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How To Select The Right Type Of Flooring For Every Room?

Whether you are renovating your present house or designing a new home, selecting flooring for each room can get confusing. With countless options in the market wood flooring, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring — it can be daunting as it is a long-term investment.

People want durability and style from any type of floor they select. Earlier, it was a choice between form and function. But with advancements in manufacturing technology, you can have both.

After being in the flooring industry for so long, we have gathered some knowledge about what flooring works for each room. To make it a little easier for you, we have worked on a guideline to help you choose your flooring options.

Kitchen Floors

The kitchen is known as the heart of the house. The kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic, spills, scratches, and water leakage.

Although wood flooring, if well-maintained, looks exquisite in the kitchen. However, wood is a high-maintenance flooring, and with so many challenges, it won’t be able to hold well against the water spilling and foot traffic.

Vinyl floors are the best for the kitchen. It is durable and equipped against scratching. You can simply remove any planks if it wears off, and with so many wood-look options in the market, it appears just as good as solid oak flooring.

Dining room or family room floors

Living rooms are usually quite spacious, and the place where people gather. Although modern homes have open floor plans, living rooms don’t get moisture or water like the kitchen. The dining or the living rooms can get furniture scratches, pet scratches and foot traffic.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the top choice for these rooms. Hardwood floors give a cozy and cohesive vibe to these rooms. You can also opt for a parquet pattern to provide extra glam to these floors.

Bathroom and laundry room floors

One of the biggest flooring challenges of the bathroom and laundry room is that they face a lot of humidity and moisture. Water splashes, bath products, and stains are part of these rooms.

Water-resistant flooring is the need for these two areas. Bathrooms also need a floor that can withstand mold, mildew, trapped moisture, swelling, etc.

Vinyl flooring has a natural look of authentic wood or ceramic tiles and is water-resistant and budget-friendly. Vinyl luxury planks have various styles, colors, and textures like stained concrete or rustic wood.

Other than this, engineered oak flooring can also be used if you have the budget for that. This flooring is more durable but can be on the expensive side.

Bedroom floors

This is the coziest and most peaceful room in the house. Bedrooms are generally very private and personalized spaces, so something warm is ideal for bedroom flooring.

Although carpet is a popular choice, it can trap allergens, and some carpets can damage floors if not maintained well. Solid hardwood floors are apt for bedrooms. They are warm and can be easily maintained by sweeping or vacuuming. Hardwood floors don’t trap allergens or dust. Also, hardwood floors in the bedroom can enhance the resale value of the home.

Basement floors

Basements serve a lot of purposes. It can have a gym, entertainment space, home theatre, etc. This space is prone to high levels of humidity as sunlight doesn’t enter here. Over time, the basement floor can experience seepage and moisture fluctuation through the seasons.

The best option for the basement is to use vinyl flooring. Vinyl which doesn’t have wood fibers can stand up to moisture and humidity. It offers the best water resistance and insulation properties.

Sunroom or porch floors

Depending on how protected your deck or sunroom is from intense sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, you have to choose a flooring that can deal with all these conditions. Usually, this place has plants that can cause water to spill.

Engineered flooring or vinyl flooring works well. If you have underfloor heating, then engineered wood flooring can keep the temperature of the floor in check.

However, for an open porch, tropical hardwood floors like pine or cedar not only look beautiful but can withstand climate change.

Hopefully, this article gave you some knowledge of what flooring options work best for each room in the house. Ultimately it will depend on the location, your budget, maintenance capabilities, and the look you want to go for.

To get a more close-up look at these flooring options, visit Floorsave. They offer a wide variety of flooring materials such as laminate flooring, solid wood, vinyl flooring, and engineered wood flooring.

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