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List of some sightseeing places in Andaman

Andaman has a horrid history because the British used this place to punish India’s freedom fighters. The cellular jail in Port Blair talks about the sufferings of and sacrifices that the freedom fights did. But lately, this Island has become one of India’s most amazing tourist destinations. The beaches covered with white sand, the blue crystal clear water, and the wildlife inhabitation are some of the things found in abundance and give the tourists an unbelievable experience. Here’s a list of some of the sightseeing places in Andaman that you should visit when you go to Andaman for a holiday:

Mount Harriet National park

mount harriet national park
mount harriet national park

The park is located in the third highest peak of the Andaman archipelago. It was established in the year 1969  and since then stands as the forest reserve amidst the mountain range and coastline. This is where the horrific history of the freedom fighters talks about the curses still. The Kalapathar, from where the freedom fighters were punished, is at a distance of a few kilometers from this place.

But, keeping the history behind you, you should visit this place because of its serenity. The place has some beautiful beaches that you will get to see when you trek across the park. Along the beaches, you shall find beautiful flora and fauna all around you. Andaman earlier was home to many tribal people, and some considered one of the oldest in the whole world. Mount Harriet is one such place where you will find some of the tribal communities residing at peace still. One must avoid disturbing the tribal people as they are not fond of it..  Birds like Drongo, white head starling, wood pigeons are commonly seen around this region. 

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Chidiya Tapu

chidiya tapu
chidiya tapu

If you are a wildlife photographer or a bird watcher, this place is ideal for you. Chidiya in Hindi means bird, and this place has a lot of visual amazements where birds are concerned. Birds of many kinds can be seen around the beautiful beach of this Chidiya tapu. Not just the type of birds commonly found in Andaman, there are many migratory birds also in the region. Andaman is home to about 46 different types of endangered birds, and Chidiya tapu is home to all of them. For people like you who have just seen orchids in the bouquets that you present to people on occasions, you will also be amazed to find many varieties of orchid plants that beautify the surrounding area.


rangat town andaman
rangat town andaman

This is the only place sightseeing place in Andaman where you will get the South Indian touch as the local people here are originally from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The place has a very scanty population of humans but has an abundance of flora and fauna. The beauty of the place is because of the waterfalls, Luch green fields of vegetation, less crowded beaches and peaceful surroundings. The local people here primarily survive on fishing, and you shall be amazed at how cooperative and warm they are towards the tourists. 


mayabunder andaman
mayabunder andaman

This place is a bit far from the main Anadamn location that is Port Blair. But that does not affect this place because it is still one of the must-visit sightseeing places in Andaman. So if you have been planning for a laid back holiday and do not wish to travel around or go sightseeing, then Mayabunder is the ideal beach destination for your holiday.  If you hate crowds, the beaches of this place are always ready to give you company and take you on a peaceful right far away from the madding crowd of civilization. Avis Island, Karmatang beach, Serene Rampur are some of the major attractions of this place. Not just this, if you have a bucket list of water sports that you wish to do on holiday in Andaman, then Mayabunder is the place for you. 

As a wildlife photographer or nature lover: 

Andaman, even after being an Island, has beauty in every corner. So the next time you plan a holiday in Andaman, make sure these three important places are in your Andaman tour Package. Especially if you are a nature lover or a wildlife photographer, then you must visit these three places for their scenic beauty that differs from each other to a great extent and the variety of animal and plant species that you will get to see here.

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