How to Use Short Videos to Turn Prospects into Customers?

Today’s young adults are interested in online marketing, which has led to it becoming one of the most popular growth hacking routes. It is because traditional marketing methods were becoming less effective in capturing your target audience. In comparison, digital marketing is a great place to start for companies looking to grow their brand awareness. And they gain more site traffic and convert prospects into customers. 

One useful digital marketing technique that all sizes of businesses can use. Even start-ups with limited resources – are video marketing. You will see several brands using videos to communicate their message. It is from YouTube channels run by small businesses to commercial-length ads on television and popular sites. Video can effectively showcase your product or service and generate interest in a new audience.

If you consider adding a video to your marketing mix. Here are essential tips Austin SEO service experts are using for a short video for the effective growth of their business.

Techniques to engage your customers using short video 

Identify your current customers

Before you start targeting new prospects, take some time to identify your current customer base. So you can get user feedback on videos before jumping into a video marketing campaign. However, keep in mind that there is a difference between push and pull strategies. 

Push strategies are designed to find new customers through advertising. Pull strategies will appeal to current customers or those with similar interests as current customers. Once you have found your target audience and their needs, it becomes easier to create valuable content for your existing customers to share with their friends, thus creating new leads.

Create a storytelling platform

One of the crucial aspects of digital marketing is creating compelling, interesting content. It helps you to build audience engagement and attract traffic back to your site. Videos can do this by making you and your products more approachable and adding a personal touch to your brand.

To do this well, you need to make interesting content and will engage viewers. SEO Professional Service in Austin, Tx, is an example of how well they create compelling videos that tell a story. You want your audience to be able to relate to your brand, so use real-life examples, effective storytelling techniques, and relevant topics to create content that your audience will love. The videos don’t have to be so long – they need to be interesting and relatable enough that the audience wants to learn more about your business.

Create an engaging introduction

First impressions are essential when you’re converting prospects into customers. And video can help make the best one possible. A great way to start your video marketing campaign is by creating a short introduction. Explain who you are and what you will do in 30-60 seconds or less. Use these short videos to supplement your landing page and help immediately establish brand awareness.

Highlight benefits of your product or service

Videos are an excellent way for your audience to see the benefits of using your product or service. Rather than telling them, you offer the best service or product available. Videos can be used to show how your business is making a difference in your customers’ lives and what sets you apart from competitors. 

For example, if you’re an SEO company that offers SEO service in Austin. You could create a video showing the job search process of someone looking for an SEO expert and how that person finds yours. Use this kind of video to show prospects how your company can make their lives easier and better without saying it. 

Distribute your video content on the web and mobile platforms

Once you create compelling video content, your next step is distributing it across different platforms. So that it can reach the largest number of viewers possible, it is an effective growth hacking technique as content marketing plays an essential role in the marketing funnel. Also, you want to make sure as many people can gain access to your content as possible.

You can use YouTube to advertise your videos, but don’t forget that you have other options, too. You can use social media sites to share your video content or link your videos to guest posts on relevant blogs. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t just want people to view the video. Your ideal scenario is for viewers to engage with your content by leaving comments and sharing them with their own social media networks.

Create engaging video thumbnails

The video thumbnail is the image that people see when your video is listed on their newsfeed. You can determine whether someone decides to click on it. You want your thumbnail to be eye-catching but also accurately represent the video content so that you can entice new viewers without misleading them.

When creating your thumbnail, try to use an image of the video’s primary content. If you’re hosting a service demonstration video, use that as your thumbnail. You’ll also want to use an image that comes closest to the beginning of the video so that viewers know approximately what they are getting into when they click the thumbnail.

Think of your video as a landing page

One great way to use video in your SEO service is a landing page that leads to your product or service. It is a powerful strategy if you are in the information business and want to offer people more details about your product or service.

You can use videos as part of your sales funnel to help you generate leads that will then be nurtured into paying customers. For example, if you’re hosting a webinar, you can use your commercial-length video for advertising your live event. You can also create a teaser video that details your service or products. Also, it links to a landing page where people can get more information.

Capture more leads with video content

One of the effective sales strategies is providing potential customers with more information about your product or service. You can accomplish this by creating videos that give viewers exactly what they are looking for without being too pushy. It’s essential to make it obvious on all video platforms where people can get relevant information about your product or service. But you don’t want to sound too sales-y or annoying.

If you’re selling something, create a commercial for your product or service, then use the video as a landing page that leads to payment information. This way, viewers can easily pay for yours without having to go through the entire sales funnel to get more details about what they are purchasing.


Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. As a result, video marketing strategies are becoming more and more effective for businesses. It helps them look towards and connect with new customers. Find a way to make your business’s videos stand out from the sea of information overload. And you’ll be able to create an engaging experience that leads people into buying or using your product or service.

Connect with an SEO company in Austin to make sure your website gets optimized for video searches. Now you’ll be able to bring in traffic to your site easily. They will help your business get in front of a lot more people.

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