How to Screen Record on Chromebook

How to Screen Record on Chromebook Chromebook comes with a built-in screen recorder that is installed in default settings, but for those who want to add more features such as a video library you can install a simple-to-use Chrome extension such as Vidyard.

The Vidyard Chrome extension is incredibly simple to install. When installed, this extension lets users to create and share videos using your browser. Additionally, you’ll have access to your library and a notification feed to keep track of new videos as well as related video analytics.


  • Native Screen Record on Chromebook
  • Hold Shift and Ctrl to show windows.
  • At the bottom, choose Screen Record
  • Choose the option you want to use:
  • the entire screen
  • screen that is only a fraction of the screen
  • Record the contents of a window

If you want to stop the recording process, on the bottom right corner, choose Stop recording.

Vidyard Chrome Extension on Chromebook

Choose the Vidyard extension from the upper right-hand corner of your browser. A screenshot that demonstrates what you can screen capture with the Vidyard Google Extension.

Select the type of recording you’ve chosen (this can determine the type of content that will be recorded within your recorded video)

Screen: Record the entire screen on your computer

Camera: Record the video using Webcam (a “selfie-style” video)

Screen and camera: Record your camera and screen simultaneously. Screenshot of what screen recordings can be made with the Vidyard the Chrome extension.

Perform An Audio Test to ensure the microphone is functioning and capable of picking up the sound. To switch the camera or microphone you are using to record using the dropdown menus to choose another input source. Check hp 88a cartridge price online in India.

When you’re satisfied with the options for recording that you’ve chosen Click on Start Recording

How to Screen Record with Vidyard Chrome Extension

It is possible to record videos or screen record with just only a few steps.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

The majority of iPhones come with a built-in feature to record screen.

Click on Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls, then select the + button right next to Screen Recording

Tap upwards from the bottom of your screen (if you are using the iPhone X, swipe down from the upper right-hand corner on the display)

Long press on the record button, and then tap Microphone to allow audio recording.

After this, click Start Recording

If you’ve already enabled your microphone (or do not want to take audio recordings) just tap the record button in the circle (there’ll be a three-second countdown prior to when your recording starts)

A red bar for recording will appear in the middle of the display once the recording starts. When you’re done you can tap the bar to open the Stop screen for recording? option.

Tap Stop to stop recording (or press Cancel to record on)

Pro Tip: If all you want to take a photo on your iPhone you can use your iPhone home Button and then press the Power button to the side. If you own the iPhone X or later, hold the Volume and Lock up buttons simultaneously.

How to Screen Record on Android

Screen Record on Android 11 or Higher

If you are running Android 11 or higher, screen recording natively is available as an option. It is available within the Quick Settings section of your device.

  1. Click on Quick Settings (or look up) “Screen recorder”
  2. Open the app by tapping it.
  3. Select your audio as well as video quality setting. Then select Done
  4. When you record your first time it will ask you for access to your device, prompting you to select your sound settings, and offer you the option to cancel or start recording
  5. Press to begin recording
  6. Press the stop button in the square after you’ve finished recording.

Your recording can be found within your photo gallery, or in the photos app.

Screen Record on Older Android Devices

If you’re using an older version of Android it is possible that you are in a position to record your screen however, it will require some searching to locate and activate. To enable the recording of screen, you’ll have to activate the developer mode on your Android smartphone’s developer mode. Check cisco router price online in In India.

Visit Settings, About Phone, and tap the Build button seven times. The screen will read, “You’re now a developer!”

  1. Go back to Settings, and then select Advanced Developer Options, and then the Feature Flags
  2. Toggle on settings_screenrecord_long_press
  3. Now , you’re ready for recording your screen
  4. Press the screenshot button for a long time and it’ll open an open menu
  5. Click to Start recording (a new popup will appear)
  6. Tap Start Now
  7. To end, tap Stop
  8. The video will be displayed in the default photo gallery

Pro Tips: If you just require a snapshot on Android Hold your power button as well as the volume up button simultaneously.


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