It is possible to reach your goals with Instagram advertising. When we look at it today, the internet is no longer a simulation, it is an alternative environment presented to the real world. In the digital world, marketers and consumers are on the same platform. It is not a dream to double your sales or increase your recognition with digital advertising with the right steps. Instagram, which is in the big networks of social media, has a market share that cannot be underestimated. Moreover instagram is  mostly used social media platform  for marketing  or advertising   but tiktok is also used for parmotion of you products and  if you want to improve your social media presence then it will be helpful to  Buy tiktok veiws Malaysia.  



As Yeni Future Media, we decode the codes of Instagram advertising in the best way for you, and ensure that you meet the right target audience with our expert staff. In order to use Instagram advertising actively and efficiently, benefit from our professional support without wasting any time in the increasingly competitive environment.



With the diversity of Instagram advertising pricing, the increase in advertising forms and areas, the increase of advertisers by realizing the importance of Instagram, and the escalation of competition accordingly, the stages of “Instagram advertising” have become increasingly difficult. At this point, digital advertising agencies come into play and we offer you the most effective service and consultancy in this sector with our expertise.


Advertising on Instagram: Advertising on Instagram provides great support in terms of reaching your goals when we evaluate the statistics of 2019, and you need to get support from us in order to implement this with its subtleties. Yes, advertising on Instagram is not easy for everyone anymore. If we briefly explain the step-by-step stages of Instagram advertising, it is possible to advertise in two ways;



Switch your Instagram account to a business account to advertise from Instagram’s phone app. Then connect your Facebook page with your Instagram page. In your business account, you can place your Instagram ad by clicking the “Feature Post” button at the bottom right of the post you want to use in the advertisement.

Another method is to place sponsored ads with Facebook Business Manager. To do this, first connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page. Then connect to Facebook Business Manager. Link your Facebook Business Manager account with your Instagram account. When you complete all the steps, you can use an Instagram ad using the interface.



2.Instagram ad fees: Instagram ad prices are another confusing issue. In fact, there is no specific price because the cost of Instagram ads varies according to many factors. You can request an appointment with us to clarify this detailed issue with all the details.



    The topics we briefly mentioned above are;


It might be confusing to you.

You may not have enough time and equipment for these.

Maybe you made these yourself but probably didn’t get the turn you wanted.


The solution to all the problems and questions that come to your mind in digital advertising is in New Future Media.


While discovering new methods with New Future Media, carry your goals to the future with low costs by getting support from experts at the same time.

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