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Lifestyle Changes in 2021

With the events of the past year, there is no doubt your lifestyle have changed, if not drastically. The pandemic, amongst other things, has made you realise what it is that makes you happy and what you want to prioritise in your lives. 


More Time For Yourself and Your Family

Today, you see an influx of self-love activities in the way of physical improvement, as well as quality time. Most days are now spent either with family and friends, or alone, binge-watching your favorite films, reading books, or even scrolling through your mobile phones looking for something new to buy online.

If you look around, you might think to yourselves that the world has come to a stop. Stores, schools, and offices have shut, borders have closed, and you are all required to quarantine in your homes. Yet as you think deeper, you notice that it is not so much a stop as a wake-up call. This has resulted in a deviation of lifestyles. You now exercise, work, and shop in the comfort of your own homes. You connect with people online and you learn more about your families, but also yourselves as you spend 24 hours a day under one roof. You gain new hobbies and skills you never would have discovered if you did not have this much time in your hands. Because of this, you recognise that your lifestyles have become much simpler, and that all you need is an arm’s length away. On a deeper level, you have gained a better sense of who you are. Your lifestyles have now shifted from following trends to now becoming more selective with what you want to let into your lives. If there is one thing about yourselves that you have to put into the spotlight, it is that you are not stagnant.


Looking at it from the other side of the spectrum, this lifestyle has its downsides. The social aspects of your lives have become incredibly limited. Children have more time on screens than outside playing with their friends. Work has extended from an eight-hour shift to becoming ‘available’ all day. The ‘cancel culture’ has grown even bigger, with everyone being so active online. There are days in which you feel more alone than ever. Stress can wear  you down without you even realizing it  while you slowly plunge deep down into depression and hopelessness. Getting back on your feet is an enormous challenge to overcome once you get there. Thus, being prepared for what might come ahead that may force you to change every aspect of your life can save you from unfavorable outcomes. However, through it all, you adapt. You work with what you have and you are reminded of why you do what you do. 

In 2021, change has become prominent. On a superficial level, you are now more engaged online. This lifestyle, like previously mentioned, can prove disadvantageous in many ways. The world has not come to a stop.


You are evolving. And the next thing you know, the new year has arrived, and you will look back into the past and recognise your lifestyles have changed and you have become better.

There is no single lifestyle to adhere to. What works for you might not work for others. Nonetheless, you take into account the way in which you incorporate the sense of optimism in your everyday lives. If there is anything that has proven consistent in this ever dynamic world that you live in, it is this—amidst the most challenging of times, you have the beauty of the world to fall into.

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