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How to Repair Corrupted Data of Windows BKF Files? Effectively Solution

There are still some outstanding concerns, such as how to restore a BKF file in a healthy form and how to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files. In order to restore faulty BKF files in a practical manner, we are going to provide some of the best and fastest solutions in this post.

Let’s first define the notion of BKF files, how .bkf files are created, and how this data becomes damaged before moving directly to the recovery method. After learning the answers to all of these questions, understanding the BKF repair procedure will be simple.

What are BKF Files and Their Advantages?

Windows database backup files with the .bkf file suffix are known as BKF files. Microsoft Windows XP is mostly connected to these files. Microsoft provides certain built-in backup utilities, like NT-Backup Utility, SYMANTEC Backup Exec (also known as VERITAS), etc. Users may generate and store database backup files using this program on different Windows OS versions.

In the unfortunate event that data ever becomes corrupted or files ever get destroyed, this backup application aids users to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files. Microsoft provided these built-in backup tools in order to protect its customers from such errors.

Main Reasons for BKF File Corruption

Data corruption would be terrible and a nightmare in the digital age. Data loss may sometimes be unpleasant and harmful. Let’s examine the causes of the corruption problems that lead to the need to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files. There are a number of causes for data loss or corruption, including:

  • Virus Attack: It is one of the frequent causes of corrupt backup files. These backup files may be infected by any malicious software that is placed on the system, corrupting the data.
  • Unexpected System Shutdown: In this situation, a rapid power outage or system shutdown may have corrupted the file. If the machine were to unintentionally shut down while the user was working on backup files, opened files would be corrupted, and data might be lost permanently.
  • Crash Hard Disk: The hard drive crashes, rendering the data unavailable. Since the scenario of the hard drive crashing cannot be stopped, the situation is entirely out of control.
  • Improper Backup: Any interruption or resistance during the backup process, such as a sudden power outage, software conflict, human mistake, etc., may result in a problem with data corruption. Therefore, the user must periodically verify if the operation is proceeding normally when backing up the data.

The main causes of database corruption are some of those that were previously stated. Users often back up their important data to protect themselves from concerns with corruption. However, what should be done if these backup files also become corrupted? I’ll also discuss how to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files in the following part.

Recover BKF Files by Using Manual Method

  1. Launch NTBackup.exe by first navigating to its location.
  2. After that, a “Removable Storage Service” notification will appear; click the OK button to continue.
  3. Click the Next button in the new “Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard” box that appears.
  4. Choose the option to “Restore Files and Settings” and continue.
  5. Now, choose Browse. To get the Windows backup recovery files, just double-click the .bkf file, choose “Repair,” and then click “OK.”
  6. Select the files and folders you need from the expanded left pane, then click the Next button.
  7. To tell the program where to store the backup file, choose the Advanced settings option before moving on to the Next settings screen.
  8. Then, choose the choices for restoring your data.
  9. When restoration is complete, click the Finish button.

Limitation of Manual Methods

  • Only minimal damage may be repaired when there are issues.
  • A more tedious and slow procedure.
  • When ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll show up in the file system, it will function.

As mentioned above, there are certain restrictions to these manual BKF file repair techniques. Users may thus use any other automated technique to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files in order to avoid such limitations.

Professional Solution of Repair Corrupted Data of Windows BKF Files

Users may utilize professional third-party automated solutions, such as the 4n6 BKF Recovery Tool, for a seamless and speedy recovery procedure to get over all the constraints encountered in the manual method of BKF file recovery. It is enough to open .bkf files and restore damaged data from them. The Utility is well-liked and well-known for its dependability and effective operation in restoring BKF files. It is designed with an intuitive UI that makes it simple to use. By employing an advanced utility, users may quickly repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files. Users may quickly recover BKF files with this tool.

Note: If you want to know more about this professional solution then click on this link Extract Data from BKF File

How to Use this Automatic Software?

  1. Firstly, download the BKF recovery tool and then install it
  2. Thereafter, click on the open tab and then upload the .bkf files
  3. After that, click on the Action button and then select the Extract option
  4. Choose the destination path and then finally hit the save button
    repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files


The most important backup files to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files that have been lost for a variety of causes are BKF data files. We’ve covered safe, effective techniques in this blog post for easily fixing damaged BKF files. The limits of manual processing are many, and there is a considerable data loss risk. Therefore, it is strongly advised to utilise professional Windows backup software, which aids customers in a quick and simple recovery procedure.

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