How To Save Money from Grease Trap Cleaning of Your Eatery?

If you are running a commercial eatery, then it is obvious that there are many recurring expenses that you have to take care of. From the maintenance of your commercial kitchen utensils to paying wages to your employees, you have to take care of it all. At the same time, you have to make sure that the place remains clean and hygienic too. So, when you are trying to ensure that, you need to hire an agency for regular grease trap cleaning.

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Grease Trap Cleaning for Commercial Kitchen

Grease traps are the chambers that are installed right outside of the kitchen where the outlets of the kitchen go before the wastewater goes in the city sewer. So, if you are looking for the best option to keep your kitchen clean, grease-free and hygienic, you need to make sure that you are conducting regular grease trap maintenance. Why is it important? The precise reason is that the grease trap cleaning cost is definitely lower than the cost of installing a new one.

So, how can you maintain your grease trap while saving your money all at the same time? For that, you and your staff need to adopt a few practices that will help you reduce the amount of grease in your outlets and the trap which, in turn, will help you save a few bucks. How? Take a look.

  • Don’t Think of Grease Trap to be a Bin

The job of the grease trap is to extract the grease from your waste and keep it stored in the chamber while letting the wastewater flow into the sewer. And that is why you must not treat the grease trap as the grease bin. Don’t pour hot grease on the sink or the drain to go it straight to the grease trap. Doing this will lead to more clogged drains, pipes and an excessive amount of grease in your trap. This will cause build up and clogged trap too. So, instead of doing this, you can get a bucket of grease disposal and pour the hot grease in that which you can hand over to the waste disposal guy too.

  • Ensure Proper Installation

When you are getting your grease trap installed, make sure it is properly installed. Unfortunately, all agencies are not as expert as they claim to be. Hence, at the time of the installation, they don’t do it right. This results in escaping grease from the container of the trap and getting it into the sewer and so on. And that is why you need to ensure you are checking right after the installation. For that, you need to see if it collecting grease after installation. Also, you have to ensure that the trap is not making any abnormal sound.

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  • Don’t Dump Solid Food

For a commercial restaurant, it is normal to get the plates back in the kitchen with solid food particles, bones and leftovers. Now, often, much irresponsible staff can dump the plate on the sink with solid food in it. But this can be a very harmful practice for your kitchen. Instead of doing this, make sure that the solid food particles are dumped in a bin before the plates are placed in the sink. Without doing that, these solid food particles will create more clogs down the pipe, blocking the water in the sink. That is why grease trap cleaners suggest you follow this practice.

  • Wiping Before Dumping

In a commercial kitchen, the amount of animal fat and grease dumped is way more than any residential kitchen. Every time the utensils and the plates are washed, more oil and grease go down the pipe. That is why you need to do one more thing. Make sure that before dumping the plates and utensils, the extra amount of grease and oil is wiped off. This will help your grease trap receive only less amount of grease every day.

  • Regular Cleaning

The thumb rule of grease trap cleaning is that when you find your grease trap to be 25% full, you need to call the grease trap cleaning and maintenance agency that will take care of the waste so that it doesn’t clog the inlet and the air valve causing it to malfunction. Also, if the grease trap becomes too full with solid FOG, it will cause corrosion of the metal. So, make sure you are opting for regular cleaning.

So, now as you know about how you can save a few bucks from grease trap cleaning, follow these practices. And always connect with the City Council approved agency for the cleaning.

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