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Is Your Student Visa Expire or About To Expire? Know All The Questions Regarding Student Visa Extension

Student visa subclass 500 allows an international student to apply for more than one course if he possesses several COE codes. It is required to submit an OHSC (overseas student health cover) together with the Student Visa 500. You can bring your parents to Australia (if they hold a student guardian visa subclass 590) until your studies are over. Subclass 500 allows you to participate in a work program for a set number of hours. You can apply for a student visa onshore or offshore, according to the criteria of student visa subclass 500.

You can do the following with this visa subclass 500:

  • Enrol in a course of study that qualifies you.
  • Include your family members (your partner or you and your partner’s dependant kid) in your application.
  • Apply online from anywhere in the world, including Australia.
  • Once your course begins, work up to 40 hours every two weeks.

Required Documents

  • Submit a letter of support with student visa 500 types.
  • Collect confirmation of enrollment documents.
  • Collect your English skill test mark sheet.
  • Submit your 18th dependent documents.
  • Translate all non-English documents into English.
  • Collect and scan required documents and photos in the color printout.
  • Provide all confirmation of enrollment (COE) codes if you are enrolled in more than one course.

Is Your Student Visa Subclass 500 Expire or About To Expire?

If your visa is expiring before you can complete your course, you must submit a new student visa application to the Department of Home Affairs and you can also take assistance from the MARA registered Migration Agent Adelaide before your current visa expires.

There are four circumstances in which your student visa 500 may need to be extended:

  • Extended applicability for research
  • A new field of research
  • Your post-graduate thesis has already been submitted, however, your visa will expire before the grading is completed.
  • For whatever reason, your course has been prolonged, but your visa will expire before you finish it.

How To Apply For Student Visa Extension?

In Australia, you need a new visa before the existing one expires to renew your student visa. Otherwise, you may be deported and the results of future applications for a visa may be affected.
So, don’t procrastinate,  Place your documents together with plenty of time and allow processing time – it is recommendable for up to three months.
You can apply from within Australia or from overseas, however, the procedures are slightly different. If you apply for a legitimate visa onshore, you’ll most likely be granted a Bridging Visa Subclass A 050 or BVA. This will allow you to remain in the country while your new visa is being processed.

If you apply from outside of Australia, you’ll have to wait for the visa to be approved before entering the country.

Get Assisted From Us

Contact us if you have any questions in your mind regarding your student visa extension. We have a professional team of migration agent Perth who will assist you with your student visa extension. So feel free to reach us we are just a single click away from you.

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