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Women’s safety has become a very important topic these days. We all saw the reports related to mishappening with women and this is very disheartening that we are not able to provide a safe workplace to our sisters and mothers. Coworking became a platform that gives a chance to all the ladies to come back for their work and provide them with a healthy and safe environment to work. The Coworking space just takes out the hesitation from women’s mindset to go out and find an individual workplace, especially for ladies. Now a woman can take a walk into any coworking space and they can just start their work without having any kind of safety issues.


 Sometimes women also have to face male dominance at the workplace but coworking helps to avoid it by working in an individual office space in which they’ll be able to grow their work efficiency. Also, they can achieve their goals without any kind of hurdle or without any kind of problem. Coworking spaces in Delhi are especially doubted because of the reputation of the states.

Some Coworking Space for womens

Here are some coworking spaces which can be termed as safe places for women entrepreneurs.


 The Bangalore office takes an important step towards women’s safety, even any kind of misbehavior rarely happens at a coworking space, but they created such places and make them as safe as they can for women entrepreneurs. They also teach their employees about the sexual harassment of women at the workplace and the consequences they have to esenyurt escort face. 


 They also encourage other workspaces to have a committee selected by themselves with having an equal number of males and women and no biasedness. This type of committee also helps to resolve the matter which is created by misunderstanding. Every coworking place has to think like that for women’s safety.


WSQUARE is a coworking space which is by women, of women, for women. It is situated in Chennai which provides a proper and safe workspace to all the ladies. They also host a variety of workshops on different topics. To enhance the knowledge about different things among the employees they also organize some yoga classes.

3. myHQ

 myHQ is one of the largest coworking spaces and also the safest for women entrepreneurs. They have changed the working pattern from ordinary to extraordinary. They provide all the necessary things to their members. It also provides security, privacy facilities to its members.


GO WORK is also a great coworking space for women. Its name itself says go work we’ll take care of the rest. GO WORK pays attention to all the women’s queries and their problems and helps them to face them, support them to fight back, solve all their queries. They also encourage working mothers and also arrange some programs related to counseling sessions, mentoring sessions, and more.


INNOV8 is also a great coworking space for women entrepreneurs. It is also safe for them. 

INNOV8 wants to have more women entrepreneurs and wants to help them to achieve their goals. Somewhere they also believe in women empowerment and want to protect them from the dominance in the normal office. They also provide all the necessary things to their members. they also work in a safe work environment for women by increasing the security facility. They also launch some kind of programs related to women such as Innov84women, women who code or many more.


THE MESH is yet another amazing coworking space for the women it is safe for them as well. They also created and launched some packages for women entrepreneurs. They also have a strong and strict security system. It also had a dedicated daycare in which working mothers can leave their children without any kind of stress.


WEWORK is also a great coworking space with an open-air outdoor area. This provides you with the best working environment. The security of this coworking space is also very strict and strong. WEWORK also provides some other facilities to its female members. It provides a wellness room, parking, Mother’s room, event space, phone both, onsite staff, and many more things.


According to this article, we can say that coworking came as the best place to work for women entrepreneurs it also provides them with some special facility such as daycare for their children coworking is kind of a platform that motivate and encourage women entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and to get success in every work they do, they also provide strict security facilities from which they don’t have to take any kind of fear of anything. Some coworking spaces also provide 24*7 access to their members if anyone has fear of anything at night then they can stay there also, what else do you need after getting protected by this type of facility.






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