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How To Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows?

For birds, windows are an inviting spot; however, it can be damaging. Since glass windows are sheer in nature, birds collide in these windows and get injured. In some cases, these birds die due to heavy internal bleeding. The good news is you can stop birds from flying into your windows and safeguards them. In this article, we have listed some ways you can prevent birds flying into your windows. Without any delay, checkout the website to stop birds from flying in your windows. 

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Top Ways To Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows 

1. Add window stickers 

Applying window stickers and decals outside of your home windows is important as it restricts the bird’s view. These window stickers must be placed closely at different heights to break the sky reflection. 

2. Window films 

Adding window screens and films with designs and patterns is another excellent way to avoid birds from flying into your windows. Add these films outside the windows. Ensure you choose dotted or lined films so that they are visible to birds as well. 

3. Exterior screens and netting 

Installing exterior netting and screens within the windows to prevent birds flying in the glass windows. You must place these screens a few centimeters away from your windows so that they can absorb any kind of collision. These netting acts as cushions for birds. 

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4. External shutters 

Another way to stop birds from flying into your windows is by installing external shades or shutters which can partially cover your windows. These shutters make it easier for birds to recognise the availability of solid surfaces. Additionally, it avoids any kind of collisions. 

5. Bird-friendly landscaping 

In order to prevent birds from flying straight into your windows or other vegetation in the vicinity of your windows. To help break up the reflection and give birds visual clues to avoid collisions, use lush vegetation with branches that extend close to the windows.

6. Keep your windows clean 

Keep your windows clean on a regular basis to get rid of any fingerprints, smudges, or other marks that could make them more transparent and reflective. A dirty window may provide the impression of an open area or a natural environment, which could cause birds to unknowingly fly into them.

Wrapping Up

By implementing these measures, it is easier to stop birds from flying into your windows. It prevents any injuries and safeguards them. 

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