Latest Guide For Mens Emerald Cufflinks

A cufflink is both classic and ornamental. Many will wear mens emerald cufflinks on semi-formal occasions. However, people have embraced emerald cufflinks on all formal occasions in the recent past. These Mens emerald cufflinks guide suits starters and experienced cufflink wearers. It will give you a deeper understanding of the types of cufflinks, when, and how to wear them. 

Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are beauty accessories. Thus, they come in several styles and designs. You can add emerald in any base material. However, the base materials take several shapes and designs to fit the different cufflink styles in the market. Below are the major types of cufflink styles that you can use. 

Stud Style Cufflinks

These studs function like a button; thus, you can also call them button cufflinks. They consist of a large head with a straight post. At the back, there’s a smaller interior backing or head. You use the smaller tilted head to push through the buttonholes. Then, you straighten the head to secure the cufflinks on the sleeves.

Whaleback Cufflinks

They got their name from the shape of their tail. The cufflinks will have a flat head, a straight pole, and a whale tail at the back; They are very common in the market. Also, you can customize them with gemstones like emeralds or other decorations. 

Bullet Back Cufflinks

The bullet-back cufflinks have some similarities with the whale-back cufflinks. The only difference is that they have a hollow shank that holds the bullet tailback. When wearing, you push the bullet tail through the buttonhole, then flatten the bullet tail to secure the cufflink. 

Chain Link Cufflinks

Chain cufflinks have identical heads connected with a chain. They fasten the sleeves loosely, and the decorations are visible on both sides of the sleeves.

Knot Cufflinks

These are similar to chain cufflinks. The difference is that they have a soft woven cord in place of a chain. Their heads are usually decorative. They can make an excellent alternative for metallic mens emerald cufflinks.

Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball return cufflinks have two balls on two ends of a curved post. It offers a loose fastening, but it’s tighter than chain cufflinks. 

Dual-Action Cufflinks

If you want a cufflink that will secure your cuffs tightly and stylishly, then they are the locking dual-action cufflinks. They lock with a hinge system similar to a metal watchband. 

Fabric Cufflinks

You can use fabric cufflinks to replace your favorite mens emerald cufflinks. They have a fabric button on top of any base metal. They can be in any other style and design. Also, they can give any fastening design. 

Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized cufflinks come in any design and style. However, you need to contact your jeweler to make your cufflink with custom features. They are best when you want them as gift items.

Materials Used to Make Cufflinks


When you want to send a statement of class and style, you should choose the most precious metal. Platinum is the rarest metal and thus expensive. The greatest advantage is that it’s hypoallergenic. 


Titanium cufflinks offer a cheaper alternative for white metals like platinum and white gold. It’s durable, rust-free, and shiny – The metal makes excellent modern metallic cufflinks. 


Gold is a valuable metal. No one would say no to a gold cufflink. Also, the material makes great mens emerald cufflinks. The exotic metal depicts social status and style. However, you should know how to air your yellow gold cufflink with the right colors of shirts. 

Sterling Silver

Suppose you want the shiniest white metal, then sterling silver is a perfect choice. It’s great since it suits all shirt shades. The metal resembles stainless steel, but it’s shinier. Also, it’s more durable. 


If you love color, then copper offers you a beautiful reddish hue. It has a matte finish which is perfect if you dislike shiny metals. You can pick an ideal design for your formal wear. 


Bronze is a yellowish metal. However, it’s different from gold and lighter than copper. But, the color is not suitable for all outfits – Thus, you should add it to your cufflink collection.


Steel is the basic metal in the making of cufflinks. Its color suits all outfit colors that men wear. Also, you can pair it with several ornamental stones, including emeralds. 


If you want to break from mens emerald cufflinks but still have precious metal, you can choose to go the organic way. Pearls are a great alternative to emeralds, although they are delicate. They also show that you understand class and style. 

Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber cufflinks will do your service if you want durable, stylish, and lightweight cufflinks. 


You can add a dash of gloss and beauty by adding enamel or glass to your cufflink.  


Silk is the common material in making knots and cord cufflinks. It’s lustrous and durable. Also, you can have it in different beautiful colors. 


For a durable non-metallic cufflink, you can use leather. It’s great since you can incorporate your emeralds into the material. Also, you can have your leather dyed in any color you like; However, brown and black leather are common. 

Rose Gold

If you want a gold material with different colors apart from white and yellow, you should think of Rose gold cufflinks. The gold and copper alloy gives you a reddish hue. Also, it’s durable, stronger, and cheaper than other types of gold.

How to Choose the Right Mens Emerald Cufflinks 

Mens emerald cufflinks are easy to select. However, you need to follow the right procedure to get cufflinks that will serve you well. 

First, you need to select the emerald you need on your cufflink. The size and color will depend on your personal preferences. Since emerald is colored, your cufflink will be exotic.

Select the setting you want your emerald to settle on the base metal. You can even use a pave setting with small-sized emeralds. 

After that, you should select a metal that matches your emeralds. Ask your jeweler to help with the selection. Leather and carbon fiber are alternative base materials. However, that will depend on your outfit and how the emerald will match the base material.


Mens emerald cufflinks are beautiful. Every man should have at least one pair in their closer. Metals are the standard type of base materials you’ll find in Mens emerald cufflinks. They are functional and make a statement when you wear them. If you like going minimal on men’s jewelry, you can use them as accessories. However, it complements your outfit so well and adds some class and style.

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