Jewelry – Learn How to Make Your Own Jewelry From Asian Art

Asian Jewelry-making is believed to be one of the most beautiful forms of craftsmanship in Asian countries. There are a wide array of antique and vintage Asian jewelries for sale at various auction platforms around the world. Make the best buys at the prices they are offered at! Take advantage of online wholesale jewelry sites. Use this guide to help you find the best online jewelry stores in your area.

One-of-a-kind gemstones and traditional materials are used in creating traditional Asian jewelry. Bamboo, wood, rattan, silk and metal are among the commonly used materials in Asian inspired jewelry. Traditional jewelries inspired by Asian cultures are often handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. These beautiful pieces make great collectibles and are perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates originality and beauty. Handcrafted jewelries are one-of-a-kind gems that are truly timeless.

Modern and Contemporary designs

For a more modern look, jewelery lovers can select from modern and contemporary jewelry designs. Many online wholesale jewelry stores offer a large variety of unique and easy-to-find Asian-inspired gemstones, wood designs, metals and stones. Diamonds and pearls are among the most popularly seen precious gemstones used in contemporary jewelry. Beautiful Asian-style necklace with diamond accents will make a bold statement.

Asian Jewelry consists of beautiful, simple geometric designs that incorporate rare, eye-catching Asian-themed gemstones. These classic and charming designs are great gifts for anyone in your family. Asian-style pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets made from beads, stones and semi-precious stones can make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life. Colored gemstones such as citrine, jade and opal are popular choices for those who appreciate originality.

If you want to have a piece of jewelry that is uniquely your own, there are many ways to do it. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean designs when you can personalize your own jewelry. You might want to explore the hundreds of styles and colors that are available. This will help you to discover your true favorite materials, which in turn will inspire you to think about how important is cultural heritage in your everyday life.

Handmade Jewelry & Elements

If you love anything that is handmade, look for jewelry that is made with authentic Asian-style tools and supplies. You will also be able to choose your favorite color, gemstone, cut and material. The exotic materials that are used in authentic Chinese instruments for example are round, square or egg-shaped in nature. If you love anything hand-sewn, you should consider buying a purse that has colorful sewn strips as part of its functionality. Pouches, jewelry boxes and jewelry bags are some of the more popular items to make with these elements.

You will need to know how important is cultural heritage in your life before you start shopping for a great new Asian-inspired item. Do you love to collect beautiful Asian-made beads? Do you have an Asian-inspired wardrobe? All of these are great choices for you to enjoy.

There are many interesting ways to incorporate authentic Asian-made gemstones into your jewelry design. You can try a simple necklace with a pair of round green turquoise gemstones, or a thick, green layered tapered baguettes. You can even have them set into silver for a super modern look. These are just a few of the many beautiful options available for you to explore when it comes to how important is cultural heritage in your life.

How to Choose-

Of course, not everything has to be about collecting expensive jewelry in order to enjoy the beauty of Asian-inspired jewelry. If you want to incorporate a beautiful Asian-inspired ring, then you can easily find one in a lovely round tone that will accentuate your fingers. You will also love how you can wear a thin, round piece of metal in gold or silver that will give you a beautiful, bold look. If you are looking for a simple and understated but very lovely piece of jewelry, then a large square of clear glass is a great choice. And you can even choose between a round piece of amber glass or a clear acrylic stone as your ring.

And don’t forget that you do not need to limit your jewelry design to just gemstones. You can easily find affordable and unique pieces of antique jewelry in various shapes, sizes and colors. They make great accents to any outfit and can really jazz up your shoes if you are wearing them. You may also like to add some other jewels to your attire if you are going to a formal event. Since antique necklaces make great gifts that are also easy to care for and to wear. You will find that no matter what kind of jewelry you select, you will be able to use it to accessorize any type of outfit.


The next time you are in the market for jewelry, you should really think about learning more about Asian-inspired pieces. As you learn more about them, you will find that there are many different ways that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. And you will also discover that they can make wonderful gifts as well. So, make sure that you take some time to look around at all Asian Jewelry Online there is to offer. And don’t worry; once you learn about the richness of Asian art and culture, you will certainly be drawn to the Asian Jewelry that is available to you.

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