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Important Tips for Best Door Lock Price in Pakistan

Many of the deadbolts tested by Consumer Reports did not provide the level of security our customers wanted or expected. So, the question is how to find the best door lock price in Pakistan? If we talk about digital lock price will be 9000 to 2000PKR and Analog price starts from 300 to 1200 PKR.

What is Smart Door Lock & Should We Control Smart through Mobile?

  1. We were able to open almost all of the locks in our rankings with a few taps in the right place or a few minutes with a cordless drill. These include traditional deadbolts, electronic key locks, and smart locks that can be controlled with a smartphone or smart speaker.
  2. The CR test results are particularly concerning given that breaking and entering.
  3. Whether attempted or completed) was the method of entry in about 62 per cent of burglaries in 2019.
  4. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program. But while a determined burglar will always find a way in, our rankings will help you choose the right lock to give your home a chance.

Latest Smart Door Lock

  1. While the market for door locks isn’t evolving as quickly as other products such as appliances and electronics, the smart lock industry is seeing a number of developments.
  2. Internet-connected smart locks have improved in several ways.
  3. The latest models can connect directly to WiFi, eliminating the need for a hub or bridge to connect to the Internet.
  4. Some smart locks are now equipped with a fingerprint sensor, allowing you to unlock them without a key, code or smartphone. In addition, upgraded smart locks – essentially models that add smart features to existing locks – are smaller.
  5. August, Yale’s sister brand, has made its latest update, the August WiFi smart lock, even smaller than the previous version. Level’s upgraded version, the Level Bolt, is so small that it simply replaces the deadbolt of an existing lock.

How door locks are tested?

  1. Latch locks, electronic locks and smart locks that enter the CR lab are subject to damage from impact, break-ins and punctures.
  2. To test for failure, CR test engineers created a special device that allowed them to swing a 100-pound steel plunger over a replacement door with a built-in deadbolt.
  3. This was repeated eight times, gradually increasing the height of the lock, until it stopped working. When more than half of the models failed, another test step was performed: the installation of a reinforced box strike.
  4. Break-in tests were performed to see if each lock could withstand an attack by a cordless drill. A penetration test evaluates the internal workings of each lock to determine how easy it is to break into.
Compare Smart lock and Simple Lock
  1. All lock models, including the Smart Lock, making it easy to compare the strengths & weaknesses of each lock in the event of a physical break-in.
  2. The one exception was the enhanced Smart Lock.
  3. By simply replacing the inside of your existing deadbolt, you can add smart features to the locks you already use.
  1. Additional testing is also performed on both types of smart locks.
  2. Smartphone notifications, remote locking and unlocking.
  3. Geo-fencing (automatic locking and unlocking based on your phone’s location), voice control (via Amazon Alexa.
  4. Google Assistant or Apple Siri), an electronic key with an unlocking function.

Final Words

We also looked at features like access logs, which record who enters and leaves your home, and even burglar alarms. In this test, we considered these features to evaluate the ease of remote access, convenience and security features.

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