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Interior Designing Softwares

Introduction to Interior Design Software:

The Interior Designing industry in India is growing rapidly and the registered interior designers have already crossed more than 1 million.

From Big companies to small companies every interior designer faces hectic competition. 

But the clients are very happy because they gain extraordinary offer services because of this competition. We do have few concerns about this competition.

Too much competition will reduce the quality of the product. 

Best Interior Designers in chennai use advanced software to make sure their design stands out from their competitors. 

Let’s do an in depth analysis about Interior Design software

Interior Designing softwares is very important for any architecture and interior projects. 

  • Interior Designers across the world use several programs, but these software came handy because they can give you all in one solution. Rather than investing on multiple programs architects can buy interior software for better outcomes. 
  • Softwares with affordable price, usually the subscription price will not cross more than $ 50 /- monthly. But in olden times business owners at least spend $ 200 to $ 300 /- monthly for multiple programs.
  • These softwares have high scalability which can improve every part of your interior design.
  • AI Automation, many softwares now use artificial intelligence in their programs. Which helps the architect to complete tough projects easily.
  • So architects need not design in one software and render it in another software. Everything became handy now.
  • We have to say thanks to the cloud, because we see a constant growth in cloud platforms. Which helps the business owners to access millions of libraries single handedly.
  • At the same time the libraries, designs, trends always change, so it is easy for us to understand what is the need of our customers.

Finally Let’s go deeper into interior designing softwares. 

SketchUP Pro : 

SketchUp is a freemium software the basic version will be free and if you need some advanced features we must buy a package. Consequently this software is easy to use and architects find this tool is very user friendly. For the past 21 years the sketchUp team has invested 1000’s of manpower to make this software an outstanding one.  

Features of SketchUp Pro:

  • Textures
  • Animations
  • Layer Manager
  • Lighting Effects
  • 3D Models
  • 2D Models

As a matter of fact SketchUp brings the outcome like a reality one. We must give time for rendering images for a great result. 

Cons of Using SketchUp Pro:

  • Placing objects might be difficult.
  • Sketchup is tough to learn or teach.
  • Customizing Sketchup is a little bit difficult.

Price of Sketch Up Pro is around $ 675/- and the basic version is free.


Autodesk from Autocad, they are the pioneers in developing architecture, interior designing software. From the beginning they ranked top first but in recent times their position has decreased due to competition. 

Specifically their user experience is always at the top and the software is easy to learn and teach. Autocad is ultimately different from other interior designing software.

Autocad can be used in any industry such as Aviation, Marine, Construction, Manufacturing etc.,

Here are the features of Autocad:

  • Drawing History
  • Xref Compare
  • Block Palette
  • 2 D and 3 D Drawings
  • Cloud Rendering
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Centre Lines and Centre Marks

Simultaneously outcome or rendered images might not look like SketchUp but it brings you an optimum reality. 

Cons of AutoCAD:

  • They have very limited file format, so it’s not easy for us to export as per our need.
  • Only limited effects can be used in 3D Geometry
  • AutoCAD only provides you 256, so the photos might look like illustrations rather than realistic photos. 
  • 3D Rendering of images might take more hours when we compare with other softwares. 

Finally the Price of Autocad monthly is $ 220/- and $ 1775 /- per year as well.


Certainly our list has some award winning 2D and 3D Design software and one of the pioneers among competitors.

TurboCAD offers a variety of softwares Floor Plan, DesignCAD, TurboDraw, TurboProject, TurboPDF and TurboApps. 

TurboCAD is very effective in the AEC industry which are Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Features of TurboCAD:

  • Best Ribbon Configuration 
  • 4k Monitor 
  • Trace Tools which helps us to trace point by point.
  • Layers Set, helps to manage your layers in a clever way.
  • Finest Angular Dimension Tool
  • Duplicate or Similar Tool is very easy and convenient
  • Perfect Blend tool 
  • 3D Lines and 3D Polylines
  • RedSDK rendered images

Cons of TurboCAD:

  • TurboCAD do not have standardized rendering
  • Premium Package is not user friendly, you must take some advance learning to do maximum features.
  • Have bad color rendering, though the software has been in the market for more than 40 years. 
  • Accordingly the User Interface is not up to the mark

The pricing of TurboCAD of various products starts from $69 to $1599/-


In fact Archicad 23 is an exclusive software which is developed for the purpose of designing interiors and constructions etc., So it’s easy for architects to learn and do accurate work.

Indeed It’s Basically an BIM Application which offers you a real time rendering.

In Addition software provides you one of the best Real Time Visualization, no other software can withstand archi’s render quality.

Features of ArchiCAD 23:

  • It can work on complex columns and curves easily.
  • Easy 2 D and 3D design
  • Better User Interface enhancement
  • Cinerender Engine (R20)
  • It can work on a normal desktop, so you need not buy an expensive system for it.


Most Importantly this software is built exclusively for the interior design industry where we can use large decorations as well.

Moreover this software has advanced features. But it can do 2 D and 3D Floor plans. 

Apart from Designing, homestyler provides you with a library which has thousands of designs. With this software capacity the homestyler software provides you finest rendering HD Photo Realistic images 

Meanwhile Here are some Features of Homestyler”

  • Hence you need not be a professional to use Homestyler, even a beginner can learn it in a few days.
  • HD Rendering
  • Ultra HD Rendering
  • Render Retouch
  • 360 degree visualizer
  • Furniture Library
  • Measurement scale 

All the above software is meant for  interior designing, which is fully about designing and creativity. 

Lets go deeper into the Interior Design Management Software. Indeed it is used by major interior designing companies across the globe. 


Ultimate app which is very much used in the interior design industry. Clickup is a cloud based platform and its primary motto is to save time and to improve productivity. Clickup was founded in the year 2017, released dozens of beta versions. 

In the past 3 years Click Up has won upto 50 awards in project management category.

In Depth Click Up helps us to segregate the project with

  • Streamlining
  • Measuring the Project Completion Time
  • Native Time Tracking
  • Gantt Chart
  • Mind Maps
  • Kanban Boards
  • Sprints and more

Features of Clickup:

  • Clickup offers you more than 100 features, task management is considered as one of the finest features.
  • Used in all category industries from small sizes to bigger ones.
  • If you are serious about security and privacy, clickup is the one we must focus on.
  • 99.99% of Uptime, which is higher than industry standards.
  • Team provides you free training and as a trainee you can get 24/7 support.
  • Clickup holds more than 200000 customers till now and it’s growing. 

Pricing of Clickup:
The pricing strategy of clickup is very convenient.
– Basic Version : Free forever
– Small Team : $5 / Per Month
– Business Team : $9 / Per Month
– Business Plus : $19 / Per Month

For Advanced Corporate Plan, the customer must contact the click up support team.


Project management is a frustrating job, where designers must take precautions while handling them. Top Interior designing companies in the US and Uk use gather for a perfect outcome. 

For instance if you want to complete the project with less challenges, then Gather software is one stop solution for all your needs. 

Features of Gather:
Provides you an unique workflow for all the projects
– Great User Experience for all SDK Platform Mobile Devices
– Can be used to manage enquiry and its status.
– Seamless integration with CRM.
– Available in IOS and Android Apps too.
– Integrate with multiple payment gateways.

Pricing of Gather Software:
Free Version with 14 days free trial
– Solo Plan : $65 per month, upto 50 projects
– Studio Plan : $165 per month, upto 200+ projects
– Firm Plan : $290 per month, upto 500+ projects

Binary Management Interior Design Software:

The futuristic project management tool for interior designers. Binary management is mainly designed with four components: Planning, Costing, Tracking and Reporting. The entire software was designed by keeping the designers in mind. So it’s easy for the designers to plan and implement their projects easily.

On the whole the most important feature of binary is designers and architects will have the full ability to create and deliver the plan through stage by stage till the end.

Features of Binary Management Software:
– The most prolific feature from binary is they can do time tracking elements with maximum accuracy.
– It suggests the deviation and helps us to find out the profit and loss.

Pricing of Binary Management Software:
Free Plan : Limited with project numbers and can be accessed by only 3 users.
– Team Plan : $90 per month with 20 active projects, 50 users are allowed.
– Enterprise Plan : $180 per month with 50 projects and 100 users are allowed
– Custom Plan : Majorly used by top interior designers across the world, $270 per month with unlimited projects and unlimited users.


Interior Designing Software is evolving day by day. Whenever the need and preference of customers changes, we must focus on the design and feasibility. 

The above software works very lucratively on interior design, construction and engineering projects as well.

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