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How to study during quarantine

The most common topic of discussion in Russia today is the coronavirus and how to study during quarantine. The problem has affected all spheres of life, including education and Cheap Resume Writing Services.

Since March 23, a state of emergency has been declared in Russia. Most educational institutions have quarantined students. The official holidays have been extended by 2 weeks, but it is too early for students to rejoice. A decision was made to switch to distance learning due to quarantine. Basis for the decision: ensuring progress, timely completion of the program.

Some universities have been practicing distance learning for a long time, but most were not ready for distance learning in quarantine.

Study during quarantine

The transfer to home schooling led to some difficulties for full-time students: students were not used to planning the day on their own, learning without lectures and explanations from teachers. Abrupt changes in the daily routine caused difficulties in self-organization and some disorientation among students.

The recommendations below will simplify the adaptation process and help you allocate time correctly

Tips for students

Now students have “free” time that they want to while away watching their favorite TV series or playing “tanks”. But you should not relax, it is better to spend a forced vacation with benefit. Stick to the usual rhythm of life, being at home or in the dorm and Buy Essay Online Cheap:

  1. observe the daily routine (get up and go to bed at the usual time);
  2. do the morning ritual;
  3. have a healthy breakfast;
  4. change from your favorite pajamas to casual clothes.

In short, do not change your daily habits and take your daily life home. This will help you to gather, self-organize, and spend time effectively.

Follow these simple tips:

  1. Start your day by exercising (it will help you wake up, give you strength, and cheer you up for the whole day).
  2. Organize your workplace. Take care of the comfort and absence of extraneous sounds. Observe ergonomics (place “at hand” the items necessary for training).
  3. Set goals for yourself. Be sure to plan your activities for the day. To do this, you can start a diary, write on a sheet, download a scheduler application to your smartphone or computer. The most affordable free options are Google Task and Google Calendar. The list of tasks will help to prioritize, free up time.
  4. Disable messengers. Eliminate all distractions. Study in silence, improve your efficiency by fully focusing on learning.
  5. Alternate between study and breaks. Typically, in higher education, classes last 2 academic hours. You can follow this rule when organizing home schooling. It will save you time and work productively on learning tasks and buy assignment online.
  6. Ventilate the room. Clean air will invigorate. Oxygen will improve blood circulation, brain function.
  7. Observe the diet. Eat small meals. Eat at a specific time. Make a menu with healthy foods. Choose light food, exclude sweet snacks, replace with fruits, nuts, candied fruits.
  8. Motivate yourself. Encourage yourself and pamper yourself for completing assignments. If you want to watch a movie or go to Instagram, then first complete the task from the list. The main thing is to spend no more than the time you spent on training on breaks.
  9. Spend your free time profitably. Many world museums have opened their virtual doors to visitors. Enjoy the contemplation of the “beautiful”. Visit the galleries of the Louvre in Paris, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York and other cultural sites. A nice bonus – now VR tours are completely free and essay writing.

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