How To Start YouTube Channel In 2021

YouTube is one of the most growing and most watched video platform online. Good thing about the YouTube is it is free for all, however there is a paid version also. But there is a choice for it either you want to take paid subscription or not.

Coming to the main question how to start YouTube Channel? There are thousands of creator upload videos on daily basis. They are getting paid for the same via YouTube membership program depending upon the ads runs on their videos. Seeing many people getting rich on YouTube Many decides to join this journey. There are few YouTube channel ideas without showing your face also to grow on this platform if you do not wish to show your face.

Choosing The Right Category

First thing to decide while planning to start a YouTube channel is niche or category on which you are going to create content. Generally it is good to stick to one category and focus on topics related to that one category instead making videos on other things. That will help you to gain more subscriber related to that category

Selecting The Camera

To start a YouTube channel you need a high quality camera and expensive mic to start your journey. If you think the same then you are wrong. Start with the camera or smartphone you have initially. You can buy the camera and other equipment’s once you become successful on what are you doing on YouTube.

How to Get Subscriber And Views

It is very tough for the new YouTuber to get initial subscriber and views in the early phase. But if you can continue and regular upload videos then there is no issue. Things take time to grow on YouTube. Most of the YouTube creators also working on paid ads to grow there your YouTube channel which is usually not suggested. At the end you need organic audience to grow your channel not the paid ones.

You can collaborate with growing YouTubers to grow your channel. In this way both channel can grow with each other. This is the best thing you can follow to grow and scale your channel.

First try to reach out to small creator having number of subscribers like your channel and mail them nicely about your your goal and share the nice plan with him for collaboration.

Making Trending Topics Videos

Creating videos which are trending can help you to gain more views and subscriber. There is always some trending and hot topics which are most recommend by the google, search those trend and try to make video on it as soon as possible to gain more views.

You can use google trend to find such topics which is free and most popular tool to find the trending topics on the google. Keep this tool in mind to get the trending topics

There are some paid tools also available which can give your hot and trending topics which are popular on the YouTube and on other social media websites.

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