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K-Pop Boy Groups with Beauty Brand Endorsements (PART 1): iKON, EXO and more!

Fan or not, you’re absolutely aware of how a lot of people are stunned by the charms of many K-pop boy groups and girl groups. They attract fans and more fans because of their talents and personalities; talking about visuals, these celebrities are surely snatching hearts from all across the globe. And indeed, nobody can deny that South Korea is famous not only in the acting, music and entertainment industry but also in the world of beauty. 

Totally, it’s not hard to notice how the Korean beauty craze has begun tremendous worldwide trends. Many people follow Korean-based skincare routines using Korean skincare brands. It’s also not a secret that most of their products are healthy because they care about being healthy on top of everything and not only looking good. Together with these matters, masses, not just fans, see how Korean celebrities are glowing and looking youthful no matter the age, so the influence really increases. The trend really goes trendy.

K-beauty and K-pop

Through the years, Korean beauty brands have been stepping up their marketing efforts to be known and to magnetize more buyers. How? Of course, they take advantage of popular Korean celebrities’ well-loved reputation. Because who else can promote skincare and beauty products better than these public figures that people admire, right? 

What’s more interesting is that not just female but also male stars have become effective endorsers of beauty products! As everyone knows, women are often seen as models for anything that has to do with cosmetics, but it’s impressive how a lot of men are also taking the spotlight under this industry today. 

Check out these 8 K-pop boy groups with beauty brand endorsements as groups. Take note, “as groups”. K-pop boys with purely solo cosmetics endorsements aren’t included in the list. Also, some could be past, while some are recent or present. This is a 2-part series, so expect to see only 4 in this list and another 4 K-pop boy groups in part 2. The link to part 2 is at the end of the article. That’s it, read on! 

1 – iKON x Nivea

k-pop boy groups iKON

Debuted in 2015 with a Rookie Grand Slam award for sweeping all Rookie of the Year awards in all major end-of-the-year award shows, iKON advertises Nivea Korea. Nivea is one of the largest skin care brands in the world available in more than a hundred countries. Animal-experiment-free is one of its well-known values. Since iKON’s debut under the artist management agency, YG Entertainment, Nivea has been the global group’s most faithful brand. 

Actually, it was not a group endorsement in the beginning but a solo by iKON’s lead vocalist and visual, Song Yunhyeong. Well, all 7 of them are visuals, but talking about positions in the group, they say it’s Chef Song (and nobody can disagree when you see him!)

A brief backstory

iKON members and every true iKONIC know how much Yunhyeong loves Nivea lip balms. In 2014, iKON’s leader, B.I gave him a whole box of Nivea lip balms as a Christmas present because they know how much Yunhyeong loves them! 

The man himself said that since high school, Nivea has been his go-to brand. And he can’t be lying because fans see Yunhyeong with his lip balm wherever he is — be it on his VLIVE broadcasts, on TV and radio guestings, on reality and variety shows, on award shows, or even on fansite photos! Fans are even joking that his Nivea lip balm is his girlfriend. 

k-pop boy groups iKON

Obviously, he’s a loyal guy, so he certainly deserved it when he became Nivea Korea’s brand ambassador and got a solo Nivea commercial. Yes, he became Nivea Lip Care’s exclusive model! Fans are definitely so proud of him and his Nivea fanboying success! As a result, a lot of iKONICs have been using Nivea lip balms too!

With the impact of the Prince of Nivea (as iKONICs call Yunhyeong), the whole iKON has been using Nivea lip balms as well. Eventually, they became Nivea advertisers and ambassadors as a group of 7 dazzling boys. Nivea released special editions of its lip balms, featuring YG artists’ representative mascot, Krunk for iKON. 

iKON has won ground-breaking prizes, record-breaking awards and international acclaim, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Producer of the Year, Long Run Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year (B.I) among numerous others. Amidst all these victories, there have been challenges too. Through these all, Nivea has remained loyal to iKON just like how loyal iKONICs have stayed. Even Nivea Korea’s official Instagram account has been following the 7 boys since the start. 

2 – SEVENTEEN x The Saem

k-pop boy groups SVT

Pledis Entertainment’s boy group called SEVENTEEN became models for The Saem in 2018. This 13-member boy group filled with zestful energy was found exactly suitable to the beauty brand’s environment-friendly advocacies and profile.

SEVENTEEN and The Saem rolled out a number of skincare products. To the joy of CARATs, they also put on the market the boys’ limited edition signature perfumes. All members have a version of themselves and their own scents. In some instances, lucky fans (or those who can actually afford to buy) get exclusive photocards and signed items from the boys themselves when they buy their products from The Saem.  

The Saem is a Korean beauty brand established in 2010. It’s widely known among Korean females, but see how even males can be their users. As The Saem caters to various skin types and needs, it can cater to everyone, both female and male.

3 – EXO x Nature Republic

k-pop boy groups EXO

Under the celebrity management company SM Town is the highly esteemed boy group named EXO. Debuted in 2011, this group consists of members who can sing, dance and even exceptionally act. They have pleasant and humorous personalities too. No wonder, they became the official models of Nature Republic for 8 years since 2013. That’s absolutely a long time!

Well-known even in other countries, Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetics brand with an image of unmarred naturalness. With its advertising efforts, the brand even hosted fan festivals for the boy group’s fans called EXO-Ls. Countless EXO-Ls swarmed to see their beloved K-pop idols.

In 2020, the contract between the beauty brand and the K-pop boy group wrapped up.

4 – NCT 127 x Nature Republic

k-pop idols NCT127

Although EXO and Nature Republic’s contract ended after 8 years, the beauty brand introduced their new models in 2020, and it’s still a boy group under the celebrity management SM Town. NCT 127 is the name, and they’re glad to represent the same brand that their seniors and labelmates EXO endorsed for a long time.

NCTzens were not even surprised anymore when the news broke out because the members of the group were already hilariously hinting a product placement in various situations from their VLIVEs. Nonetheless, every fan is so proud of them for becoming Nature Republic’s newest endorsers. 

Together with cosmetic products, official photocards and a photobook were also released. They can be obtained by buying NCT 127 x Nature Republic products. Innumerable NCTzens did not miss the chance to get one or more of these for themselves.    



Surely, a lot of people are mesmerized by the Korean beauty vogue. From fans to non fans, it has become the talk of the town. 

As for K-pop fans who can afford it, they’re willing to spend money for the products that their favorite groups model for. Sometimes, even when some of them aren’t really using makeup or not interested with a beauty brand, these fans still purchase for their love for their K-pop boys. Because the groups they stan advocate the products, fans show their support by purchasing one, a few or all. There are fans who are avid photocard collectors too, so they buy these beauty products to get free official photocards, signed goods and other lucky fan opportunities included. Although the beauty products are often, without question, expensive, some fans really do purchase with zero hesitation!

That’s absolutely one of the major reasons why having K-pop boy groups as models provide exemplary advantages for cosmetics brands. Talking about enhanced reputation and levelled up financial gains, it’s obvious how these brands are getting so much rewards from these cherished K-stars. On the other hand, of course, K-pop groups also benefit from these advertisements in so many ways!  


A weightier matter to mind is that with these K-pop boy groups’ presence as models of beauty brands, judgemental concepts are proven wrong. While we live in a society that tells us how only women care for skin health and looks, these males who are advertising beauty brands display how all, female and male, can and must care for these essential life aspects. 

These 4 K-pop boy groups are some of the many world-noted K-celebs who are making brighter images in the K-beauty industry and who are making the K-beauty industry’s image brighter! 

Never miss the part 2 of this 2-part series to know 4 more K-pop boy groups with beauty brand advertisements. Read it here: K-Pop Boy Groups with Beauty Brand Endorsements (PART 2): BTS, GOT7 and more!   




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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