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Know Everything About Trekking The Everest Base Camp In Detail In This Blog

Are you planning for trekking in Everest Region? Well, undoubtedly it’s a beautiful place worth watching, and it has a very interesting track as well. But still, some facts make it a difficult trek, and all the trackers who are planning to track must be aware of the same.

Below mentioned some of the points that you must be aware of:

  • Acclimatization Here is Tough, So Be Prepared

The biggest mistake people are creating in their preparation for mountain peak base camp treks is that they fail to own enough adaptation to the vital elements of the trek. Most of the people are attempting to arrive in the Everest Base Camp trek but few only succeed. You wish eight days minimum before reaching Everest base camp. Adapt well lower down therefore your body can adapt easier high up. Sounds easy however most people ignore this recommendation and suffer the consequences.

  • Must Be Aware Of The Food That You Will Get While Trek

Undoubtedly this trek is not a cup of tea for everyone. That’s why you need to power up yourself by eating and drinking so that you can make a pace with others as well. One must take a complete diet that includes all the nutritious. Planning an Everest base camp trek with a well-known trek organizer could help you with all these questions. They will prepare you well by giving calls and by providing fruitful information and training for your safe and successful trek.

  • Prior Preparation of Training Is Must Before You Go On Trek

This education will rely upon an extensive variety of factors. You could communicate together along with your medical doctor first earlier than even thinking about making this journey. You then want to talk to us or specialists approximately the way you have to method your education. Towards the top of your education and if viable you have to be doing multi-day hikes or longer education sessions. Build your education slowly over an extended duration of time. You want to be educated five days every week and months previous to your climb.

  • Stay Hydrated, Whether You Are Willing Or Unwilling

Intake of water automatically depletes when you go to higher altitudes. But while planning your trek here, keep in mind to intake 4 to 5 liters of water per day while you are trekking hard. If you are thinking water intake is not so important then you are wrong in this place. Proper hydration is very much necessary. That’s why I suggest you start hydrating yourself a week before your trip.

  • Pick Up The Professionals To Guide You Well

Choose up an expert guiding carrier that is familiar with every folk’s wishes and take intense care of your protection at the trek to Everest. It is crucial and might make all of the distinctions between fulfillment and failure. Think approximately coronary heart charges whilst you are a workout in case you had been to push even 10 beats in line with mins quicker in every hour of workout in your trek to Everest Base Camp, you’ll be below a lot greater pressure, you’ll waste quite a few power, fatigue your muscle mass and feature much less power to healing in your multi-day hiking adventure.


All know that Everest base camp trek is not an easy job, but still, we suggest you go and explore the beauty by following certain guides that your guide will give you. Don’t forget to choose a trustworthy traveling company so that you get the right advice at right time. Plan your trek with “Dookma”, we will provide you best trekking experience.

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