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Law Firm Marketing Startegies

  1. How Law Firms Can Use LinkedIn To Secure More Clients
  2. How To Use Email To Nurture Leads

1. How Law Firms Can Use LinkedIn To Secure More Clients

The next marketing tip to consider has to do with social media.

Particularly, one platform that many law firms overlook is improving buy twitter followers uk their social media strategies.

Can you guess which social media network we’re discussing?

Surprisingly, it’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is usually regarded as an B2B social media platform.

If you are using social media to promote legal firms LinkedIn can be a excellent choice for firms representing businesses, like insurance defense firms , for instance.

What is frequently not considered is LinkedIn is very efficient in B2C law firms, too.

In the beginning, by creating a profile for your business on LinkedIn You are already placing yourself at an advantage.

This is due to the fact that only 57 percent of law firms are on LinkedIn.

Even though we know that nearly 45 percent of all traffic to websites for law firms comes by Social media sites.

As mentioned earlier prospective clients will look into your company prior to making the decision on whether or not they’d prefer to work with you.

Since its inception, LinkedIn is renowned for its professionalism and ability to connect professional professionals…

…people typically make use of LinkedIn to find a reliable law firm that they can believe in.

An extensive profile and posting frequently on LinkedIn regularly can increase your exposure on LinkedIn and generate leads.

What To Post On LinkedIn

You may be thinking what you can write about on LinkedIn as the tone on this platform is different from Facebook and Twitter.

Great question! We all know that videos and photos are known to increase engagement , and this is the case for LinkedIn.

Take a look at these LinkedIn engagement rates.

LinkedIn posts that contain an image get 98% more comments rate, while postings that contain the YouTube link have 75% more shares rate.

Like any other content your company publishes anywhere it is important to keep your viewers in your mind.

LinkedIn says they believe that the posting of 20 articles per month can help you connect with 60% of the targeted group of followers.

It is also important to remember the date that you post to ensure to get the maximum amount of engagement possible.

This is because the engagement you receive on your posts is thought to boost your visibility on LinkedIn.

Therefore, it’s an effective strategy to get employees of your company to engage with the posts that your company publishes on LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn Helps With SEO

LinkedIn can also be used to assist in your SEO efforts.

To begin with, if someone seeks your business through Google, your firm’s LinkedIn page might be among the top results organically.

LinkedIn can help with your business’ SEO as it’s a different method of sharing your content that can be then shared by those who follow your profile.

All this sharing will help your company gain important backlinks that are believed to boost your SEO rankings.

There’s a whole article on LinkedIn marketing that is more in-depth about LinkedIn marketing, so make sure to check it out.

2. How To Use Email To Nurture Leads

SEO and social media are amazing marketing tools for law firms to:

  • boost your brand’s visibility,
  • generate the initial traffic to the website, and
  • Get your company on the radar of potential customers

…but what happens afterwards?

How are you keeping in contact with your prospects?

This is the reason why an email marketing strategy can be of assistance.

Contrary to your followers on social media and Google users, you control your email address.

This is why creating an email list you can regularly market to is vital!

Marketing via email is a reliable method of nurturing leads through sending high-quality information and content directly into their inbox.

There are two email marketing strategies that can accomplish this.

Email Newsletters

One method is to send emails to subscribers.

This could be a good opportunity for prospective clients interested in your offerings.

People who aren’t at a point where they can make a decision yet , and want to know more.

They can also help customers who are currently clientele by keeping them updated with what’s happening at your business.

Some of the most popular subjects for email newsletters that can boost brand engagement include:

Recently, the courts have been awarded cases.

new attorneys are added to your team

changes to local or state laws that relate to your services as well as

even advice for the season, such as how to prepare your car for winter , which could be helpful for injury lawyers that are involved in car accidents.

The best part isthat the people who sign-up for your newsletter already further along your funnel for marketing.

It’s compared to cold leads you’re trying to sell to on other platforms, such as social media.

Email Drip Sequences

Another method of using email marketing to build relationships with leads is to use drip email sequences.

Let’s first examine what emails drip sequences are.

The email drips sequences messages that are sent out by computers that are sent to a customer.

And based on the way that the consumer reacts to that initial email, it could result in another email being delivered based on the consumer’s behaviour.

For instance the law firm is sending welcome emails to all leads who submit a lead questionnaire on your site…

…they will receive an automatic confirmation email sent by you.

The welcome email could contain a list of your offerings and also ask what services the customer would like to know more about.

Depending on which choice they choose and which option they select, they will receive an email that contains more details about the service they chose.

When you create a drip campaign, you decide on the time frame in which emails are delivered.

This will ensure that you do not have to rush potential clients through your sales funnel.

Also, make sure that you’re providing them with the details they’re seeking.

Drip emails aren’t required to be stopped after a potential client is a new customer, however.

A majority of law firms employ drip sequences of emails exclusively during their lead nurture process but they could assist in the process of onboarding.

When you sign up the new client, you will often find an abundance of paperwork to be completed and a lot of exchanges of details.

Your business will gain by using email drip sequences at this phase because, as we’ve mentioned before email drip sequences are automated.

So you’ll have more time during the day to create amazing cases that your clientele will appreciate.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our five effective law firm marketing strategies to get more clients.

If you require assistance to promote your law firm’s website contact buy 500 twitter followers uk us right now!

We provide a wide range of digital marketing services available to lawyers, like you, and this is the ideal moment to make use of these strategies for marketing.

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