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How To Write A Synthesis Essay?

How To Write A Synthesis Essay – When your teacher asks you to write a synthesis essay, it can seem like an overwhelming task. No fear! Our Value Assignment Help is just a few clicks away. So what is a synthesis paper? The first step is to understand what the term synthesis means. To synthesize means combining elements’ components to form a cohesive whole. Summarizing, comparing, and reviewing is not the same. College students from various fields of study often receive synthesis essays either as solitary assignments or as part of larger projects.

What is a synthesis essay?

Now that you know what a synthesis is, you want to know what a synthesis essay is. Synthesis essays are written discussions of ideas. It involves gathering information from multiple sources and synthesizing it to corroborate it with a thesis or question. Your thesis statement is the central claim of your paper. You can develop a thesis by identifying the essay’s purpose but more on that later.

Two types of synthesis

Explanatory synthesis essay

This type helps the readers to get a better understanding of a topic. Explaining a topic is the goal here, not arguing a point. The body should describe the topic by using sources and presenting these sources objectively. Then, as with any regular writing job, back up each supporting claim with two or more reliable sources.

Argument synthesis essay

This paper aims to debate a specific topic and justify it with evidence. Unlike the explanatory type, you will do what you would when working on a regular reasoning paper. But, state your position, make supporting claims, and then provide credible evidence to support each claim.

Synthesis essay structure

Synthesis essays typically follow a five-paragraph essay structure, but there are slight nuances to the structure of this type of essay. Here’s how to structure a synthesis essay.

Introduction: The introductory paragraph expresses your essay’s basic ideas. You will address the general landscape of ideas surrounding your topic by introducing some of your sources. You will also introduce the argument to be made through a thesis statement, which summarizes your primary argument in one or two sentences. The thesis statement usually comes at the end of your introductory paragraph.

Body Part: The body of your synthesis essay is usually about three paragraphs long. It usually consists of two paragraphs that synthesize your sources in a way that supports your argument and one paragraph that acknowledges opposing arguments.

Conclusion: The conclusion of your synthesis essay reiterates the argument you have made throughout your essay. It can emphasize how each of the points you make and the sources you cite substantiate your point.

Bibliography: Depending on the writing style guidelines you’re working with—whether it’s APA, MLA, AP, or the Chicago Manual of Style—you’ll need to be able to credit your research sources on your paper appropriately. A source list must be included at the end of the; This is a list of text citations that usually last one to two pages at the end of your paper.

Synthesis Essay Writing Tips

Here are some tips by our VAH experts for writing a synthesis essay. Some of them have already been emphasised in the text but are worth repeating.

Choose good sources.

You want to use sources with valuable information. Ensure that the data is valid and not invalidated by other sources. Don’t be afraid to do extensive research. Read extensively, then synthesize the information.

It is essential to have an outline.

You will get a basic idea of ​​how to organize your thoughts by designing a synthesis essay. Additionally, you will know if your essay has enough marks or if it needs to be improved. Then, with an overview of the topics, you can arrange them in any structure you like best.

Write a compelling introduction.

You need to connect your reader to the first line. Then, develop an opening line that makes the reader want to read more by using any of the methods above. Make your thesis compelling, too, and if you can tap into their feelings, even better.

Address your readers correctly.

You want to use the third person in essay writing. Speak/write with authority. ‘I think social media is a significant contributor to students becoming antisocial’ shows that you are not sure. ‘Research shows that more and more students spend their time on social media rather than interacting with their peers more authoritative.

Use citations.

There’s a reason people copyright their work. Plagiarism is generally frowned upon; in some cases, it can be a criminal offence. To be safe, cite all your sources. There are some resources you can use to make this easier. Phone applications will scan the barcodes of textbooks and generate a citation. There are websites in which a few minor details will yield a well-written quote. If everything fails, you can use the built-in citation tool in some writing software like Microsoft Word.

Choose a good title.

Some people know the title when starting, but others come up with it after writing an essay. Whatever your preference, make sure your headline is compelling, like your introduction. It should inspire your reader’s curiosity.

To Sum Up

A synthesis essay is an in-depth analysis of various sources compiled into a single document. The author makes a claim and then selects and combines information from multiple sources to substantiate it. Learning to write a synthesis essay is a great skill that prepares you to deal with the current information overload. By doing so, you learn to examine the available sources and come up with a logical conclusion. This skill is especially useful in areas that have undergone significant changes and upheavals of old ideas. For example, if new ideas are being presented frequently, you need to learn to analyze them, interpret them, and come to a viable conclusion.

If writing a synthesis essay still seems too daunting for you, or you are simply short of time, contact Value Assignment Help and get the help you need!

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