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How Vitiligo Affects Your Life and How We Can Cure It?

Vitiligo, also known as leukoderma, is a specific kind of skin whitening disease resulting in white patches all over the skin. A step-by-step loss of colour layers on the skin exterior results in the patches. This type of skin disorder becomes socially challenging for the victims. As the colour loss of the skin and the patches all over the body starts getting noticed by people, the victims get depressed. It has been proven that the vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda is one of the safest cure procedures. 


 Vitiligo commonly begins with small spots on the exposed region. Bone and joints, which are the first areas to be affected by vitiligo. Due to the lack of blood circulation, the bone joints are inclined to get affected by vitiligo. The spots on the skin gradually turn into white patches. This disease has nothing to do with origins or bad blood. Rather it’s caused by pigmentation issues on skin layers. 

 Factors Responsible for Vitiligo 

Vitiligo is more prone to women than men. The factors that result in vitiligo are 

  •  Jaundice 
  •  Mental stress 
  •  Typhoid 
  •  Burn injuries 
  •  Parasites in the alimentary canal 
  •  Liver problems 

 Apart from these above-mentioned factors, genetic factors also contribute to this type of skin disease. 

Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda

 Decades of study and practices have established Ayurveda as one of the most ancient ways of treatment. Ayurveda means the goodness of all the natural essentials and herbs. Diagnosing and treating vitiligo with Ayurvedic medicine does not only mean curing the disease but also helps to improve skin tones. 

 According to Ayurveda, Leucoderma is caused by the complication of Pitta Dosha. Pitta is an Ayurvedic word for diseases that shows some symptoms like heat or fire and is manifested in the skin. Pitta in high risk leads to Leucoderma because a  collection of ama ( poisons) formed in deep layers of the skin.

There are five types of pitta in Ayurvedic; one of them is Bhrajak Pitta that gives pigmentation to the skin and it is an imbalanced state. In this state, the skin starts losing its colour, and then white patches appear on the skin. Deeper body tissues such as Rasa Dhatu (nutrient plasma), Rakta ( blood), Mansa (muscles), Lasika (lymph) are also contained in the disease along with Pitta Dosha.

Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda consists of pacifying imbalanced body powers, purifying the blood, and presiding herbs that restore skin colour. Poor digestion is the root cause of this disease, as it causes the frame-up of poisons in the tissues. An essential part of treatment, thus, is restoring digestion. The victims will also be advised on the correct diet and life adaptations to help the rush of the disorder. 

What are the Remedies?

 One of the most effective Ayurvedic drugs for vitiligo is Agnijith. Its capability of producing pigmentation in needed areas is scientifically proven. It’s able to block the pigmentation issue on skin layers. This cream-grounded drug is also known for reaching rich microbial parcels, which get fluently absorbed in the skin and increase the position of blood circulation. Anti-vitiligo drugs in ayurvedic medicine are an efficient way to cure it. 

So many Ayurvedic home remedies are effective sufficiently in removing the white patches. Turmeric is common in everyone’s kitchen. The mixture of turmeric and mustard oil applied to the affected areas can help you cure vitiligo. 

Bakuchi and coconut oil’s mix is another fruitful remedy for vitiligo. Apply the mix, keep it for 15 minutes and also wash it off. 

 Vitiligo is a very different type of skin disease, which is begun by a low immune system in your body or pitta dosha. So having a good life and eating healthy food is very important to get cured. Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda surely helps those people affected by vitiligo.

 How Vitiligo Affects People 

 Vitiligo is, therefore, an important skin disease having a major impact on the quality of life of people suffering from vitiligo. The appearance of the skin can affect an individual personality- image and any pathological change can have an emotional breakdown. Numerous vitiligo victims feel disturbed and stigmatized by their illness. They attract overdue attention from the overall public, sometimes whispering comments, enmity, and acceptance. The self-image of the vitiligo victims drops greatly and may lead to depression.

These victims frequently develop negative passions about it, which are corroborated by their guests over several days. Most cases with vitiligo report passions of embarrassment, which can lead to low personality- regard and social aloneness. People who have vitiligo lesions over the face may be disturbing and the frustration of resistant lesions on the overexposed region of hands and bases can lead to angriness and disappointment. Particularly in teenagers, mood swings including perversity and depression are common.

Patients with vitiligo are veritably sensitive to the way others perceive them and they will frequently withdraw because they anticipate being rejected. Occasionally, relatives and also friends can make extremely hurtful and humiliating comments. The impact of similar factors is profound overpowering them to emotional torture, the hindrance with their employment, or use pressure-lessoning, oblivion- having substances similar as alcohol. Severe depression has been known to lead to self-murder attempts. 

 Victims with vitiligo continually suffer financial loss because they frequently have to take time off work to visit hospitals. Those with more spots on their body can negatively affect a person’s chances of getting a job at an interview and so hold down career choices. Vitiligo beginning in teenage can be associated with significant mental trauma that may have long-lasting goods on the particular tone- regard of these children.

Vitiligo in Children

Children with vitiligo generally avoid sport or limit such activities. Children frequently lose vital days from the academy. Parents of children with vitiligo may have to take leave from their work to regularly accompany them to hospitals.

Children with vitiligo deal with the disorder well or are devastated by it, frequently depending on the behaviour of their parents, siblings, cousins, or educators, intimates, babysitters, etc. Vitiligo can also affect problems in interpersonal relations particularly as a result of depression and frustration. Cases frequently feel that their family members aren’t probative or understanding. The habitual nature of the illness, long-term treatment, lack of invariant effective remedy, and changeable course of this illness is generally veritably demoralizing for cases suffering from vitiligo. 

What does the Study Tell?

 Those who have studied different factors impacting the quality of life in cases with vitiligo in history reported that the maturity of vitiligo cases endured anxiety and embarrassment when meeting other people. When comparing the difficulties faced by vitiligo cases with vitiligo with those with leprosy in India. A possible connection between stress and the development of vitiligo is under study. It indicated that mental stress increases the position of neuroendocrine hormones which affects the vulnerable system and alters the position of neuropeptides. The increase in the position of neuropeptides may be the instigating event in the pathogenesis of vitiligo.

From research, we assessed the nature and extent of the social and psychological difficulties associated with the complications of these diseases and their impact on treatment outgrowth by using the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI). Our results easily demonstrated that cases with high DLQI scores responded less positively to a given remedial manner thereby suggesting that fresh mental approaches may be particularly helpful in these cases. Studies have shown that comforting can help to enhance body image, tone- regard, and quality of life of cases with vitiligo, also having a positive effect on the course of the complaint. It’s important to understand and deal with the core factors of this problem to enhance their quality of life and to gain a better treatment result.

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