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Is Memory Foam Pillow actually good for every type of sleeper?

Yes, the memory foam pillow is designed in such a way that it can assist all kinds of sleepers. Be it the stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper, a memory foam pillow is the best choice. Why? Because Sleepsia will provide you with a Memory Foam Pillow meaning the foam stuffed inside is not a whole piece of foam, rather it is broken into shreds and then stuffed in. This makes the pillow more adaptable, and it settles with every kind of position of sleepers.

Waking up to a stiff neck and lazy body is something that no one likes and actively looks for some solution. Whatever solution you try to figure out, just don’t skip one solution. The one solution that is often ignored by people, which is changing their pillow. 

Memory Foam Pillow

What Is A Memory Foam Pillow?

The pillow is also made with memory foam but there is a twist!

The foam stuffed inside is not a whole piece of foam, rather it is broken into shreds and then stuffed in. Mostly fresh bamboo covers are added to it to add protection and hygiene.

Difference Between Memory Foam Pillow And Memory Foam Pillow

Traditional memory foam pillows are manufactured as a whole, one single piece. And the pillow has chunks rather than a whole piece. 

No doubt, there is one single and basic material which is Memory Foam, but it is the form that changes. The physical appearance undergoes a change and so the pillows are also classified accordingly, as per the foam stuffed in them.

Why is the Pillow Suitable for all Kinds of Sleepers?

Memory foam pillows can be chosen any day, any time! It is all because of their excellent features. These pillows remain for a lifetime with great flexibility. All one needs to do is, just show some care towards them. 

It is better than a basic memory foam pillow in many aspects. Read below to know more!

  • Airy: Because the shreds allow the air to pass through easily, So, a memory foam pillow is much more breathable than a traditional dense memory foam pillow.
  •  Flexible: Also, it shows better flexibility and molds better than the others. Yes, traditional memory foam may retain its shape and show a slow rebound, but a memory foam pillow can easily mold and wrap around the user sleeping in any position.
  • Adjustable Too: Not to forget, some special memory foam pillows, like the ones offered by Sleepsia, are adjustable too. A user can simply unzip the cover, remove the amount of the shreds of the foam, and zip it back. The option of ‘customizing the loft’ comes with memory foam pillows only.

Memory Foam Pillow

The Benefits of Using Memory Foam

These special pillows give A level of comfort to their users. By taking the shape of the body, it gives a light feeling to the user. Entire tiredness vanishes away! With no strain on one particular part, the user may feel calm and content. Also, it leads towards a stress-free sleep. 

  • These do not let allergies ruin sleep. It is because the hypoallergenic properties of these pillows don’t let tiny bugs, microbes, etc. settle on the fabric
  • The pillow is a breathable experience. Hence, these lower down the chances of sleep apnea, sweating or snoring.
  • A user may experience relief in the cerebral problems, shoulder torment issues, cervical spondylosis, and muscular wear and tear with its continued usage.
  • These pillows also look fabulous when placed on sofas, couches, or lower beddings. They can be placed according to their size along with some small cushions or round pillows to give a nice look.


Once again it can be said that a memory foam pillow is better from all perspectives. However, it becomes our responsibility to find the best one. Memory Foam Pillows by Sleepsia offer great benefits, are CertiPUR-US Certified, come along with washable and hygienic bamboo pillowcases, and are super soft. One can fluff them up easily and use them with no hassle. So, it is a thumbs up for a memory foam pillow!

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