It is popular to Wear “summer pants” this year, and the Cool Temperament is High 

wide-leg pants are already rotten on the street! It is popular to wear “summer pants” this year, and the cool temperament is high 

Seeing that summer is coming, many girls start to struggle again, not knowing what clothes to wear? Is it a skirt or wide leg pants? NONO, these are the clothes that have been worn out on the street. It is very easy to bump into the shirt when worn out. If you want to talk about what to wear this year, it is “summer pants” . There is no specific style for summer pants, but a general term, especially the ones shared below. These are the very popular summer pants. save with H&M NHS Discount and Amazon discount code nhs

1. Before choosing a model, first understand your leg shape

There are different versions of pants, so before choosing, you must understand your body characteristics, especially the leg shape. Different leg shapes have corresponding versions. Only when you choose the right one can you better highlight your body. Features, cover up flaws.

The common leg types can be divided into 4 types: standard type, O type, X type, XO type. Needless to say, the standard type has no restrictions on the version of the trousers, while the O type and X type legs, these two types The characteristic is that the leg shape is not straight, and it is more or less curved, so basically say goodbye to tight pants, otherwise it is easy to expose the shortcomings of the leg shape. No matter what type of pants you choose, you must learn to make use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses, so as to better highlight your personal advantages.

  1. 3 popular “summer pants” this year
  2. White “Summer Pants”

When choosing pants, color is one aspect that deserves our attention. Different colors will show different style characteristics. In summer, if you wear too dark colors, it is obviously difficult to integrate into the refreshing and lively atmosphere. , The dark color system has its own dull feeling, and it is difficult to highlight the personal temperament. 

On the contrary, white “summer pants” are a good choice. White is a basic color. It is neither dull nor dazzling with bright colors. It is visually very comfortable and durable, and it can also be used as a blending color to match any color of the top. All coordinate well.

Although white pants are not as thin as black, white is better for showing temperament. If you want to look thin, you can make up for it by the version of the pants, such as straight-leg pants. Very good, no less than wide-leg pants, you can also choose a high-waist style to further elongate your body proportions, and look stylish and tall. 

2. Smoke pipe “summer pants”

Cigarette pipe “summer pants” are also common tapered pants. Its version is characterized by a wide top and a narrow bottom, so it is very friendly to girls with wide hips and thick thighs, and it can perfectly fit the pear-shaped body. The cut of the cigarette pants is neat and crisp, and the drape is also very good. The straight version can modify the legs to be long and straight.

In summer, just pay attention to its length when choosing cigarette pants. Generally speaking, the style of nine-point pants is more suitable , exposing the slender ankles, which can increase the coolness and make the shape look neat and help better. Modify body lines.

Cigarette pants are also a more versatile type. Whether it is a shirt or a T-shirt, it can be used for commuting and leisure, and it is not very difficult to control.

3. Summer cycling pants

The above two kinds of “summer pants” are also relatively common and practical. Let’s introduce a more stylish “summer pants”, that is, cycling pants. Cycling pants are very tight-fitting, but have good elasticity, not only Cool and breathable , there is no sense of restraint when wearing it, and it is full of sports.

The general cycling pants are of short design, which is more suitable for girls with slender thighs. If the thighs are thicker, you can choose the style of five-point pants, and then match it with a long top to cover the crotch and thighs. It can also play a role in slimming.

Cycling pants have their own sports atmosphere. As the name suggests, they are the main wear items for many cycling enthusiasts. However, with the development of fashion, many hipsters will choose cycling pants in their daily leisure travel. It is also very easy and comfortable to use it to concave shape, which can significantly highlight the advantages of the legs. 

Three, “summer pants” collocation demonstration

LOOK1: Sports vest + colorful cycling pants

In summer, you should try a lot of colorful pants , and stop indulging in dark colors, which will make it difficult to show your charm. A sports vest paired with colored cycling pants is a good choice. The sports vest is cool and comfortable, and can also outline a slender figure. The colored cycling pants are even more beautiful. Whether it is blue or green, it can bring a strong The visual impact, showing the breath of youth and vitality, can also highlight the advantages of long legs.

LOOK2: T-shirt + cigarette pants

For more mature women, the characteristics of cigarette pants are more in line with their temperament . The neat version looks very calm and capable. When going out every day, I deliberately choose a green T-shirt with white cigarette pants, and the temperament is white. The trousers are the same color, which can visually extend the line of the legs and make the legs longer. The cigarette pants made of denim fabric have a more retro feel, and they are matched with knitted sweaters to deliberately create a style that combines rigidity and softness.

LOOK3: Mix and match colors, fashion and layers

Little white pants are an indispensable pair of trousers. They are both practical and versatile. As a neutral color, they can be easily matched with more matching tops, whether it is a refreshing blue or a calm and low-key black. For a coordinated and beautiful look, don’t forget to add some accessories for embellishment, such as shawls, bags, belts, jewelry, etc., which can enhance the overall texture.

These “summer pants” are really fashionable and high-end, very suitable for summer wear. As long as you use your imagination and try different matching methods, you can easily create a variety of beautiful styles.


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