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Interesting facts about the Kaaba

The volume of the Kaaba

The Ka’bah was built by Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and Hazrat Ismail (as). We used to perform Hajj there. If we talk about the height of the Kaaba, it is 15 meters, but the measurement of the width is different from all four sides. As the width of the west is 12 meters and 11 centimeters. The width from the east is 12 meters and 84 centimeters. The width of the Kaaba is 11 meters and 52 centimeters from the south side, but 11 meters and 20 centimeters from the north side.

The Masjid al-Haram is a square building in the middle of Makkah. Even before Islam, the Kaaba was highly respected. The Arabs used to come for Hajj every year.

By the command of God.

But at that time there were about 360 idols inside the Kaaba. Each tribe had its idol. In 8 AH 630, the Prophet (peace be upon him) built ten thousand misses by Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him) by the command of God. And a gate for dishes made east and west. Because the place is on a slope, the building was often damaged. ت
The building was built by the Bani Jarham tribe.

The third time this building was built by the tribe of Bani Jarham who were the in-laws of Hazrat Ismail (as). It was built for the fourth time by King Amaka of Egypt and Syria. When the building was damaged for the fifth time in 606 AD, the Quraysh rebuilt it on the foundations of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) but due to lack of capital they had to leave about six yards to the north.

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The walls of the Kaaba

In 64 AH / (683 AH) Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair built the Kaaba and took the abandoned place in the building. In 693 AH when the pilgrim’s Ibn Yusuf attacked Makkah. Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair (may Allah be pleased with him) was staying in the Kaaba. The pilgrims hurled stones at the Kaaba with catapults. And the black stone became three pieces.

Occupy the Kaaba of Allah

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The building was again damaged by floods in the 11th century AH but was rebuilt by Turkish Sultan Murad in 1014 on Quraysh foundations. The Kaaba was captured by a group of militants in late 1981 but was soon recaptured by Saudi security forces. Because it has the shape of a cube, it is called Kaaba. It has a door in the north wall, the back wall is 40 feet high and the other two walls are 35 feet high.

The shroud of the Kaaba


The shroud of the Kaaba, also known as Kiswah, which we now see in black, however, was not only black before. This tradition has been going on since the time of Abbas. One thing that is known from the Abbasids is that the color of their house used to be black then the Kaaba was also covered with the black cover but before that the cover used to have different colors.

The northern member is called Iraqi member, the western member is called Syrian southern member, a Yemeni member, and the polytheistic member is called Aswad. The four-walled shroud is covered by the Kaaba. This shroud comes from Egypt every year. On the 25th or 28th, the old cover is taken off. And a white ihram is put on it. At the end of the day, a new shroud is put on and the ihram is taken off. Pieces of the old cover are sold by the guards. Which people take as a blessing.

The Kaaba is located in the middle of the Masjid al-Haram, which is considered to be the center of Muslims as well as the holiest place. Muslims perform their obligatory acts of worship five times a day, facing the Kaaba. Every Muslim wishes to visit there at least once in his or her lifetime. Today we will talk about some important information about the Kaaba that you may not know.

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The Kaaba is not one but Two

The Kaaba is the house of Allah, but did you know that there is another Kaaba in Paradise just above the Kaaba? Which is commonly called Bait-ul-Ma’mour. Not only is it mentioned in the Holy Qur’an but it is also mentioned by the Holy Prophet (saws). It is narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I saw Bait al-Ma’moor and when I asked Gabriel (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

So he replied that this is Bait-ul-Ma’mour where seventy thousand angels worship Allah daily and when they leave here they do not return. That is, an angel is blessed with this happiness only once.

The presence of a window on the Kaaba

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Remember that before the rebuilding of the Kaaba, the Kaaba used to have two doors, an entrance door, and an exterior door. However, before that, there was a window in the Kaaba. However, the window no longer exists.

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Who has the keys to the Kaaba?

When the Muslims conquered Makkah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was presented with the keys to the Kaaba. However, instead of keeping it with him, he returned the keys to Hazrat Uthman bin Talha of Bani Shuba, so from that time till today he is the traditional custodian of these keys.

Tawaf by swimming in the Kaaba

Geographically speaking, the Kaaba is located between many mountains. So when it used to rain in the old days, there was a flood situation in this whole valley However, there was no proper drainage system in the valley at that time to de

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