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How to Save Money When Moving House

During the move, people may spend more money than they should. Experts have suggested some proven ways to save more money during the move. Relocating to a new address is exhausting and expensive. The process of moving involves several steps.

At each step of the move, you complete a task. Professionals do the same if you pay money to them. To save at each point, make a list of tasks. Select the tasks you want to do yourself and that others do. But, you may spend a lot of money if you don’t have prior experience. Consult with the packers and movers service providers in your area.

There are so many things you can do to reduce the expense during the house move you make.

Check the money-saving steps you can follow before your actual move:

  • Visit the packers and movers office to know the house move expense

Visit at least 2-3 packers and movers service providers in your area. You know the approx. expense, you make during the move. Visit the offices and tell them about the number of items. Also, invite them for a pre-move survey of your house.

Based on the quotations you receive from the service providers, analyze the approx. expenditure. Hire the best and affordable packers and movers based on their ratings and reviews.

  • Donate /sell the unwanted items

It is a good idea to reduce the moving cost by selling your unwanted items. Sell the items you are not going to use in the future. Many online platforms are there to sell your used items online. OLX and Quickr are the popular platforms to sell any product online. But you should give the advertisement a few days before your house move as it takes time to make the selling done.

If you couldn’t sell the items, donate them. If you succeed in selling the items, whether online or offline, you save money as these items are not for move. Also, as you have sold them, you have earned money.

  • Save the food cost during your move

To have food in the restaurants, hotels during your move is an expensive step and of course. You can save money expense of food. Pack your kitchen items on the same day or one day before your actual move. You get time to cook food for your entire family. Use the kitchen items to make food which you can stand for one day or more.

If you think you cover the moving distance in one day, take perishable food with you. Take both perishable and non-perishable food for the long move. Donate the leftover perishable food to the food bank near you.

  • Pack the items yourself 

Pack items yourself and save a decent amount of money; also, you take care of your items and label them as you wish. You know the value of each item, and hence, you handle each item. The professional service providers are outsiders and pack according to what suits them.

  • Take free boxes from retailers or online platforms

For packing the items, you need big-sized boxes. If you buy these boxes, you need to pay the money for them. You can cut the cost of buying them and can ask for free. Many shopkeepers/retailers and online platforms can provide you with free boxes.

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  • Take the help of friends and family

There is a lot of work you do on a moving day. Take the help of your friends and family members. There is no sense in hiring professional packers for packing you can do yourself.

The moving also includes simple tasks and does not require professionals. You accomplish these tasks with the help of your friends and family members.

  • Move during offseason

Moving during the off-season can save a decent amount of money. The packers and movers reduce the charges during the offseason. Also, the packers and movers move the goods in a better way. Move during weekdays as most of the people prefer moving during weekend days.

  • Ask for fixed-rates

Packers and movers provide both fixed-rate and hourly-rate service. Calculate the distance you want to move and hire to reduce the moving charges. If you move near, prefer hiring the fixed-rate service. Also, check if the service provider is fast and efficient or not.

  • Compare the quotes 

Visit the packers and movers and take their quotes. Compare the quotes to choose the best and most affordable service. Without comparing the quotes, you may hire an unsuitable company. Thus, get quotes from 2-3 companies and compare before you hire.

  • Avoid hiring cheap packers and movers

Be careful while hiring packers and movers. Do your research about the company online and offline. A cheap company does not disclose the hidden charges at one go. The cheap companies have unprofessional packers who take much time.

It may hold your precious goods if you don’t pay the charge they ask for. Moreover, the unprofessional packers and movers can lose or break your costly items.

  • Research about workers

Most of the packers and movers companies have permanent workers. But, some companies outsource the workers, be careful of such companies. The outsourced workers do not care for your goods. They may damage the delicate and costly items of your goods.

  • Sell heavy items 

Heavyweight sets such as furniture (sofa set) need more space in the truck. The packers and movers charge more to carry such items. It is good to sell these heavyweight sets before you move. If you have old furniture, you must sell it online or offline mode.

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  • Stay at your friend’s home on the way

If you cover a long distance, consider staying at your friend’s home in any city situated on the way to your move. In this way, you spend time with your friend and save food expenses. This meet will remove the stress and refresh you.

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