, how do you get it off?

This is something I’m quite familiar with. Just like super glue, crazy glue adheres to things very well and removing this sticky residue can be a bit of a challenge.

Here are a few methods that will help remove the crazy best stainable wood glue:
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1) Acetone / Nail Polish Remover – One of the easiest things to use because most people have either acetone or nail polish remover lying around somewhere. This method is my personal favorite and works really well if there’s not too much crazy glue on the surface of the wood. Make sure that whatever you’re using (acetone or nail polish remover), that it isn ‘t some watered down, non-acetone based cleaner.


  • Simply use a rag to wipe the crazy glue off the wood. Acetone / Nail polish remover will dissolve most types of crazy glue (provided the residue is not too thick), so simply dabbing at it with the rag should loosen it and after just a few swipes, you should be able to wipe away most residues. If it’s taking too long and you’re worried about damaging your wood, put a small amount of water on it and continue wiping until all remnants are gone.

2) Damp Rag + Cleaning Solvent – Another method that works really well for removing any type of glue from pretty much anything is cleaning solvent like mineral spirits , paint thinner, or what have you. This works well for removing crazy glue residue because you’re basically reverse-soaking the wood in acetone.


  • Using a damp rag, wipe at crazy glue with solvent until all residue is cleaned off. A lot of crazy glue will dissolve away and continue to do so as long as there is some solvent on it. When finished, simply wipe away any remaining traces with a dry rag (or let air dry). If you want to make sure that your wood is really clean after using this method, feel free to use the first method above in conjunction with this one for an extra deep clean!

3) Sandpaper – Another easy way to clean up stubborn bits of crazy glue is by using sandpaper. This method works really well if you’ve got large chunks of glue on your wood, but is not recommended for use with a lot of tiny specks because it might take too long. If the crazy glue residue is coming off in sheets with little effort, then go ahead and use this method!


  • Using sandpaper (preferably an 80-220 grit), start to rub away at the crazy glue until all traces are gone. Just like using a rough sponge to scrub at a stain, sanding down stubborn bits as needed should help get rid of any leftover glue pretty quickly.

4) Wood Stain + Acetone / Nail Polish Remover – If your wood is dark or light colored, chances are you may want to use a stain to color it darker or lighter . Well, if you don’t get all of the crazy glue off your wood with the methods above, re-staining will be pretty much impossible! If this is the case, never fear! Wood stain and nail polish remover can lend some assistance.


  • Using an old rag that’s been soaked in acetone (or just nail polish remover), swipe at the stains until they disappear. Be sure to wipe away any excess acetone / nail polish immediately because it tends to dry pretty quickly. This method works best for light colored woods as dark ones tend not to take very well to nail polish remover on their natural finishes .

5) Heat – Keep in mind that while heat loosens crazy glue quickly, it might also damage the wood. In addition to this, if there’s a bunch of small specks on your wood, you’re pretty much out of luck using heat because you can’t focus enough heat on one spot to properly loosen the glue. If you’ve got a lot of big chunks or just bits here and there however , this is definitely worth trying .


  • One method of heating up the crazy glue is by applying a blow dryer (or hair dryer) to the affected areas. Just be careful not to burn yourself! If there are chunks on your wood that seem stubborn though, these methods may not work well for getting them off. Another approach (not recommended if there are just specks though) is to simply soak your wood in hot water for an extended period of time. After a few hours, take the affected piece out and wipe it down with acetone or nail polish remover to get rid of any remaining glue bits .

6) Borax Paste – Yet another method that works really well is borax paste. This stuff works wonders on super glue after it dries and can also be applied beforehand if you want to prevent crazy glue from sticking onto whatever surface it’s going on. The only problem is that if you’re using it afterward , you might not have enough time to let the borax paste dry completely before removing the crazy glue (which could potentially make the cleaning process take longer).


  • If you want to apply borax paste beforehand , simply mix some up with regular water and smear it onto the surface(s) of your choice. You’ll have to let it dry naturally, but this should only take a couple minutes. Then, when you want to remove crazy glue from a wood surface that’s already been glued down, put on gloves before starting any cleanup effort . Next, get out your borax (which can be bought at most stores in the laundry detergents section) and carefully rub away at remaining crazy glue spots using a rag or sponge. Since crazy glue dissolves well in water , you’ll definitely want to splash down as much residue as possible while working with the borax. When you’re done, make sure to clean the borax paste off of the affected wood ASAP !

7) Nail Polish Remover – Just like with acetone and super glue , nail polish remover can be used on crazy glue if you don’t get all of it removed using other methods . As for which type (acetone or non-acetone) is better , both are equally effective. The only major difference between them is that acetone tends to dry faster than non-acetone nail polish remover so make sure you use enough of it!


With a rag or sponge already in hand, soak up some nail polish remover and carefully start rubbing away at any residue spots on your wood. As with making acetone work, you’ll need to use enough nail polish remover so that it eventually seeps into the cracks in which the glue is stuck. Just be careful not to waste too much! Once all of the crazy glue spots have been removed, wipe off any excess nail polish remover from your wood with a clean rag or paper towel .
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8) Ice – With this method , ice is used to get rid of glue residue on your wood . If there’s just specks here and there though , you should know that this probably won’t work because they will likely freeze solid before you can remove them (though it can still be worth chipping at them if there are only one or two). In addition to getting rid of crazy glue that’s been applied to your wood, this method also works well for removing super glue residue from the same surfaces. Just be careful not to use too much ice at once because it can easily freeze through your wood!


The best way to use ice when working with glue is by putting a few shards (or pieces) of it on top of any crazy glue residue you want to get off. Since crazy glue freezes at about -5 degrees Celsius , using ice should make it snap right off if you work quickly enough . This method is especially useful for cleaning up large areas that have already been glued down (though again, don’t use too much or else it will just freeze against the surface). Alternatively, you can skip the freezing step and simply melt away at any crazy glue that’s still stuck to your wood.


For those of you who want to know how to remove crazy glue from wood, we have a few tips. Remember that each time the wood is dried out or cleaned it will shrink and become weaker so don’t put too much pressure on the area where there was once glue. Make sure you are wearing gloves when using this technique because your hands can stick together if they come into contact with any wet surfaces! We hope these suggestions help make removing crazing glue easy for anyone looking to do so at home.


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