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Information and Tips for Botox Aftercare Exercise

The skin, being the largest organ, often shows signs of aging since it covers the whole body. Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the signs of aging. Several treatments are available to suppress these signs, and one of them is Botox. Administered as an injection, Botox is a treatment used to remove wrinkles and fine lines from the skin. Botox itself is a drug that paralyzes muscles in the body temporarily. It may seem surprising, but Botox consists of onabotulinumtoxinA, a neurotoxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Following the instructions given by the doctor about Botox aftercare will help you get the best results. In this post, we will explain the several Botox aftercare that you need to observe when you have just undergone the Botox injection. 

Botox can be lethal if the levels of the onabotulinumtoxinA toxin are high. When there are high concentrations of this toxin, it causes botulism, which is associated with food poisoning. The poison paralyzes the muscles and can lead to fatalities if it is not treated in good time. This doesn’t mean that Botox injection is not safe. The toxin found in the solution used to make Botox is very small and can hardly cause any harm to your body. 


Botox injection works by paralyzing the muscles, and this prevents them from contracting. This makes the skin look soft and relaxed. In most cases, it diminishes wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Botox also offers a great way of treating conditions such as:

  • Lazy eye 
  • Chronic migraine 
  • Overactive bladder 
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Neck spasm 

Technically, Botox is the brand name for a drug that is used in this type of treatment. Other brand names produce botulinum toxin type A injections, including Xeomin and Dysport. Besides Botox aftercare, you also need to follow instructions given by the doctor on other botulinum toxin type A injections to get the best results. Below are what to do and what to avoid in Botox aftercare:

Botox Aftercare Activities 

  • To allow the Botox treatment to take effect properly during the procedure, the client needs to do a few facial exercises before the therapy begins. 
  • On the Botox injectable treatment, the patient needs to refrain from doing any work and relax or rest as preparations are made for the procedure. 
  • The patient also needs to maintain a normal heartbeat during the procedure. Therefore thoughts or activities that can raise the heartbeat rate should be avoided. 
  • After the Botox injectable treatment, the client should avoid pressing, touching, or rubbing the treatment area. 
  • Any activities that may disturb the area where Botox was injected must be avoided at all costs if you want to get the desired Botox results. 

Best Botox Aftercare Practices 

A patient who has undergone a Botox injection treatment needs to follow Botox best practices for the best results. Here are some of them:

Continue with the normal daily routine

A recovery period or downtime is not necessary once you have had the Botox treatment. Taking a day off work or school is not necessary. Since Botox injection treatment is less invasive, you can head back to work or any activity you usually do during the day. 

Avoid exercise within 24 hours

After undergoing Botox therapy, any form of exercise should be avoided for at least 24 hours as a Botox aftercare precaution. That is, if exercising is part of your routine. However, depending on the patient, some aestheticians may recommend avoiding exercise for a few days. When you subject the body to rapid physical activities, the blood flow rate goes up, resulting in the spreading of the toxins to unwanted areas of the body. 

The target area where Botox needs to work on will not change since the toxin has spread in other areas of the body. If this happens, bruising is likely to occur in the injected area. Exercising also leads to muscle contraction rendering the Botox drug ineffective. However, slight exercises are allowed, including smiling, raising eyebrows, or frowning. These kinds of exercises make the Botox drug work fast and effectively. 

Avoid makeups

To Get the best out of the treatment, one of the Botox aftercare instructions is avoiding the makeup. One should not apply makeup for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Dispersion of the toxin is likely to take place when you decide to apply makeup, which will render it ineffective. 

Sit up 

The doctor will instruct the patient to sit up as one of the Botox aftercare to allow the toxin to take effect without spreading to other unwanted areas. The client will sit up for about 4 hours. Laying down or bending will make the Botox toxin spread to other areas and will not work effectively in the treatment area. 


Botox injection offers the best and effective way to get rid of any signs of aging that show on the skin. Achieve the best results by following through with Botox aftercare instructions given by the doctor. Seeking Botox treatment from reputable clinics also gives the right results; therefore, do your research first. 


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