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Interesting Facts About Armenia!

Armenia is a small country. It is one of the former Soviet Union countries. Armenia has a very interesting history, environment as well as situation. It is situated between Europe and Asia. But the most interesting and not-so-exciting thing for Armenians is the fact that it shares its borders with its two enemies: Azerbaijan and Turkey.

There are a lot of people in the world that don’t know anything about Armenia, but almost everybody knows about famous Armenians: Kim Kardashian, Serj Tankian, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Cher, etc.

These famous Armenians are from different spheres, but the one thing that combines them is their love for Armenia. They always use their influence to help Armenia on difficult days. For example, in war times. When the country needs help, they are always with it, helping them in the hardest moments.

What should You know about Armenia?

If you want to visit Armenia you should know some important things about it, so you can have an informed decision before visiting. Except for the things like how much is car hire in Yerevan, or if you can find cheap apartments, hotels, or cheap car rental in Yerevan, you should also know about Armenia’s history and sightseeing.

Armenia is among the safest places in the world to live, with a very low level of crime. Many locals and visitors can be seen strolling the streets well into the night, especially in the summer. If you appear to be lost or confused, the locals will come to your aid right away. Knowing that there are uniformed police officers practically everywhere is also reassuring.

All the history of Armenia is full of interesting facts and events, nowadays we live in a world where we see so many interesting things that nothing can surprise us anymore, but, believe me, Armenia can.

Let’s see some interesting facts about Armenia.

Armenia is really old

Armenia is one of the six ancient nations that have endured for thousands of years, along with Iran, China, Greece, Egypt, and Japan. About a document written by King Darius Behistun in 520 BC, it is first mentioned. In the fifth century BC, Xenophon and the ancient Greek author Herodotus both made reference to Armenia.

Armenia’s history traces the roots of civilization and goes back well before the Bronze Age.

Discovering Armenia’s rich and distinctive past is intriguing.

Armenia first adopted Christianity

The first nation to make Christianity its official religion was Armenia. It has one of the most exquisite cathedrals in the entire world, and 97% of the country’s people identify as Christians today.

The first Christian state was Armenia. It is where the world’s first church was constructed. Early in the fourth century, Holy Etchmiadzin was constructed, becoming the world’s first state church. One of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the world, this location also serves as the administrative center for all the churches in Armenia.

Armenia uses a unique alphabet

The Armenian language has some fascinating facts. It has a unique alphabet that is ranked among the best in the world. Mesrop Mashtots, a scholar and monk, developed the Armenian alphabet between 405 and 406 AD. The alphabet of Mashtots has 36 characters. The Armenian alphabet is regarded by scientists as one of the most sophisticated in existence. On the slope of Mount Aragats, in the village of Artashavan, stands the memorial to Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet.

A record-breaking cable vehicle is in Armenia

It might surprise you to learn that Armenia is home to the world’s longest aerial tramway. The Tatev Aerial Tramway measures 5,752m (18,871ft), making it the longest non-stop double-track cable car according to Guinness World Records. One of the most significant monasteries in the nation, the Tatev Monastery, is connected to the community of Halidzor by the magnificent cable car known as Wings of Tatev, which also provides breathtaking views of the Vorotan River Gorge.

World Heritage List of UNESCO

A soft, thin flatbread called lavash was added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

You will never see something tastier and more useful than Armenian lavash.

People made them in ancient times so they could eat them all winter long. It has qualities that let you keep the bread unharmed.

You can eat lavash with cheese and vegetables, or with butter and jam, you will never forget the taste of Armenian lavash.

The Haghpat Monastery, Sanahin Monastery, Echmiadzin Cathedral and Churches, Zvartnots Archaeological Site, Geghard Monastery, and Azat Valley are the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Armenia.

Mountain Ararat

We consider the mountain of Ararat as the symbol of Armenia. A lot of people know this country because of the Biblical Mountain Ararat, but not a lot of people know that actually mountain Ararat is in Turkey. Armenia and Turkey were fighting against each other for centuries.

And there are a lot of territories that Armenia claims that it’s theirs, one of them is mountain Ararat.

The range of mountain Ararat consists of two extinct volcanoes: Great Ararat and Small Ararat, which Armenian people call Masis and Sis.

The oldest winery in the world is located in Armenia

Well, first of all, you probably don’t think of Armenia when you think of wine. The oldest vineyard on Earth, supposed to be discovered in a cave close to the village of Areni in 2011, is actually 6100 years old, according to archaeologists, at least.

However, the nation also makes some extremely excellent wines from various fruits, besides grapes.

If you come to Armenia don’t forget to taste the wine. You will be shocked by the taste.

Come to Armenia and you will have a whole other experience. It doesn’t like any other country, it is small, ancient, but really hospitable.

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