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Janome Sewist 740DC Solid Computerized Sewing Machine!

The Janome Sewist 740DC machine is a solid computerized sewing machine that is smooth to use, produces excellent stitches, and is simple to operate and learn.

The ratings of the owners of Janome’s sewing machine have been generally good. The Janome sewing machines typically have high reviews from their owners.

It also has numerous useful features. However, some owners have complained about issues, and this is more so than the other Janome models.

Are they a good investment? It’s probably based on the huge amount of satisfied owners. It could still be slightly riskier as compared to other Janome machines available currently.

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Consumer Ratings

We looked up 740DC owner ratings on the internet and found over 120. Check out the below for table. After these numbers were summed (we applied the weighted average), they produced the sewing machine’s rating of 92.4.

This is a great score. We have seen more highly rated Janome machines. Check out our review of the Janome Sewing Machine Reviews.

Janome Sewist 740DC, or is it 780DC?

There are both the Janome Sewist 740DC as well as the Janome Sewist 780DC. We’ve tested the two machines, and it appears that there are just two minor variations between these two. The 740DC is equipped with 40 stitches, while the 780DC has a total of 80 stitches.

The 780DC also comes with an automated thread cutter, as well as thread cutter memory keys (for cutting threads instantly following the locking of stitches), but the 740DC isn’t equipped with these features. From what we can tell, everything else is identical.

One way to quickly determine the difference between these two sewing machines is by the color gradient on the top. It is the 740DC’s red color, whereas the 780DC color is blue/green. Read more: CSewing Organizing Table For Sewing!

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Pros & Cons of Janome Sewist 740DC

An in-depth analysis of the comments of owners and insight has revealed the 740DC pros and pros.


  • It runs very smoothly.
  • Very simple to set up and use
  • The manual is well-written and thorough
  • Sturdy machine
  • Produces a lovely quality stitch
  • Threader for needles that are automatic
  • The ability to sew through multiple layers


  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to feed the heavy fabric
  •  Bobbin tension issues
  • The light is a bit dim

What are the owners saying?

Very frequent feedback is that 740DCs are simple to use. Some people declare themselves to be complete beginners and find the machine easy to get it up and operate.

We’ve also heard quite a number of very positive comments from owners like “this machine is an absolute workhorse,” “love it,” “wonderful machine,” “easy to use,” “beautiful stitches,” as well as “best machine ever.”

People have reported that Sewist 740DC makes an excellent, smooth stitch and stitches smoothly. However, one user reported that the machine rattled somewhat at high sewing speed. In general, owners say that it is a solid, sturdy machine.

The 740DC’s power is sufficient to stitch through layers of fabric or extremely thick fabric, which is a benefit. However, there are some complaints that thicker fabrics don’t necessarily feed as well.

There are also plenty of posts about problems concerning the tension in the bobbin. It is said to be very loose, resulting in knots in the thread.

Many people also feel that the LED’s light isn’t as bright as it should be. This is a typical issue with a lot of sewing machines, though we have seen some models that have good lighting.

Everyone is unanimous that the manual for operation is well-written and practical. They also like the DVD included that explains the basic features of the machine. Owner review on Amazon. En özel ve reel kızlar Balık Etli & Tesettürlü Avcılar Escort Suna | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. You can also read the janome jw8100 review.

Key Specifications of Janome Sewist 740DC

  • The control screen for backlit LCD
  • Automated needle threader
  • 40 stitches built-in
  • Three types of buttonholes with one step
  • Max stitch width = 7mm
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm.
  • Stitch elongation (max = 5 times)
  • Top loading full-rotary hook bobbin Auto declutch bobbin winding
  • Lock button to stitch
  • Start/stop button
  • Max speed = 820 stitches per minute
  • Speed control slider
  • Drop feed is possible
  • Free arm
  • Seven-piece dog feed
  • Thread tension controls for manual threads.
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Reverse button
  • Twin needle capable
  • 71 needle positions
  • Thread cutter manual
  • What’s the worst thing you can get?
  • Things you might be expecting but not receive could be:
  • Knee lift
  • The ability to recall the last stitch ability
  • Twin needle guard
  • Mirror image stitching

Stitch Chart of Janome Sewist 740DC

  • Below is the stitching chart for the 740DC.
  • Note: If you select a stitch, the LCD screen displays the following:
  • Selected stitch
  • Foot care is recommended.
  • Default stitch width
  • The default stitch length

Other Features and Characteristics

The lighting in the machine is LED. As previously stated, many users have complained that it is not enough and requires it to be augmented. One of these products is shown below, and it has fairly good reviews and ratings from the owners.

The 740DC features an aluminum die-cast frame that weighs 14.3 lbs. It’s light enough for students to carry to class and has a built-in carrying handle and a sturdy case.

We believe that sewing machines should be a bit heavier to be used in classes (we prefer 12 pounds at most). You might want to look at our selection of the top portable sewing machines if you want to be able to move around.


The 740DC kit includes a variety of presser feet, including automatic buttonhole foot blind hemming feet, zip feet, zigzag feet, overedge feet as well as satin stitch feet.

Also included is an assortment of Janome plastic bobbins (4) as well as needles as well as tiny storage spools (2) and large holders for spools (2), an additional pin for spooling, as well as foot control.

You will also get a lint brush seam ripper, screwdriver as well as power cable, an instruction DVD as well as the operating guide. The sewing machine is equipped with an integrated storage box.


  1. 25 years of mechanical parts
  2. 5-year warranty on electrical components
  3. One year of labor

Sewing Machine Manual of Janome Sewist 740DC

The manual for 740DC contains 64 pages and is extremely thorough. The illustrations are excellently executed, and the instruction is easy to follow.

It covers setting up as well as all the features of the machine, as well as basic sewing patterns, decorations stitches, repairs, and troubleshooting. It is possible to view this manual by clicking here. Janome Sewist 740 DC manual

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